Last Week’s Jams (8.7 – 8.11)

Admittedly, we might have outdone ourselves last week; I’m fairly certain I’m the one to blame. Somehow, we tossed up 40 songs, though a few are unavailable in the streaming sites, so you’ve only got 38 tracks on this week’s playlist. There’s a ton of Austin stuff, with new music from Daiistar, Semihelix, Half Dream and more…obligatory A Giant Dog is in there and such. Plus, still continuously impressed by the magic that is Prewn. Oh, and Australia’s buzzing at the moment, and their music isn’t half-bad either, with new tracks from the Small Intestines and Soft Covers being considered as must listens. So, if you’ve got an hour or two to kill…go on and stream!

New Music from the Austin Scene: A Giant Dog, Food Group, Rival Waves and Friday Boys

Just like the rest of the world, the Austin scene is just pushing out new music on the regular, and as we look forward to next week, I’ve got a few rad releases to make sure are on your radar. Obviously, one of the names and singles is already out there on everyone’s radar, but check in on what’s going on in our local scene…got some post-pop punk pop rock (Rival Waves), exploratory indie (Food Group) and some old school punk (Friday Boys)…but it’s all damn good.

Food GroupThee Fantastic LP

Friday Boys – Depressed Gang Single

Rival WavesA Meaningless Chaos LP

A Giant Dog – A Daydream Single

Last Week’s Jam (7.10 – 7.14)

I’m sure you missed our weekly re-runs of all the fun stuff we post, but I was on vacation! So, I hurried this week to play catch up on all those tunes, then hurried with RayRay to get them up for your ears. We had tons of stuff covered, from ATX faves A Giant Dog to a premiere of the new track from Pretty in Pink; there was nothing short of a bunch of bangers to run…and some aren’t even up on the DSPs, so we couldn’t get those in the list. Anyways…peruse the hits below, go back and read what we had to say, or don’t, just be sure to enjoy yourself a bit.

A Giant Dog Drop I Believe Single

When I first clicked on the latest from A Giant Dog, I really thought that Sabrina was channeling Marissa from Screaming Females; her voice takes on that sort of guttural tone, but it’s all a huge set-up! Ellis voice is instantly pushed to catchy heights as the band smashes down behind her, stomping in their heavy brand of pop rock. What I’m loving from the new stuff, however, is all the little details that come in throughout the track, particularly when you get to the interlude and all the sweeping emotions that get sprinkled across there. Get ready to enjoy the hell out of Bite; it drops on August 25th via Merge.

Last Week’s Jams (6.5 – 6.9)

When summer hits, there seems to be an infinite amount of music bouncing about these parts, particularly in the Austin scene, as we saw this last week. We had new album announcements from A Giant Dog and Jordan Moser, new singles from Cast of Thousands, Marry Cherry and Genuine Leather; BLK ODYYSY also dropped an album. But, there was still plenty of music outside of Austin we loved, like new stuff from Gaadge, Wombo and Your Heart Breaks. Tons of music to absorb below, so feel free to indulge in all stuff you might have missed.

New Austin Music Dropping Today

Today is one of those weird days where you look through your email and everything reeks of Austin. Feel like it’s our duty to spend some time and give a little coverage to those working in our city, even if its just the littlest bump. We’ve got old friends, old standbys and an artist I’ve just been getting into, so I’ll let you decide which is which!

Genuine Leather – “Tear It Down” (The Animal Farm)

BLK ODYSSYDiamonds & Freaks (Earthchild/Empire)

Ram Vela – “Fight or Flight” (Self-Released)

A Giant Dog – “Different Than” (Merge Records)

Float Fest Reminder

Hey y’all. Float Fest is coming up this summer and we’ll have some coverage, but first, we need to remind you that pricing goes up at midnight. If you are on the fence, get in now. Camping is a thing and Amazon sells air-conditioned tents. Take advantage of tubing and then revel in Tame Impala, Modest Mouse, Snoop, White Denim, RTJ, A Giant Dog and many more.

Jawbreaker Coming to Austin – 7/13/18

The experts in pulling our old favorite bands from yesteryear into Austin, Margin Walker, have done it yet again folks by bringing the legendary punk group Jawbreaker to Austin. That’s right, the same Jawbreaker who haven’t played a Texas show in over 20 years, and though “back together”, only play special performances. This is a huge deal for both myself and Nate dog as this is one of the bands we grew up with and one of the bands that first introduced us to non crap. As far as the show goes, the event will take place at the Statesman Skyline Theater and tickets will go on sale this Friday, May 4th at 10am. Tickets are being sold via Skyline Theater website and will run you $44 for GA and $99 for VIP. Support for the show will be from Lemuria and locals A Giant Dog. I am very excite.

UPDATE: We asked Margin Walker boss man Graham Williams for a quote about his booking of Jawbreaker in Austin. Here’s what he had to say:

“While a lot of us got to see Jawbreaker in the 90s, far more never got that chance, as they broke up while really in the rise as a band. I think everyone had given up on the chance of them reuniting, so when they did, its been a goal to get them to Texas and pretty stoked we finally made it happen for everyone.” –Graham Williams

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=3300110084 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 track=564661764]

Brand New Lung Letters Tune

One of the great thing about living in Austin is the abundance of bands trading friends and members to begin new projects, such as Lung Letters. The band takes members from acts like A Giant Dog and Flesh Lights, both whom we adore. As you’d expect, there’s a heavy handed rock n’ roll at work here, with Jeremy Steen handling the band’s vocal ferocity. If you’ve managed to catch the act live, then you’re already on board, but for those who haven’t, this track does a pretty good job of capturing the group’s energy on recor; there’s an animalistic quality not many can claim as their own. I’m particularly enjoying the moment between 1.45 and 2.30, bringing in some sly little hooks (reminds me of late 90s post-hardcore) before erupting into finale. Look for the Passing Days EP this Friday via Super Secret Records.

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