Last Week’s Jams, Today (6.13 – 6.17)

Well, we wrote up at least 25 fresh tracks last week, many of which we purposefully tried to make sure weren’t on all the other cool kid sites. That also might be why we missed a few that you’d expect us to cover. It was great to hear Cool Sounds taking some new risks for their new LP, plus we made sure we had that new Mary Onettes tune right up there. And, our old friends Big Bill dropped a new record, so we wanted to remind you of their gifts…and then, there were loads of other songs, meant to get you through those early Monday morning blues without having to think too much about what you’re listening to all day…just know it’ll be good.

Stream Big Bill’s Public Freakout Compilation

Long long ago, in a city far far away, we dropped a few 7″ from Austin punk heroes, Big Bill. The band has since gone on to bigger and better things, with their latest album Public Freakout Compilation dropping last week. The band are still working with off-kilter time signatures, perfect for the unique vocal delivery of singer Eric Braden. I will say that there’s a softening in the band, particularly when you get to tracks like “Almost Everybody,” as the band are clearly no one-trick pony. I stand by “Coma” being one of their best tunes, so go on and give the Public Freakout Compilation a listen to one our favorite bands over 25!

Alex Riegelman Shares I Don’t Know How to Care

As a member of Big Bill, you’d be forgiving for your misconceptions about Alex Riegelman‘s solo work, but with his latest single as a testament, it’s clear his musical touch goes far and wide. There’s definitely a playfulness in his vocal approach, and also perhaps in the song, which definitely ties back to the Big Bill lineage. But, at times he’s building these avant pop moments, akin to Of Montreal or Destroyer. Then the guitars jangle and the cymbal work comes fast, giving the song a little shimmy and a little set up that comes crashing in like an anthemic pop rock chorus that erupts for the audience. Be sure you’re all caught up on your required Alex Riegelman listening; he’s all over the place, in the best sort of way!

New Music from Alex Riegelman

Are we Alex Riegelman stans? Uh, you bet we are! And why wouldn’t we be, as Alex is one of the kind souls of Austin’s music scene…and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of his songwriting ability. On his latest single “Once” you get to hear the other side of Alex (who stars in Big Bill), as he’s offering up this shuffling little pop number, fueled by these lightly jangling guitar riffs and uplifting synth lines. Honestly, the star, for me, is Alex’s vocal performance; I thought his opening verses were great, but then he erupts to let his pipes soar along with his guitar chops! Damn, that breakdown in the song’s close is stupendous. Get you some Alex!

Big Bill Share Coma Single

This past Friday our good friends in Big Bill released the stellar new single, “Coma,” which we wanted to delay so as to offer you up something delicious on Monday morning. While Eric Braden’s distinctive vocal delivery is omni-present, the mono-syallbic burst at the 37 second mark (and repeated later) is a sure-fire hook. What’s most impressive to me is how furious the band seems to be here; they’re playing with this angular jackhammering, more emphatic and rocking than ever before. All of this gets tied together with time changes matching up with Eric’s syllable play in the lyrics…one of the band’s signatures. Don’t miss out on this Jon Lovitz approved hit!

Alex Riegelman Shares Animal Ending Video

This past February our friend Alex Riegelman, known about town for his role in Big Bill, dropped this incredible “Animal Ending” single; he’s now sharing the video version of the tune. The video encapsulates Alex’s playful side, featuring a hunter hunting and being hunted, or at least that’s what we might be led to believe. Musically, I’m still in love with this song, and I honestly have no way to really put his sound into words; it feels like something Paul Simon would be super into creating, but only if he was in some sort of death match with Nick Lowe…it’s all bright melodies and light-hearted euphoria, but with an uppercut of crunchy riffs and rock n’ roll flare. Come on over and dip your toes into the visually weird world of Mr. Riegelman, and stick around for the great tunes…with hopes of more on the horizon. Choose your streaming source HERE.

Alex Rieglman Shares Animal Ending

Our good friend Alex Riegleman is one of the members of our (and your) faves Big Bill. But, he’s been afforded the time to work on some tunes of his own, and we’d love to share one of those tracks with you today. The song doesn’t waste anytime pushing right into it, kind of like a classic rock meets Jeffrey Lewis; it employs traditional songwriting with Alex’s penchant for melody and creative wordplay. I love the heavy brief guitar solo in the tune’s middle, breaking up the style just enough to keep the song from growing stale. We’re always stoked to see what our friends are working on, aren’t you?

New Big Bill Jam

ATH Records alumi and favorite Austin rockers Big Bill dropped a new jam in your face on Friday, so in case you missed it…here we are. Those familiar with the band will no doubt notice that the song’s stripped of the band’s usual energetic pulse; this song feels more like the group’s narrating their lives as they mosey through the line at their “Company Picnic.” You even get little soundbites of water-cooler chatter, with the band making sure that every second of the song matters. So go ahead and indulge in a different side of the Bill, then go through their catalog and fall for the rest in all its absurdist glory.

Big Bill Share Death to the DNC

Our friends in Big Bill have long been concerned with societal values, and while that’s largely the message in their newest single, this one’s even more political in nature…a direct attack on the DNC. The song came to the brain of guitarist Cody whilst watching the Iowa caucus debacle…so the band rushed to record this catchy punk anthem for you as quickly as they could; this is a matter of national importance! So, while they work on their new album, they want you to hear this jam with all proceeds going to their chosen candidate, Bernie Sanders.

Synth pop from Masculine Pain

I want to be forthright and acknowledge that we’ve put out records by 2/3 of Masculine Pain (Big Bill/Literature/Tres Oui). That said, this trio has their pulse on their own brand of synth pop, crafting these seductive, nostalgic beats that are easily digestible, but primed for repeat plays. The band excels in the way they’ve layered the vocals throughout this tune; I think Eric’s voice is the perfect foil for Nate’s sweeping pop tendencies, particularly when they get into chorus mode…don’t be afraid to admit you’re swooning here. As of now, the band are just leaking out singles, so we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything else.

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