Motown Inspired Single From Motenko

You know we like to keep the local ball rolling here at ATH, so we’re pleased to bring you the latest single from Austin’s own Motenko on this rainy Friday. The group prides itself on being a band of brothers who “play a fresh but authentic blend of 1960s and 1970s soul, 1990s R&B, and New Orleans boogie.” Leading the group is none other than frontman Micah Motenko, who provides silky smooth vocal warmth and the funky keyboard riffs to the tune below. These two elements draw me in the most, giving “Follow Through” a delicate balance; the vocals coat everything in a sunny glow, while the twangy bounce of the keyboards add a 70s funk to the soul of the song. The very end of the track also supplies a bit of a spark of electric guitar riff that is not to be overlooked. About the song, Motenko had this to say, “‘Follow Through’ is a meditation on wanting more from someone than they are able to give. It takes you through the righteous anger that results from an unequal relationship, soaked in a groove that propels you through to a better place.” Take a listen below and see if it takes you to a better place.

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