Last Week’s Jams (5.20 – 5.24)

Sorry for being absent, but gotta take a day off when the government allows. Looking back at last week, we covered a ton of stuff, and I couldn’t even post it all, as there’s a few tracks missing from DSPs like the new Dennis Callaci/Heimito Kunst collaboration. But, my new flavor of the year, My Best Unbeaten Brother returned with a new tune, as did Oh Boland, so all sorts of really sweet pop made its way in here. Stoked to see there’s another Nightshift album coming out from Trouble In Mind later this year, thus you’ll hear that early in the mix. Somehow ended up with several great tunes stretching over 5 minutes, so if you’ve got time, be sure to not skip ahead! Bunch of tunes from your favorite ADHD curator! Also, if you’re on the site, be sure to check our friend Michael Maly’s photos from the recent Idles set here in town!

Friday Album Streams: Motorists, Aluminum and More

This week doesn’t seem as nearly as crazy with releases as last week, and perhaps that’s a good thing, as you’ll get a moment to really dive into some great records that we’d like to turn your attention towards. Several Oakland area bands decided today was a good day to drop tracks (so good thing that Neutrals LP is out next week!), plus I threw in a new ambient collection from our friend Buildings and Food! Click on some stuff, see what you love. Couldn’t hurt!

MotoristsTouched by the Stuff (Bobo Integral)

AluminumFully Beat (Felte Records)

Yea-Ming and the RumoursI Can’t Have It All (Dandy Boy Records)

Buildings and FoodEcho the Field (Self-Released)

Last Week’s Jams (4.8 – 4.12)

Apparently it’s that time of year when I just can’t help myself; I’m going full-time it seems, as we ran 28 brand new tracks this last week, plus some nods to albums we liked that dropped on Friday. We got some fresh premiere activity from the Wesleys and Max Blansjaar, then there were some recent favorites dropping in new stuff like Lightheaded, Neutrals and Autocamper. Me personally, I loved the new Gregor single, and that new CBVB plays into similar territory. This collection of songs, like my own catalog, is pretty random, though we always tend to aim for left of the left of the dial. Stream on.

Aluminum Share Beat Single

This day old bread from Aluminum is certainly taking a nod from some of Britpop’s finest. They obscure the sound a bit by building in these guitar textures that recall recent acts like Dummy or Peel Dream Magazine, but it very much feels indebted to to mid90s Britain. Vocals hide in the middle of the mix, even with the backing vocals sinking within, encouraging the rhythm of the tune to be the driving force that captures your attention; you’ll feel the melodic pop bits as they soak into your skin, but you’ll still feel like turning it up nice and loud. A little bit of everything, making Fully Beat an album to keep an eye on; it drops via Felte Records on May 24th.

Last Week’s Jams (3.11 – 3.15)

For some reason or another, we were rather preoccupied with the Austin goings-on, so perhaps we didn’t cover as much as we might have liked. I’ll be circling back through this week to try and get as much of it up as I can. But, we did have some really solid jams…and a few premieres…or whatever you call it. I was definitely feeling a little electronically inclined, covering new stuff from Maria Chiara Argiro and Cong Josie. Got blown away by the new Lightheaded track, not to mention fawning over tunes from Kindsight and Mammoth Penguins. Oh, and speaking of premieres…we had a new Unwed Sailor and a live cut from The Wind-Ups. Check them below.

Aluminum Announce Fully Beat

Aluminum popped up on my radar a few years back when they dropped their Windowpane EP. But, today they’ve announced their brand new LP for Felte Records, with a sound that seems to sort of draw from the spirit of the Happy Mondays in a sense. You can dance and twist to it, but there’s a buzzing guitar that knife’s its way through the song’s entirety. All the while, the vocals get delivered with a bit of bravado and a bit of throwback to an almost post-grunge alt rock. Definitely looking forward to hearing how the rest of Fully Beat unfolds; the LP drops on May 24th.

Aluminum Share Red & Gold Single

In just about a week, Dandy Boy Records will release Aluminum‘s Windowpane EP, but before that hits, there’s another single you definitely want to get running through your mind. Whereas the core of “Windowpane” was a little bit pop oriented, with a heavy rock center, “Red & Gold” holds nothing back, tearing through your speakers as soon as you press play. You’re greeted with a wall of rushing noise, pushing the song’s into your face as riffs rip though. But, while the pace doesn’t slow, Marc and Ryann enter the fray, trading vocal lines to bring in this melodic balance that gives your ears a momentary respite. In between those sweet moments you get huge riffs shattering your ear drums; it’s like a noise rock Oreo cookie, so take a bite and enjoy the sugary melodic center! Windowpane EP is out on 12″ next Friday, October 7th.

Aluminum Share Windowpanes Video

A few weeks ago we were catching up with our friends over at Dandy Boy Records; they had just recently announced a killer 12″ EP from Aluminum…and now we’ve got a video for that accompany single, just as a reminder of what should be on your radar. The more I listen to this tune, the more I’m drawn to the propulsive nature of verses; it’s matched up right up with the way the video was shot, meant “to capture the wide-eyed feelings of youth.” It’s the perfect set up for the acidic wash of noise that bursts in through the almost-chorus, blurring the lines between our expectations and how far the group are willing to take their sound. The Windowpane EP is out on October 7th, so don’t forget to grab it right now!

Rad New from Dandy Boy Records

One of our favorite labels, Dandy Boy Records, has a bunch of great stuff going on, so we wanted to be sure that you knew about all the greatness, otherwise, what’s the point?

For starters, there’s this rad video from the latest Sob Stories LP, Fair Shakes, which came out in the Spring. You’ll love the great stop-amination work of Elyse Schrock, but then you’ll keep coming back time and time again for the huge hooks in the chorus!

Then you get a couple of new tunes from the 1981, and add in some previous jams to make up the bands newest Polaroids EP (available on cassette). I was already loved with the amazing “Nelson’s Camera,” but the two new songs have the band working in some new territory that definitely has my ears on where the band will go next.

Finally, the label has announced a joint venture with Discontinuous Invention to release a new EP from Aluminum. We’ve got the brand new single here, and it certainly makes the allusion towards the band’s affection for early Creation Records, particularly where the song erupts into this beautiful noise in spite of the melodious nature of the vocals; let this song give your ears the best sort of mindfuck ever! The Windowpane EP is out on October 7th.

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