Permits Share World in Numbers

Been real weird lately, but I feel like the Australian scene is just hitting that sweet spot, and Permits are just another act that feels like they’ve kind of weaseled their way into my soul. I love the sort of garage-y swagger, almost falling off the rails, opening that sets the tone on their latest single. Still, not to be stuck in one direction, they take a left turn right before the 1 minute mark, almost with a little that sort of arrogant assuredness you’d associate with Jarvis Cocker…and suddenly the song opens up into something you never saw coming. It’s a roller coaster of incredible pop sounds, which makes Time Permits a promising release; it’s out on November 26th via Tenth Court.

Eggy Share HAL 9000

I’ve been pretty high on Eggy during their release cycle for the forthcoming Bravo!, so we continue our support by giving you a little nod towards their latest single from the LP…the last before the record drops on Friday! This one’s got a little nod to Kubrick, and you can almost feel the famous AI machine in the sort of hobbling synth work that bobs and weaves into the song’s foreground. All that said, this lot are great at building in extemporaneous textures, layering in vocals and a snappy drum beat that gives the song more depth as Hal exclaims “pop culture’s killing me!” Spoilsport Records release the full LP this Friday!

Rock N’ Recipes: Gregor

I’ve been covering Gregor for some time, particularly with the release of his 2018 album, Silver Drop. But, in case you haven’t been in the loop, we will soon get to celebrate the release of Destiny, his new LP for Chapter Music. We reached out to see if he’d be willing to answer a few quick questions and share his favorite recipes, and thankfully, he’s obliged. Read on below…and as you browse, press play on the stream to sample a few of the album tracks. He’s also been so kind as to share a delicious Artichoke Soup recipe!

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Sawmill Releases Back to the Old House

Going back through this past week’s releases, and I stumbled into an Australian act that I hadn’t heard about: Sawmill. The project is the work of artists Nick McMillan, who just released the debut LP, Back to the Old House. I wanted to share one of my favorite tracks from the record, in hopes of turning you onto the whole thing. “Street Address” enters with this immediacy, steadily seeping softly through your speakers, soothing souls with subtle sounds. There’s a very faint uptick in the melody too, shifting the track ever-so-gently, leaving you with that emotional attachment that makes a memory…and a song…last forever on your mind. Give it a try.

Music in Exile Shares Yelena Single from Ausecuma Beats

Admittedly, the majority of the music coverage on the Australian scene is predominantly white (including our own), but what’s great are the various projects giving voice to the diverse population of the country/continent, like Music in Exile. Earlier this year, they brought us new music from Gordon Koang, and today I’m super stoked to share this really great tune from Ausecuma Beats. The band is made up of 9 individuals, all with different experiences and backgrounds, united in trying to create a new brand of music with its own voice. Just in the lyrical content alone, you get the switch between Spanish and English, as the various musical influences swirl all around. This tune praises a Pulla African woman who is seen as beautiful and sought after, but she escapes the expectations to seek out a life of her own. Something a little different, but something worthy of our time today. Their debut self-titled album drops on November 20th.

Wilding At It Again

Over the years I’ve grown to love the standout indie pop sounds of my Melbourne based mate Wilding. It’s rather confusing as to why he has yet to become a household name as the Wilding brand has pumped out hit after hit for close to ten years. This new joint, “Swipe Right”, shows a guy at his absolute height of pop song hit making. It’s a touch quirky, fun, and just one helluva catchy song. Wilding will be releasing this song as part of a full length LP called The Death of Foley’s Mall due out on October 2nd via Half a Cow.

Gregor Shares Senseless

When listening through Destiny, the latest LP from Gregor, you’ll find that each song seems to take on a life of its own, like you’ll hear in “Senseless.” At first, it’s almost this sort of bewildering pop rock, buzzsaw guitars building a background wall while Gregor’s voice and synths rise to the song’s forefront. But, push the needle just a bit ahead to find that the song’s evolved into this collage of sounds that feel more traditional in their presentation, thought Gregor builds in various textures like violin and loops to sort of create this pop spiderweb that’s likely to catch any music aficionado. If you want to make pop weird again, be sure to order Destiny from Chapter Music; it drops on November 13th.

No Zu Cover Talking to a Stranger

I’m just going to come out and say this, I had absolutely no idea who Hunters & Collectors were until I heard this No Zu cover, so I’m going to go back and remedy that before this day is up. But, for you, maybe you’re new too, so why not go back in time by visiting one of my current faves, No Zu. This video is live footage, with a recorded version of the song; you can see just how much the band has going on; it’s visually intoxicating in and of itself. Their recording takes the sort of post-punk style, hangs it up and seems to infuse a bit more of a funk aspect and swagger, turning it into an all out dance party you wish we could attend. This track comes out as a digital Double A-Side single, with a cover of “Sensation” by Bryan Ferry also featured…all courtesy of Chapter Music.

Stream Brain Drugs Self Titled LP

We first got wind of Australian instrumental duo Brain Drugs when they shared “Nightshift” single with us, along with its accompany video. Today, we kick off a case of the Thursdays by offering a stream of their new LP, a way to ease into your day with a little bit of curiosity and wonder. For me, there’s this primal nature that seems to seep through your speakers, perhaps due to the simplicity of keyboards and drums; the drum work always seems like the soundtrack to a march of humans. Still, perhaps you turn to a song like “Moulds” that spews this warmth from the synth sounds. Little twists and turns weave you through this instrumental landscape, so time for you to maze your way through these sounds. All proceeds from the album go to Victorian Aboriginal Legal Services.

Pop Filter Share Not Listening to the Same Thing

This Friday we’ll all be able to take on the joy of the debut LP from Pop Filter, but before we get there, the band dropped one more tune to tease the release. In my mind, this is exactly what I expected when I first heard about this band forming; a steadying blend of the best in casual pop listening. It’s charming in its unassuming nature, careful to never step too far into world, yet happily bubbling along with these delightful melodies. The group joining in unison just after the 2 minute mark is just one such treat…a little pop nugget you can put in your pocket on your way out the door. Banksia is out Friday!

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