Friday Album Streams: Neutrals, Oh Boland, and More

This week wasn’t as dominating in terms of brand new singles and what not hitting the site; I’m not sure why there was a lull in single releases. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an abundance of great LPs you can enjoy today too. Some even come with brand new videos like THIS ONE from the new Plus/Minus LP. We’ve gathered up our favorites of this week, all of which have featured heavily throughout the last few months, so find a record to enjoy below!

NeutralsNew Town Dream (Slumberland Records)

Oh, BolandWestern Leisure – (Meritorio Records)

Plus/Minus (+/-)Further Afield (Ernest Jenning Record Co)

Julian LahdemaskiYoung Jupiter EP (Soliti Records)

Winston HightowerWinston Hytwr (Perennial Death)


ATH DJs – Emo Night Playlist

Your ATH crew had another fun DJ Happy Hour last night over at Oddwood brewing, and this time we once again were asked to curate an Emo heavy theme. While we spun the records on the tables, Nate and I added everything into a big playlist so you folks who missed out could stream after the fact. You’ll rock, maybe slightly bob your head, and scream out those familiar lyrics. We’ve got this playlist for you Spotify people and for the realist of Apple purists.

Disclaimer – While we turned this into a streamable playlist, these are all songs and albums from our personal vinyl collections. Next time we hope to record from the decks for a true live experience!

The Doozers Share Start Me Up, My Friend

While I’ve been wallowing in the mellower tunes of today, think its time we up the ante here and give you something punchy and joyous, like the new single from Detroit’s the Doozers. This song’s all about immediacy, grabbing you with its hook-laden nature from the minute you start to press play; the guitars and thumping rhythmic pulse instantly had my head bobbing and my toes tapping (no cap!). You might be able to file the band’s sound in the landscape adjacent to acts like the Strokes, particularly in their last album’s world. It’s a freeing track that just lets you celebrate in the joy of your own existence, and no matter how cool you think you are, this tune will still grab you.

TG Shand Shares The Cheese

If you’re looking after a piece of rolling dream pop, then you’re going to have to open your ears to this great new track from T.G. Shand. When it opens, you’re momentarily transported into what seems like an ethereal landscape, sort of coated in this haze; this sets the mood up perfectly, allowing the rolling beat to step into the picture with the bobbing bass groove, instantly giving the song a sense of natural movement. This is where Shand enters the fray, letting her vocals flutter a bit in the scene, capturing you by offering up this playful bit of restraint, all the while being wrapped in the atmosphere and an added layer of teasing guitar notes. Give a listen, eh?

Justin Sconza Shares View of London

I suppose the rainy weather in Austin at the moment has me on a heavy diet of soft songwriter works, and Justin Sconza is another one of those great voices that I think you’ll enjoy this morning. The single below features on Justin’s new album, Campfire, which you can grab right now, if you’re inclined. One of the reasons his work resonates is the artistry and craft, as Sconza is the sole composer on all the elements in his songs. He manages to take the basic strum and build of a ballad, but then builds these textural layers into the tune that make it swell into a masterpiece. Personally, that plodding piano line working atop sharp beats set the scene, letting his cooled voice gently wash over you. Give this a listen, then consider checking out Campfire.

Adrian Marner Shares Too Young to Understand

If you’re a sucker for a distinctive vocal display, might we suggest you give a few spins to the latest single from Adrian Marner. There are moments when his delivery feels like its faltering, like there’s so much emotion he can barely contain himself; it has that fragility of early Conor Oberst works. As the the vocal steadies, he guides you with a light strum towards the chorus, where he turns the voice into something a little more angelic, stretching it into higher notes that fall perfectly when he draws out the pronunciation of “time.” Musically, there’s a classic songwriter feel, though there’s this careful attention to the supporting arrangement that gives the track just enough lift to keep the tune interesting, though it stays out of the way to let the magic of Marner’s voice shine. This tune brought to you by Zerowell Records.

French Cassettes Share Another Hit

These new tunes from San Francisco based outfit French Cassettes are really hitting me in all the feels this Spring and Summer. Recently the band shared a lovely piece of singer/songwriter vibes with the hit “Megabus” and now the band returns with an even more heartfelt number with this one “When You Know, You Know.” I am really loving this straight ballad direction the band is going in and I’ll definitely be picking up the new album Benzene when it drops on June 7th. That album is available for pre-order now from Tender Loving Empire.

Shortcuts Announce Gather LP

Our friend Stephen Svacina was a long time Austin resident, working in bands like Sweet Talk and Missing Pages, but life led him to Philadelphia where he’s hunkered down to complete his first album as Shortcuts. His earliest songwriting endeavors owed to a punk fanaticism, but on the Gather LP, it looks like he’s turning towards a more melodic brand of guitar pop, mentioning acts like Tall Dwarfs and Cleaners from Venus as nods he’ll be making throughout this new record. The single below has this natural springiness to it, bouncing right off the fret board through to your ears; his vocal delivery is calmed and offers up careful melody, balanced perfectly in the mix. Gather will be released on June 28th.


There’s no denying that I hold the 90s Britpop sounds in high regard; I still listen to a bunch of stuff that I got into in the mid90s, so SCHOOL is definitely channeling those same vibes, albeit with a slightly noisier element that’s hanging about in their latest single, “N.S.M.L.Y.D.” You can hear the curl of the Gallagher brothers in the way the vocals just sort of wrap themselves up at the end of each syllables, perfecting that classic vibe. And, while the vocals are spot on, they’ve incorporated the modern revisiting of noise elements into the background, working just behind that straddling synth line, thus ensuring that it’s both nostalgic and modern and sure to please. This tune brought to you courtesy of Geographie.

Lisasinson Offer Decidi Desaparecer

I know that the majority of us really only enjoy our pop rock when it’s got these huge English hooks, but if you will, indulge yourself in Spanish outfit Lisasinson an their new single. They tease with a piano line, tinkering with offering up some sort of slick 80s pop ballad, but they don’t hang out their too long, letting the guitars run in and rip right through. A steady beat lets the song open, allowing guitar notes to jangle while the vocals get delivered sharply; the chorus has this feeling of bombast, successfully pushing things in a pure pop direction. You can feel the emotional push that gets your blood pumping and your spirit rising. This is the second single from the band’s next album, offered up by Elefant, with more news to follow.

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