Rock N’ Recipes: R.E. Seraphin

As we continue our Rock n’ Recipes feature, we wanted to reach out to our old friend R.E. Seraphin, who has connections all the way to one of the earliest ATH Records releases (Mean Jolene!). A little over a month ago, his project released their new album, Fool’s Mate, so we reached out to Ray to talk about influences, the recording process and more. Plus, he’s got a killer recipe for Pimento Cheese that you’re going to have to try! Read on to hear more from R.E. Seraphin.

Stream his latest LP:

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Oh Boland Announces Western Leisure

Irish act Oh Boland might have the surprise hit record of the year, at least if we’re going off this opening track. There’s this natural enthusiasm that bleeds through the speakers, matching the thumping drum work with the emphatic vocal delivery that serves to work the listeners into a frenzy. You’ll find this natural frivolity in the tune that will likely recall any number of Flying Nun acts, so for those in search of a freeing bit of rock n’ roll, might we suggest you crank this one up really loud? Western Leisure will be released on May 31st via Mertirio Records.

Amy O Drops Her New Single

It feels like listening to Amy O should be required listening at this point in the album cycle for her new LP, especially when you consider the craft on this new jam. It begins with this sort of pop stutter, letting the groove blossom, so as to tie into the title (or so I like to think). Then, the track switches gears, delivering the vocal/guitar hook that makes Amy’s songs supremely repeatable; you’ll want to spin it over and over just to hear the way that little bop slides in beneath your listening radar. As she goes to the drawing board, she drops up the quiet, then the burst, but the burst in the second go round unfurls a bit taking on those dreamier tones that’ll have you looking to grab her new LP. Mirror, Reflect is out May 10th via Winspear.

Yea-Ming and the Rumors Share Ruby

In case you weren’t aware, we’re really high upon the forthcoming Yea-Ming and the Rumors LP; we raved about So, Bird, so our expectations are really high for I Can’t Have It All. This song carries an airy effect to it, fitting perfectly into any playlist you might toss to a friend as the world begins to heat up. Heavy psychedelic tones hang in the guitars beneath, but Yea-Ming’s vocals have this perfect gallop to it that rides on the back of the driving percussive section. Up and down, a trot through a field of dreamy flowers and breeze-blown grasses will have you smiling until you get your hands on the new record. I Can’t Have It All is out on May 24th via Dandy Boy Records.

Urban Heat Share Seven Safe Places

Austin’s Urban Heat have been on the rise the last several years, deservedly so, as Jonathan Horstmann has been furthering his legend as a staple member of the ATX scene since his early work in BLXPLTN. This, however, is something totally bold and anthemic, built from a darker cloth in the cabinet where you might find New Order and Killers fans sharing a drink. Horstmann’s deep tones provide that powerful emotion on their own, bold from the moment it pours through your speakers; it’s paired perfectly with the infectious nature of the rhythm section that’s working behind him. Always great to hear how hard work and hustle pay off.

Jasper Byrne and Sonic Announce Mirrors

I don’t alway post 6 minute tracks, but you better believe that when I get behind one that it’s going to rule, just like this new tune from Jasper Byrne + Sonic. Personally, it’s hard to figure out where your focus should go; I was drawn to the dark guitar lines cascading in the far distance, reminiscent of a Robert Smith line that just hangs in some haunting space. However, the steady beat that serves as the glue for the tune keeps your focus, like a gravitational pull that pulls you into its orbit as the guitars and vocals flutter about too. Those vocals are kind of shadowy, more like secret whispers than sung notes, again, adding more texture that ebbs through your speakers. Be on the look out for Mirrors, which drops on June 21st via Space Recordings.

Goodbye Wudaokou Share New Century Regrets

If you’ve been looking for a spirited pop tune to get your Monday off on the right foot, then you don’t need to look any further, as Goodybe Wudaokou have the perfect tune for your day. This tune rushes right in with a furiousness that immediately has you tightening your shoelaces to run right out that door; you can feel the energy of the guitars pulsing beneath your feet, pushing you into the glory of a new day. All that said, there’s a softness that Mat Mills works into the songwriting, offering up a gentler tone in the vocals that builds in some perfect contrast, and furthering the endearment of this tune. If you. missed the world of the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, and you want to just celebrate the joy of indiepop, then click play.

System Exclusive Share Can’t Stand 4 It Video

Every time a new track comes out from the next System Exclusive record, it’s hard not to see how big this band would have been had they dropped a bit earlier. Working as a two piece, the pulse and groove of the latest single is quite infectious; the cymbal work and beat should have your toes tapping and your head bobbing as you weave through your day. Their guitar work growls, whilst channeling a dark meandering, akin to driving down the road into Twin Peaks. Ari Blaisdell’s vocal work continues to offer a solid performance with a comparison to Karen O not too far off as a descriptor; that said, Ari feels like a bit of street punk attached, which is a good thing. Their new LP Click will be out via Mt. St. Mtn. and Le Cepe Records on May 17th.

Check Out Clementine Was Right

A friend of ours sent us the new record from Clementine Was Right, and in case you were in need of a mixture between old americana and modern emo tendencies, we’ve got the band for you. There are elements of the lyricism that will likely remind folks of early days of Okkervil River/Bright Eyes, when poetry dominated the conversation and the music felt secondary. But, this Denver bunch don’t aim to just settle on their lyrics, working to kick off a balance that builds the faintest hint of pop tendency into the record. Oh, and speaking of Tell Yourself You’re Going Home…the album was completed by nearly 30 folks, working across state lines throughout the past few years to flesh out the vision of Mike Young and Gion Davis. Why not stream below and see if it’s your cup of tea, and if so, grab the record which drops on May 10th.

Last Week’s Jams (4.22 – 4.26)

It’s been a strange few weeks if I’m looking at the numbers on our Last Week’s Jams; we’ve run 28 songs for the last three weeks, compiling a fun playlist that runs at 1.5 hours. Well, whatever, time’s on your side my friends. We were fortunate to premiere a couple of stellar tunes this week from the Ar-Kaics and Noelle and Deserters; one offers a crackling fire of psychedelia while the other is a bit more old school western vibes. And, there was the joyous return of Bad Moves! Of course, we also filled the pages with new stuff from Lightheaded, Laughing, Luma Fade, Lunchbox and the Laughing Chimes…you know, all the big Ls! Some Austin love as always via mentions of new records from Don’t Get Lemon and Hovvdy too. Sit back and get into Monday.

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