Mamalarky Share You Know I Know Video

Mamalarky have been on a journey since their earliest days in Austin, moving about the country in hopes of finding the right fit for their sound; they’ve now settled in Georgia for the time being, ready to work on the follow-up to their debut. This tune alludes to their time in Austin, with Livvy commenting on how Austin “gave us the proper nutrients to do what we’re doing now.” And, we couldn’t be prouder. I love the way the guitar unleashes here, echoing through your speakers, with the production giving it just enough muddiness to balance out with the group’s natural pop hooks. Hopefully we get more from the band now that they’re settled in their new home.

Neighbor Lady Announce New Album

Neighbor Lady is one of those rare bands who first hit me with a beast of a single (“Let it Bleed”) and I immediately became a huge fan. This was back in 2018, and the band has been busy ever since releasing the album Maybe Later in 2020 and also touring with a stop here in March during SXSW. This year the group has a follow up planned with a brand new LP entitled For the Birds coming on July 1st via Park the Van Records. Prior to the summer release date, the band has offered up this bright and poppy new tune called “Felt”, which still has that lovely twang in the vocals of Emily Braden but with a band filling out their sound with lush layers and textures.

For the Birds pre-orders are live now.

Abby Gogo to Reissue Self-Titled LP via Double Phantom

Atlanta’s Abby Gogo always seemed to operate outside of everyone’s expectations. During their hey-day in the late 2000s, they’d drop a 7″ here, tour a little bit, get a record out, tour a slight bit more (including SXSW)…then they broke up. It’s kind of unfortunate, as their sound seems right in line with where we’re at with those true worshippers of psych influences (not the Tame Impala breed). But, worry no more! They’re going to reissue their debut self-titled LP. Interestingly, the record’s lead track seems to combine all the elements of cool, which is what I’ve got for you below. The guitars shatter and cascade into a messy crash through your speakers, fueled by this shaky madness that seems on the verge of losing control. Flip it onto the vocals and you get this more J. Spaceman vibe, offering up this supremely indifferent layer of cool that begs you to ignore the rest of the world and dive into Abby Gogo. Double Phantom will be reissuing the LP at the end of May.

Great Lakes Announce Contenders

You ever stumble into a tune that just makes you nostalgic for home? Well, listening to the Ben Crum’s voice on the new single from Great Lakes had me yearning for that feeling, searching my soul for hints of home. I love how the track toys with Americana vibes, particularly as the voice has a wee bit of twang, but it’s still not afraid to put forth a heavy rock vibe that certainly seems like no easy feat. The guitar work and heavy stomp of the rhythm section often seem to work beneath the song’s surface, bubbling up in the chorus, jamming in the interludes, and dragging the song with a heavier hand across the finish land. If you’re into good tunes that feel like comfort food, then jam out here, and look for Contenders when it hits in February 4th via HHBTM.

Gentleman Jesse Returns with Lose Everything

Jesse Smith’s Gentleman Jesse project has mostly been quiet since 2012’s Leave Atlanta, but I’m really excited that there’s finally a new album on the horizon. For my two cents, I always thought of his work as more of a power-pop brand, with a little bit of that punk ethos, but I think he probably got shoveled into the garage rock genre; I think we just shoved everything that felt lo-fi and rock in that category. Anyways, as you’ll hear on this new single, he’s always crafting these anthemic tunes that you’re meant to enjoy at home; the riffs feel huge, and there’s always this natural inclination to stomp and clap while listening. Just a big fan, and always going to back his tunes; Lose Everything is out in November via Beach Impediment Records.

Citrus City Records to Reissue Kibi James’ Azucar EP

In case you haven’t been paying attention over the last few years, Citrus City Records has been one of the strongest DIY forces in the music game, so when they dig into the past to reissue something we missed, perhaps we should look into it! So here we are with Kibi James and their Azucar EP; its a five song affair of pop songs, fusing the band’s Latin heritage with modern pop trends like those bending dream pop guitars and cool spoken delivery. Today we’ve got a brand new lyric video done to announce the reissue, with the title perhaps name dropping Austin’s own DJ, so step into the wonderful world built just for you, handpicked out of the last few years by CC Records.

True Blossom Share Cruel Video

This past year True Blossom released their In Bliss LP, a collection of pop influences from disco to synth to dream pop all collected into a cohesive record. But, in case the band were drifting from your consciousness, they’ve shared a brand new video today for the album’s standout, “Cruel.” This is precisely what I’m talking about when referencing the band’s ability to blend genres and influences; it feels like it could easily be dance-floor ready, but has this sort of coy playfulness in the bounce that keeps it subtle and delicate in its presentation. Sit back and enjoy this video directed by Kate Hinshaw, and if you feel so obliged, you can still grab the band’s cassette from Citrus City.

Mamalarky Drop Two New Singles

Since their days living in Austin, we have long supported and tried to move the hype train forward on our friends in Mamalarky. The band has since moved to Atlanta after a stop in L.A. but we still love them and love their groundbreaking music. Moving into 2021, the band has a full length LP ready to release soon, but first dropped to brand new singles today, both with accompanying music videos self-made. If videos aren’t your thing, the fin folks at Fire Talk have both tunes available for purchase/download.

The Head Share New Single

Atlanta’s The Head just dropped this great new single, and I feel like its definitely up my tastes as of late. Of course, on “French Girls,” there’s soft jangling, swirling and turning in the front of the mix; it’s part nostalgic pop and pop modern jangling. I’d be remiss if I didn’t give the band a little nod for the heavy tones of the vocals, which definitely will hit your ears in that Moz territory, though hopefully with a sweeter soul. Then you also get “Slipping Away,” which sort of peels away the upbeat energy in favor of a more subtle affair; I mean, pardon the obviousness here, but the song does feel like its sort of “slipping away” through your fingers. Both tunes are hits, so dig in.

Listen to Cybertimes from Je Suis France

Once again here I am just spending my morning jamming to something from a few weeks ago that I should have gotten into way earlier, namely Cybertimes. The EP is a back and forth collection of carefully constructed soundscapes and these oddball pop indulgent tunes from Je Suis France. On the opening tune, you get this sort of soft Dinosaur Jr meets Built to Spill vibe, which is worth the price of entry alone. But, then you can get into the sort of Kraftwerk-ian vibes of “Spearfisher (Purple Bread Pt.2)” before jumping to the synth-accented ballad “If You Please” that closes out the EP. It’s a NYP fee, which is perfect for tomorrow’s Bandcamp Day, so listen through, then put it on your radar for tomorrow.

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