Qozy Share Pieces, Release Sleep Over EP

Qozy released the Sleep Over EP last week, and it took me a minute to catch on, but as I did, I reckoned there were a handful of folks would be like-minded. Of the handful of tracks on the EP, “Pieces” is one that I keep gravitating towards, particularly as it keeps providing this warped vision that seems to kind of hang on the edges of my own sanity. You’ll hear the song warble a bit, as if the tape was deteriorating and creating this fade in and out. Sitting carefully in the center are the vocals, with lyrics written by Qozy’s dceased friend; it adds a harrowing detail to an already subdued vibe, letting you fully immerse yourself in the tune. The Sleep Over EP is now available, so jump right on in!

Half of a Rainbow Shares Morning on the Edge of the World

For all the hype and adoration of bedroom pop as a genre, there are really very few folks who manage to capture the sincerity of the style, which is why I’m gravitating towards Germany’s Half of a Rainbow. It’s the bedroom project of Johannes Harder, who takes nods from the likes of Sebadoh or early GBV, although I hear some of the grandiose nods to Stephin Merritt in the way vocals come across at times. This one burns slow, rising to this swelling pop apex that’s completely won me over this morning. Look for a debut release from the German artist next week!

Starman Jr. Shares Bad

There are a ton of artists who claim bedroom pop ethos, and while I generally like those, there are only a few that really capture that sentiment in its entirety. Starman Jr. is one such artists, crafting quite pop tunes that tug at you, begging you to just immerse yourself in a good headphones and pillow listen. There are even some vocal notes that sound like early Elliott, which I’m definitely not against. The Louisiana artist has tons of similar tunes, just waiting for you to fall into that listening hole, which seems like an apt way to spend your upcoming Bandcamp Friday.

Loops & Loops Share Doesn’t Matter

A few weeks ago we ran a new track from Peter Bogolub’s project Loops & Loops, and now I’ve got another track you might enjoy today. This one has a similar guitar that creates this sort of openness, but instead of letting the song meander into the sonic landscape, Bogolub employs catchy beats on loop with handclaps to really pull on the listener’s need for fun. There’s a slight little speed pick up in the chorus that serves to give the song that perfect wrinkle that elevates it above a lot of other lo-fi bedroom pop of the moment…I mean, for me anyways.

His His Shares In the Wind

The air in Austin got a little crisp overnight, and with a holiday break on the horizon, well, my students are mentally already there. So, to prepare myself, I needed something a little soothing and calm, which is great because I’ve been sitting on this great new His His tune for a few days now. There’s something in the guitar play that recalls Kings of Convenience, but it also has this unique knack of adding in these little bedroom pop details that elevate the tune. It’s one of those songs you just want to sit with for a bit, kind of ride out the storm of your life with the track lurking in the background.

The Sheeps Share BBI (These Days)

Long ago the Sheeps were part of the Austin scene, though they’ve since moved on to North Carolina; its a bummer that they’re not, as I’m pretty sure I’d be fighting off folks to release their music. They’ve got this sort of timeless pop vibe going through their tunes, something you’d expect to find going on in a hazy den somewhere in the late 60s. Of course, the band’s indifferent to your presence, so locked into what they’re doing here, offering a heavy croon and some poppy backing tracks to lift it up a bit into that sort of nu-paisely style. This track just sort of feels like I need it right now, like we all need it…or at least that’s where my brain is at!

Pansy Share Trash Single

You ever stumble upon a song that just seems like it ties all the loose ends in life together? Well, as I’m writing that, this new track from Pansy seems to completely just fit every mood and every thought. It’s not even about the lyrical content, though there’s some resonation there too, but more so about the general feel of the tune; it makes me feel connected to myself in some manner that I’m struggling to fully explain. Vivian McCall shares this intimate number, and it borders on dramatic bedroom pop and quieted slowcore. It just makes everything feel right, so if you or someone you know just needs that, then turn them onto this tune. If you dig it, Pansy will be released by Earth Libraries on April 2nd.

Give Foliage a Listen

Somehow this new Foliage LP skipped by my usual listening rotation, but I’ve really been enjoying the whole the self-titled record. Manuel Joseph Walker is crafting these dreamy pop numbers, often woven around gratifying little hooks looped together. One of my favorites on the most recent LP is this upbeat jam, “Industry.” It’s got this heel-kicking toe-tap to it, while Walker’s get layered upon each other building in this warm texture that adds depth to this nostalgic pop bent; I’m just a huge sucker for the tones of the guitar on this particular tune. It’s Friday, you like new stuff, so give it a listen.

Birdspotter Drop Gusty Album

I’m not going to lie, today’s going to be a weird day for me; I’m returning to my classroom to teach with students for the first time in over 7 months. So, I needed something calming to get me started this morning as I prepped mentally, which is why this new record from Philly’s Birdspotter is perfect. The entire listen is filled with these subtle little bedroom pop tunes, little pop earworms that creep into your brain and make everything else irrelevant. At times, the tunes are quiet and intimate, other times you get what I’ve chosen for you below, just the slightest uptick in energy as the guitar lines weave in and out of your speakers. Happy Monday to us all, right? The Gusty LP is available via Z Tapes!

Sumos Share Quiet Place

Sumos was a bedroom project, and then it was a band, and now it’s been forced to return to the bedroom. But the songwriting hasn’t suffered one single bit, pushing you right into the bounding rhythm, encouraging a little day time frolic in the confines of your work space. Rhythm means little, however, if its not wrapped up with a nice little melodic bow, caught here with these lightly jangling guitar notes and really soft vocals, the perfect indiepop meld. It’s a light-hearted way to kick on into the work week, whatever that means, but at least you can do it with a good tune?

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