Another Pop Ditty from Pure Moods

Feels like just a week or so ago I was sharing a new Pure Moods tune, and here we are again with a brand new track from the forthcoming Upward Spiral. I loved the last track, but I think this one’s even better; it has everything you want in a pop song: it’s catchy, nice melody and it’s short. There’s that Australian casual attitude in the way the vocals are delivered, as if there wasn’t a care in the world. But, what I’ve been drawn to are the sharp guitar notes; they toy with being jangly, but happily make out their own path until they’re joined by this interesting textured guitar buzz meandering through. Tear Jerk Records release the full LP this Friday.

Pleased to Meet You: CLAMM

It’s always good to follow your friends, as they’ll always turn you onto something good, which happened to me with CLAMM. It might not be the first thing that pops into your head when you hear Melbourne, but the young trio offers up this riotous rocker that punishes from out the gates. Drums start pounding amidst this nervous wall of feedback, then meet the stalking of the lyrics, almost as if we’re being circled by this dangerous force about to tear through our ears. The group are set to release their debut Beseech Me in January.

Scott and Charlene’s Wedding Share Back in the Corner

It’s weird to think of Scott and Charlene’s Wedding as a great little secret, but sometimes it still feels like that, even after their growing collection of releases. Today they return with the announcement of their new EP, When in Rome, Carpe Diem…and an accompanying single. This particular number seems far more rooted in the nostalgic rock of the States, as opposed to the band’s home of Australia. There are some understated jangles in the guitar lines, but the curl of the vocals definitely makes me think about everything in my dad’s record collection from the 60s/70s; I don’t mind that notion not one bit. Looks like the new EP will be dropped at the end of November.

Poppongene Shares Wet Towel

Feel like I’m spending a great deal of my space on writing about Aussie acts today, and I’m quite okay with that fact; I particularly am fond of this new Poppongene tune. At first, it sort of slithers its way into your listening; it seems unassuming, just catchy vocals over some quick percussion. But, as the song picks up, Sophie begins to add more energy to her performance, just as the guitars begin to jump off more emphatically to boot. All of a sudden, the track has its hooks in you, letting the vocals sort of drift into the slightest realm of dreaminess during the chorus; it’s a nice pop moment totally stuck in my head. This tune will appear on a forthcoming EP.

Pure Moods Share New Pop Number

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve heard anything from Melbourne outfit Pure Moods, but there’s a brand new pop tune to get you tapping your toes. This one’s right up my alley, using those crystalline guitar lines that sparkle and shine in the sunlight, turning ever so gently to match the natural warmth that comes through the vocals; this is guitar pop at its very finest. Speaking of the vocals, when matched with the pace of the track, it all combines to carry this sort of dreamy indifference; you’re not sure if you should care of if they should care, but you do care because the song’s great. Go on, listen to it. It’ll appear on Upward Spiral, the new effort slated for November 29th via Tear Jerk Records.

Quivers Share When It Breaks

I’m a sucker for big circular guitar sounds, the kind that seem to wrap around your ear with these delicious pop tentacles, such as the latest tune from Aussite outfit Quivers. They’ve pushed out a couple of tunes since the release of their 2018 hit, We’ll Go Riding on Hearses, but this might be the best one. I love the way Sam’s voice has this sort of heavy melody to it, blanketing the track in this general warmth; it gets some great added muscle when the accompanying vocals come in to turn up the charm on their end. It’s not quite power pop, and not quite indie pop; it’s somewhere in the middle, somewhere where you feel comforted by your favorite sounds, so give a listen.

Stream Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton’s New LP

Monday’s are generally pretty slow, and while I’m looking over last week, there’s really only one thing that needs to be said; you need to listen to Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton‘s new LP, Take the Reigns. I could easily walk you through the whole record and all my favorite moments. For instance, go to “Help,” and wait for the beautiful uptick at the 1:18 mark. Maybe you’ll enjoy the stomp of Emma’s performance on “Letting Go,” which admittedly caught me by surprise. You can always come back to the joy of “Catch,” but when you do, you undoubtedly realize you’re going to keep coming back to this whole record time and time again. I dare you to find me a great pop album than this right here.

Elizabeth Gives Us Another Tune

I’m always up for a new track from Elizabeth, and with her new LP just a few weeks away, I think she’s dropped what, so far, is my favorite of the pre-album singles here. Something about her voice in this one really hits at home; it almost has this 80s nostalgic pop sound, though it doesn’t sound too far off from something with Hope Sandoval (or any number of Sarah Records acts). There’s this beautiful moment when it rises up near the end, and Elizabeth has another powerful performance to make all her peers shake. Plus, the arrangements of this song are really emotive, strong where they need to be, and pulled back when necessary. The Wonderful World of Nature is going to be some debut; it drops on November 1st.

Olivia’s World Share Blotter Video

A few weeks ago, I went out of my way to encourage you to listen to Olivia’s World and their latest track; I even vaguely reference Rose M’s participation, but I suppose if you don’t come out and say it, no one’s like to do the research. Alas, the band’s back with a video for the tune, so maybe that’s a chance to get you caught back up in the joy of this tune…plus, for what its worth, this track belongs on repeat all day. I kind of figure that folks are getting back into the jangle a little, or maybe they’re just going to look into the band’s current Aussie locale as reason to get in on the tune. Regardless, the track rules, and it’ll be released on the new EP, out October 25th via Lost Sound Tapes.

Guitar Pop from Candybomber

I was really into the Kensingtons, though they came onto my radar just as they were seeming to slow things down. Now that they’re geographically separated, Stewart has a brand new project, Candybomber. The band have just shared this new single, which, to me, recalls a more melodic Wedding Present. You still have these distorted guitars jangling and ringing out loudly, tearing through your speakers. But, the song’s core revolves around the gravitational pull of the melody that shines through Stewart’s vocals; it’s the classic loud/quiet juxtaposition, and it’s executed to perfection in this tune. Turn this one up super loud, and don’t look back at that whole in your speakers.

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