Alluvial Nuggets Release Hot Knives

This new single from Alluvial Nuggets immediately resonated here with the guitar tones; there was something about the bobbing notes working in unison with the gentle strum, setting the scene for this wistful nature to sweep across the song. When James Dutton comes in with his voice, he’s offering up his delivery with a little bit in reserve, as if he is still unsure of how much of himself he’d like to pass onto the listener. You’ll get a beautiful sweeping movement when the drums elevate the track with just a hint more speed just after the 1 minute marker. Look for the new self-titled record to hit on June 28th via Lost and Lonesome.

Rabbits Wedding ReRelease Coming Like Summer

Everyone that comes to this site surely knows my obsession with Aussie guitar pop, and particularly the classic sounds of the 80s stuff; you know, the Go-Betweens and the like. Well, this last week, another act that represents the highs of that era re-issued their 1987 single “Coming Like Summer.” Rabbits Wedding, immortalized in the No One Ep from the Cannanes (1987), this week reissued their classic single, and of course, I swoon the way you get to hear that heavy acoustic guitar strum. They include some nice synth washes to build in the tension, then those softened vocals and careful backing notes complete the picture, making this a track worthy of revisiting on this Monday. You can also check out a live version of the band in this CLIP.

Sunbeam Sound Machine Shares Creatures

Just last week we were sharing a track by Snowy, nodding to his production work the last few years in his downtime with Pop Filter and his own Snowy Band…and today, he pops up on the mixing duties for a new tune from Sunbeam Sound Machine. His 2019 album Goodness Gracious built a huge audience for Nick Sowersby, and while those tunes illustrated the broad brushstrokes he’d apply to his craft, this new track completely opens up a more meditative state. His vocals operate over steadied guitar lines, flirting with a dreamier nature, but mostly ringing out like some mysterious Wyld Stallyns song for the future. That lead guitar eventually takes the song for a walk, weaving in and out of the meditative ring, sinking the song further into this sort of ethereal landscape. Look for this on the new Soft Signal EP, out Friday.

New Music from Snowy Band

If you follow bands like Pop Filter or the Ocean Party, Snowy Band should be familiar to you (or if you read the production notes on all your favorite Aussie acts). If not, check out this brand new single from Snow Halliwell’s project, coming with the announcement of Age Difference, a new LP. There’s a calmed subtlety here, almost fragile with the recording capture the fingers moving up and down the frets; Snowy’s voice is barely above a whisper, though as it pulls you in, you start to hear a little bit more of the musicality seep through your speakers. Backing vocals from his bandmates lift the emotional element, then piano notes tickle your fancy and string arrangements continue to flesh the song’s entirety. Age Difference will be out on July 19th via Blossom Rot Records.


Cong Josie Drop New Single + Split with Hearts and Rockets

It’s Monday, and I’m a wee bit groggy from a late evening, but this new hit from Cong Josie is starting to wake me up just a little bit here. It’s got this stuttering beat, which honestly reminds me of some of later Liars stuff (or Austin’s Font); that magical pulse gets your body in motion, while the vocals crawl out from the depths of the groove. Those vocals at times seem almost swirling, which creates this disorienting effect, letting you completely just get lost inside. If you’re digging this, there’s a new split 7″ with Hearts & Rockets via Psychic Hysteria available now!

Alluvial Nuggets Share Whistling Song

Ever listen to a song that just makes you feel good, even though you can’t put that feeling into words? Today, that’s the new track from Alluvial Nuggets, which is the second single from their forthcoming slef-titled debut. There’s this chugging movement in the guitar play, a bit of swagger that has you rocking back and forth. But, it’s muted, so the snapping of the drums lets you bounce your toes. A few of the guitar lines dip their toes into modern psychedelia, yet even as you think the band’s going that route, they spin in a bit of twangy melody into the chorus, only to let that moment boogie you towards the close. A lot of musical nods, but ultimately just a rad bop. Alluvial Nuggets is out in June via Lost and Lonesome.

Cool Aussie Jams: Hooper Crescent + Sachet

I bought a ticket to the mental struggle-bus last week, so didn’t have a solid albums of the week to run, though there were definitely some things I would have turned you onto, from my end. Both of the below Aussie outfits have already popped up on our end, but we wanted to make sure you got some stream info…with a moderate two cents…you know, to make up for my error.

Sydney’s Sachet dropped their excellent The Seeing Machine, which opens with “Crushing Whims,” which has been on a steady rotation throughout; I’d jam to the EP on this track alone. Personally, Lani Crooks vocals win on every single track; it feels like a new voice that’s begging to be your new best friend. It’s available now from Tenth Court.

Then you’ve got Brunswick’s Hooper Crescent who bring a bit of math-iness to post-punk, creating a sound that definitely bubbles with creativity. It’s a frantic bit of jittery rock n’ roll, with each track offering a different side of the rock n’ roll trends. Grab the Essential Tremors LP from Spoilsport Records.

Baby Blue Drop Human Race Single

I loved the first track from the forthcoming Baby Blue LP, and now there’s another one that feels like a stoned bit of sunny pop. You can hear the sun shining through the structure of the guitar lines, but the steadied beat of the drums keep the track locked into this sedated pace. That crafted weariness seems to perfectly connect with Rhea Caldwell’s lyrics as she seems exhausted by the existence of the human race…and sadly that’s a feeling a lot of us align with, so you find yourself sinking into the song as it chugs along. They’ll be releasing Of My Window via Lost and Lonesome on April 17th.

Parsnip Announce Behold + Share The Light

I thought I was totally sold on all the hot tracks for today, when out of nowhere, Parsnip sneak in a brand new single and album announcement…the first new stuff we’ve heard from the band in some time. They don’t seem to skip a beat, operating as a psychedelic jangle rock tour de force. Sure, the guitars dance and shake, but there’s this purring from beneath that gives the group a more fuzzed out vibe; I still find that rather intoxicating as the vocals only build in the textural groove that leaves the group with this insatiable quality that’s going to have you rushing to pick up their new LP. Behold is out on April 26th via Upset the Rhythm and Anti Fade Records.

Cool Sounds Return with Bugobeat

Danis Lacey flipped the script on all of us with Like That, the 2022 LP that saw Cool Sounds moving away from a very run-of-the-mill Aussie sound into something with a bit more groove, a bit more funk. So, as we listen to the first single from the BUG0BEAT EP, it makes complete sense that Danis is pushing the oddities of funk just a little bit more; you can particularly hear the way the guitar lines and keys are shifted atop one another to kind of craft this dense dance groove. Personally, I love how there’s some middling guitar work that’s sort of the tether between the early days of the project and present funk. Chapter Music will be putting the BUG0BEAT EP out on March 1st.

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