Song Premiere: Paul Jacks – Shy Boy

We have a fresh new piece of sound for you today from Paul Jacks.

“Shy Boy” is Disco Pop and while there is Beatles-formed-in-the-70s flowing from a lo-fi synth foundation, I get a bit of early OMD from it. Rising and falling into and out of majors an minors, the song has a shimmy born in a brightly colored room, but an underlying longing. Click play and see what you think below.

Paul has a pretty interesting method for releasing jams. Songs are paired, A/B, like a 7″ single. There will be three of these dual releases coming in quick succession launched on Tri-Tone Records on Friday and “Shy Boy” will be backed by the song “Getting Back To You”. A band has been formed, touring later 2020…

Have a Nice Weekend

Looking for something a little different for your weekend? There is plenty happening. If you want to have some solid foodtruck snacks while listening to DJs play the beats, check out Piknik Electronik. A friend went to the party up in Montreal, said it was fantastically run and made for a pleasant weekend that ratchets up in BPM as the sun goes down. Tickets are available at the door, the whole thing happens at Auditorium Shores.

Soccer, erm football, fan? I’ll be at Scholtz’s for the NBCSN Premier League Mornings Live Fan Fest in my prized Tottenham third kit and Spurs scarf. #COYS

Finally, a good friend to ATH has some sweet jams available to add to your playlists. Orthy is back with the Austin Disco Synth Pop sounds you love. “Your Spell” is the first song back in five years Ian and team. The full-length Fable Living is due in January. Hang with this jam as it evolves and gets layered up.

Have A Nice Weekend

I continue to be amazed by the highly ambitious Drift project Underworld set out on, to release a song with a visual every Thursday. Yes, some have been re-imagined works, but the excitement is in new material that is good most of the time, and phenomenal the rest of the time. Check out the latest release “Imagine A Box”.

Aside from that, it is a fun weekend for shows, especially Saturday with Missions doing a record release on one stage at Barracuda, locals covering Radiohaed songs on the other. Cheer Up has ATH faves like Annabelle Chairlegs and Go Fever, while next door Black Pumas will be on night two of three in a row at Mohawk. I’ll leave you with a favorite cut from Missions great album Subcreature. “Glimmer” drifts in and evolves to a fantastic exit.

Kae Astra Joins Mod Out

At a recent show, I was rather impressed with Kae Astra. The artist recently joined the Modern Outsider family with an EP on deck for later this fall. Here is the first single, “Medicate”. Perusing info from the press details, the new record has a strong team behind it with the mix by Danny Reisch who has worked with Wye Oak, The Octopus Project and White Denim and mastered by Dave Cooley who has worked with M83, Animal Collective and Washed Out.

Have a Nice Weekend

Hot Summer Nights is in full swing. Thanks to the Red River Cultural District for being rad. Gonna see Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Sunday. You? Should we talk movies? Maybe soundtracks?

TR/ST has shared a track off of Destroyer Pt. 2. Pre-order here. It is one of those amazing songs that can make you sink to internal depths and lift you up at the same time, that conflict of negative understones and ringing, climbing leads floating just above.

The New Division’s Fascination

Fascination is the first of two new EPs from The New Division. Title track video is embedded; this song is strong. The current release includes a bad ass instrumental track “Glass Jaw” and the smopoth synth-pop goodness of “Hope”, while “Faceless is an EP only track. Modus follows next month, with “Tonight” up to stream. I dig the multi-EP idea to get some tracks out there when ready, but a full LP is due at the end of the year, all on Kunkel’s Division87 label.

Have A Nice Weekend

Good show last night, good shows this weekend, but going to watch the footie in Houston. This week’s HANW track is from Missions, the second single from the pending Holodeck Records release Subcreature due August 2nd. It is an Italian disco synth laden piece of bliss with buried vocoder vocals. Zone out for a bit at the office and dream of tallboys and new vinyl smell.

Show Pics: Operators @ 3Ten (6/21)

Operators is on tour right now. I saw them live. You should, too.

Current touring lineup is Devojka, Sam Brown and Dan Boeckner. It is a tight trio across the front of the stage letting you pick if you want drums, guitar/vox or synths front and center for your earholes. I will ruin any form of review by just telling you it was so good. The collision of this band, visuals from the display screen behind and outstanding sound in the venue made for a fantastic night for fans.

DOOMSQUAD, a Toronto trio of two sisters and a brother, laid down quirky disco grooves in their opening spot as a bonus.

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