Friday Album Streams: Laughing, Lowmoon, and More

It’s Friday, which is the standard for release day, so I wanted to give you some delicious treats for you to taste while you’re going through your day. There’s some great new full-lengths, a shout out I missed last week for Royal Headache and a few more obscure pieces you’re not going to find anywhere but here! So, jump below, stream what you love, skip what you don’t, and we’ll see you again next week.

Brother of MondayHumdinger (Self-Release)

LaughingBecause It’s True (Meritorio Records)

Royal HeadacheLive in America – (What’s Your Rupture)

LowmoonMonochrome (Safe Suburban Home)

My Best Unbeaten BrotherPessimistic Pizza (Audio Antihero)

St Kio Shares Softly Single + Drops Infinity Mirror

There are a ton of under the radar releases dropping out there today, and one I’d love for you to keep your ears open for is St Kio, the solo work of Nicole Bandoquillo. Today, they’re dropping their latest Infinity Mirror EP, and I reckoned you’d enjoy the mixture of bedroom pop with a bit of smashing noise. Opening with those circular jangles before moving into the gentle wash of the verse sets you up perfectly to go deep inside the world Nicole’s crafted for us; she draws you in with her melody, but then as if feeling too vulnerable, she hits back with a smattering wall of noise, responding to her own openness. If you’re into it, you can stream the whole of the Infinity Mirror HERE.

Evening Glass Share Wait Until 3 Video

Everything today just needs to drift and drift, my brain’s on the horizon, and that’s where we find Evening Glass. They’re crafting slowed guitar pop, akin to Galaxie 500, though with the influence of a bit of Americana/modern indie rock. The haphazard strum of the guitar is simply intoxicating, and when the solo comes in, textured with some background fuzz, I swooned; this is the sort of tune that haunts my dreams, allows me to leave my body and just drift off into the world. If you’re with me, and need some escapism guitar pop, then be sure to check out the other tune on this new single; you can find it HERE.

Icarus Phoenix Releases High Tide Single

You all know how much I love the work of Drew Danburry and Icarus Phoenix, and the latest single from his forthcoming LP shines a light on why he should be lifted into the listening habits of the masses. For starters, the softened strumming brings your ear closer, it asks you to don your headphones and really immerse yourself into the listening experience. Unlike a lot of the songs we’ve heard from the new album, this one definitely feels fully formed by one Drew alone; it’s the sort where accompaniment isn’t needed, as the maximized emotion is pulled with the simplest charms. Please please please give Drew’s craft your attention. I Should Have Known the Things You Never Said will be out on August 15th.

Justin Sconza Shares There’s That Sound

If you listen to the opening moments of Justin Sconza‘s latest tune, you’re likely to put it in your pocket where you carry other acts like Been Stellar or Milly; it does open with that same wall of distortion and pop you’ll find on most sites. What I love here is that the tune quickly just shrugs it off and moves into a softer realm of poppy moments that certainly feel like they are built up for more intimate moments. Sure, the noisier bits carry weight for the masses, but I feel like Sconza really has it locked into the masses when he twists into the quieter caverns of your listening habits. If you’re enjoying this, give it a listen below, and enjoy the whole of the latest LP, Campfire.

Levitation Lineup & Tickets 2024

We have long been singing the praises of Levitation Festival as the absolute best music festival in town. The lineup always trends towards things we dig, the venues are mostly killer, and the ease of hopping from venue to venue can’t be beat. Things are going down again in late October/Early November and we are super pumped to share out the stellar lineup with breakdown by day. Once again, the lineup stands out as tops with a little something for everyone – indie stalwarts like The Drums and Death Valley Girls, electronic beats from Tycho and Washed Out, and of course local legends like Black Angels, The Sword and even The Jesus Lizard! Full lineup is over on that fancy poster or via the Levitation 2024 website. It’s sure to be another great time. Tickets are on sale now.

Mint Field Announce Extended Aprender a Ser EP

I’ve been an avowed Mint Field fanatic since their earliest days in the psych scene. But, their last LP, Aprender a Ser introduced us to an entirely new band, seemingly. They began to move into more ambient pieces and delved into the dreamier corners of your listening rotation; they had some tunes left over it looks like, so they’re dropping the Extended Version EP this August. Our first listen has two new songs, both teasing what the band have been working on, with “Una flor sin interior” (Flower with no inside?) really blowing the hair back. At first, it just sort of takes the ambient trickling, draping soft vocals atop, but just you wait for that 1 minute mark, and be sure your volume is appropriately adjusted. The other tune “Ve hacia la ventana” (Look out the window?) takes a similar approach, using soft brushstrokes to open the door for listeners before applying a more abrasive edge to the tune; they waver back and forth, perhaps all of this hinting at where they’ll go on the next LP. Aprender a Ser: Extended Version will be out on August 30th via Felte Records.

Dylan Rockwell Shares False Dawn

It’s a bright sunny day here in Austin, TX and I am enjoying a playlist of some mellow tunes as I ease into the hot morning. As I click through some new tunes, this track called “False Dawn” by the Washington D.C. based songwriter Dylan Rockwell hit me in the feels this morning. It’s such a delicate piece of songwriting with so many moments of sheer beauty packed in to the short 2.5 minutes. Gives off a very Youth Lagoon meets Jesse Merchant type vibe and I am here for all of it. Stay tuned for more.

Fightmilk Share Summer Bodies Single

What I love about the pop punk scene at the moment is the ability for bands to really take on deep themes, like the concept of self-love that runs through this fresh single from London’s Fightmilk. Akin to many of the acts like Spook School, Martha or Fresh, they’re breaking down the subject matter while breaking down huge riffs and hooks galore. This tune’s got lots of punch, and even moves from classic bits of pop rock into more aggressive territory as the vocals soar through the speakers; it hits you in the face then gives you a nice melody hug, which is what makes great pop punk, if you ask me. Check it out!

True Optimist Announce Mental Health

When pressing play, you perhaps will find it difficult to pigeonhole what True Optimist are doing with the title track from their new LP, Mental Health. There all these competing elements within the first ew seconds; there’s a bobbing pulse, contrast against these stabbing guitar notes that merely seem like they’re poking the bear…then there’s the layers of percussive elements like the shaker and woodblock (maybe?), all of this thrown together before you get a little organ line running amok to paste the pieces together. This hodge-podge is both refreshing and bewildering, taking you on a musical safari for which you might not be prepared. They release Mental Health on August 2nd via Self Aware Records.

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