Houses of Heaven Release Within Without

Industrial synth pop from Houses of Heaven, “Within/Without” is the first single and title track from the forthcoming album. The song briefly eases in before going full on with an anchor bassline, EBM kick and synth flourishes that lead to the elevated and cathartic chorus.

Shipping at the end of April, the pre-order for the marbled-gray vinyl released via Felte Records is live over on their Bandcamp. Other tracks on the record boast guest vocals from Nitzer Ebb’s Douglas McCarthy and (former Austinite) Mariana Saldaa of BOAN. Probably gonna pre-order this one for use at vinyl nights…

Holy Wire Share I Still Feel Alone All the Time

Local Austin act Holy Wire seems to be on this huge musical trajectory, and I can’t but help and marvel how quickly Alain and company seem to have risen. The project has a new LP hitting this Spring titled The Ending of an Age, and it’s synth pop craft feels like its reached the next level, at least in comparison to modern peers. You can hear the vocals taking on those deep dulcet tones, yet there’s some notes that Paradis hits where I’m just swept away. Musically, there’s this steadiness that certainly owes a debt to the groundwork from the 80s, but it’s execution and production are simply too stunning to think it fits anywhere other than the present! The Ending of an Age is out on April 5th.

Torrey Share Bounce Video

Have you pre-ordered your Torrey LP from Slumberland Records left? I can’t imagine they have too many left, particularly if you listen to their latest single. Their latest video plays right into their style, offering up images of water and waves, washing over a beautiful red ball, much like their music has this heavy wash of distortion and noise that cleanses you, leaving behind this beautiful beating heart of pop adoration. You could easily see them slide right into lineups featuring Alvvays and the like, then blowing everyone right off stage. It’s the perfect balance, and in that, they become the perfect band to weather any storm in your life. Sink into their sounds and go grab their self-titled LP, out on March 8th. And if you love the songwriting…there’s an added bonus as member Ryann Gonsalves also has an LP on the way of solo crafts–more info HERE.

Hooper Crescent Share Wrong Direction

Totally glad that the groovy side of punk rock is super into fashion; you’ve got acts like Snooper and Vessel taking the fun from the genre and refashioning it in their own brand…and now we can add Hooper Crescent to that mix. They’ve just tossed out a new single from their forthcoming Essential Tremors, spitting out these call-and-response vocal lines that certainly make me think of the B52s. But, while I thought I had the track pinned down, it wiggles beneath, with guitar riffs flopping and squirming all over your floor, with the band frantically trying to pick up the pieces. One half is all groove, sliding secretly into an edgy bit of funky punk. Their latest effort Essential Tremors will be out via Spoilsport Records on February 23rd!

Broken Gold Share Spiraling Single + Announce Wild Eyes

One of the truest thing, for me, is that you can’t be a hard rock n’ roller forever; sure, you can hold onto your ethos, but at a certain point, you need a dose of melody or a nice hook…and I feel like Broken Gold get that, and get me. Their brand new single from the forthcoming Wild Eyes LP has these sharp stomping riffs running through; you get a bit of a Mats vibe in the verses. Then, you hit the chorus and the synths come in and the track blossoms right into that punk-ish croon from Ian MacDougall; you can hear the edge and the hard-lived life in the lyrics and voice, but something just reeks of maturity, in the beset way possible. A perfect balance of where rock and hooks meet at the park, so come swing with me. More news on Wild Eyes as we hear it from Chicken Ranch Records/Yeah Right.

Camera Obscura Return! New Album + New Single

How on Earth have we reached 10 years without a Camera Obscura record? This was the news that I wasn’t expecting, though now that I’ve sat with “Big Love” for a minute, I’m definitely celebrating. There’s an immediacy in the tune’s hook, Tracyanne Campbell’s voice is so powerful and distinctive, that you can’t pull away, even as you notice the band have begun to shift the sound a bit. Press info reports that the group have peeled back a bit of the horns and strings, turning towards organs, keys and a bit of swing to boot. One of my favorite things about this tune is that you can hear the shift in a new direction, though the move doesn’t seem outlandish, as the central style of songwriting is totally lurking beneath that slide guitar. Really excited to hear what’s in store on Look to the East, Look to the West, out May 3rd via Merge Records.

Sleeper’s Bell Enchant With Corner

Chicago based Sleeper’s Bell just shared this enchanting new track called “Corner” and I absolutely had to share it with you all today. The song is a slow building, crooner of a dreamy, folk genre with lovely vocals from both Blaine Teppema and guest vocalist Leo Peterniti. My only complaint is I wish it went on for longer so I could stay in the moment with the band all day.

This track is part of an expanded EP entitled Umarell, which is available to purchase now via Fire Talk Records.

Vessel Announce Wrapped in Cellophane

As I was going through the old set of emails, I was struggling to find something that really stood out to me; I honestly thought about going to bed and getting up to see if anything fresh popped up. Then, I found this rad Vessel tune, as the band announce their debut LP, which should offer all you cool cats a little solace from the mundane punk of today. I like the slinky nature of things in the presentation, with the guitar wiggling like a slinky pulled taut then loosed…there’s even some squiggly accents from keys too. Vocals play off the beat, but they’re only hanging about for a bit, with the band intent upon fleshing out that groove; they add in horns and seemingly throw in some snappier beat work, all of it perfectly ready for you to slide about your house locked into the vibe. They’ll be releasing Wrapped in Cellophane on April 2nd via Double Phantom.

Pleased to Meet You: Alma Jette

To be fair, we’ve met most of the members of Alma Jette before; singer and songwriter Mary Bryce has long been featured on our site since her day sin Smiile. This new project, however, is huge in its approach, letting Bryce’s voice serve as the dominating force that billows through your speakers. That’s fitting, as the band’s debut LP, I Found a Reason, serves as a sort of coming-of-age, with Mary finding the footing with the power that we’ve all known was there all along. This track, recorded live, features some other great musicians from our old ATX scene such as Will Maxwell and Alex Riegelman (Big Bill), leading us to believe that we’re all in store for a powerhouse debut performance from Alma Jette.

Sucker Announce Seein’ God 7″

Sucker is Oakland’s answer to the career of Built to Spill; their songs are filled with these huge riffs that come crashing down like punishing waves, yet still hold tightly to a pop sensibility. They’re able to obscure the vocals behind the mix a bit with feedback and extemporaneous noise, forcing you to look inside the song for those little doses of sugar that your brain seeks out. Feels like the band is looking back on where indiepop and noise rock fused, and in that, I’ve got a huge smile on my face as I love this vibe. They’ll be releasing the Seein’ God 7″ via Cherub Dream Records on February 14th.

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