Levitation Interviews: Babe Rainbow

“There’s no formula for happiness that’s guaranteed to work”, sings Angus Dowling on the opening line from “Open Up Your Heart,” the latest release from Babe Rainbow. “It all depends on how you treat your friends, and how much you’ve been hurt. But its a start, you open up your heart, and try not to hide what you feel inside.” Throughout the new album, The Organic Band sets a strong tone of acceptance, respect, and speaking truth to love. Gone are the blase, stoner surf-pop days which so often tends to lead to apathy and negative connotations from a judgmental listening community. Babe Rainbow is taking up the reigns to make a statement and cultivate positive energy in all forms. Read more

Summer Flake Return with Stranger Single

It’s been several years since we’ve heard from Aussie outfit Summer Flake, but we’re all being rewarded today with a brand new single and the hope that more is on the horizon. A light little strum drew me into this tune, offering a sort of musical ray of sunshine that could slide right into any moment in your life. The vocals feel equally as light, and in a sense, almost dreamily playful, riding the mix like a white knight on a glorious stallion of melody. To me, there’s something super sweet in its simplicity, and I can’t help but appreciate every moment of this tune; here’s to hoping we get more. Track out today courtesy of Rice is Nice!

Levitation Interviews: Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Now that most of us have moved on from ACL and the madness of things at COTA, it’s time to turn our attention to a music Festival going down this weekend which is a ‘lil more aligned with the ATH team. As I’m sure most you music fans knew, Levitation kicks off on Thursday and we are here for it with some interviews, previews and general guides. Today I’m excited to share our second interview of the season with one from Perth based artist Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. Hit the jump for their interview, set times, and tunes.

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Babe Rainbow – The Organic Band

Rating: ★★★★☆

Turn your gaze up. The naked stars are out. The boombox is cranked to 11, salty air on the fresh breeze, and cool sand squeezes between your toes. You enjoy friendly conversation at length and share some laughs. It is “Smile Time”…so much so that your jaws hurt. Find the cooler covered in wet sand and grab some cold beers. Time to wax up the Hobie longboard for tomorrow A.M.’s rally, and gather ’round a warm fire dug into the sand. After a long sunny Saturday in the surf, that sounds epic to me. Now picture this vibe in album form. That is the newest effort from Babe Rainbow, The Organic Band, wrapped in a tight wetsuit. It is Saturday Night.

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Spice World Share Dying to Go/What a Pity What a Shame Single

It’s hard not to get overly excited when you hear the immediate infectiousness from Australia’s Spice World. That drum beat dropped in behind the guitars on “Dying to Go” and I just felt like I had been welcomed into a party with all my best friends; there’s this natural freedom to the track, rambunctious and fun, tethered to a hook all the while. Then they slip in and slow things all the way down on the flip, getting a little more of a look-in to the band’s ability to switch speeds mid-album. And speaking of album, the band are using this double single to announce There is No “I” in Spice World out on January 20th via Tenth Court and Meritorio Records.

Cool Sounds Share Like That Single

Whatever caused the shift in sonics for Dainis Lacey, we’re reaping the rewards on the listening end, particularly when it comes to the title track from the new Cool Sounds LP. It’s interesting that this is also the record’s closing track, as it seems to set us up for this sort of climb atop the mountain, only to find solace in this heavy pop masterpiece. There’s little shining diamonds in the corners, twinkling notes here and there splashing up to mix in with the pulse; it just reeks of cool for some reason, perfectly cinematic in its presentation. Like That is out on October 7th via Chapter Music.

Oceans Share New Single, High

The lockdown, while still looming in our thoughts, brought about a lot of creativity for artists, and it seems to have spun Australia’s Oceans in a slightly new direction. Now operating as a full band, there’s a bit of promise on the horizon, and I mean that in more of a metaphorical sense. You can still feel the darkened edges that were present on the Come So Far EP, but there’s an electricity that seems to be dashing through on this brand new single (the first as a full band). For starters, the time stamp has it at just over 2 minutes, meaning the band have to apply a frantic nature to it; you can hear that in the drum’s pounding away and the stabbing guitar lines that knife their way in and out. Still, that dreamy vocal seems to rise and crest, just as the guitars hit with more enthusiasm, blasting you with a cool breeze of delightful melody. This new single is brought to you courtesy of Shelflife Records.

Post-Punker From Heir Traffic

Heir Traffic is a post-punk inspired band out of Melbourne with five lads who’ve been creating tunes and quietly releasing them over the last few years without a whole lot of press. As fans of their music, and also someone who wants to help young artists succeed, consider this a full endorsement of the band’s music. You’ll find several tracks on the band’s bandcamp page, but this new one, “Bogged,” is their latest in promotion of an upcoming album entitled NO HEARTH. It’s a noisy, energy filled affair with expert musicianship and loads to divulge and come back to. Love this stuff.

Heir Traffic will release NO HEARTH on August 26th. A limited vinyl run of the release is up for pre-order now.

Cool Sounds Drop 6 or 7 More Video

First notes from Cool Sounds latest single definitely serve to remind us that the band has switched gears, digging out from the jangle pop side of the realm in order to give us a little more of a hip-shaking vibe. Pumping in a funky R&B groove right off the bat to set this song up is perfect, you’re instantly transported to a solid strut down the street, giving out high fives and hand shakes with confidence. Once the vocals kick to match up with the shuffling riffs, things continue to get funkier, almost spinning towards disco, albeit one with just a little bit of punk ethos thrown into keep the kids coming back. Add in that female vocal with its retro robotic nature and this song takes on futuristic and R&B and spins it into a new wile web. Like That will be out on October 7th via Chapter Music.

Elizabeth Drops Sweet Connection

It’s been really interesting watching the trajectory of Elizabeth the last few years. The Wonderful World of Nature still felt tethered, in some manner, to previous work, but with her Suite of Singles, it’s clear she’s fully embracing the role of budding pop star. This track opens with simple beat work, understated it seems, stuttering right before the release of the chorus, allowing a more angelic pitch to shift into play. Elizabeth is confident, and in that, you can tell that all things pop are fully in her grasp. It’ll be exciting to see how far the work gets pushed after the three track Suite of Singles is wrapped.

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