Long Winded Modest Mouse Show Preview

While The Moon & Antarctica is widely considered Modest Mouse‘s crowning achievement, there are some, like myself who consider The Lonesome Crowded West a near perfect album. Dropped in 1997, it didn’t make its way into my regular rotation until a year or so after. But, I was a fickle college music fan, gravitating to various bands and styles, then moving onto the next. Still, upon graduation in 2002, I packed my old Honda Accord with one of those traveling cases of CDs, a few packs of smokes and my sleeping bag…and I drove from Austin to my new home, Yellowstone National Park. It was that first 24 hour road trip that really made me indebted to that LP, so much so, that now, some 20 years on from that adventure, I can still recall every twist and turn of the songs, and every little nuanced moment where Modest Mouse made it into my life in those months. I’m fortunate to be able to catch the band touring behind the entirety of said LP here in Austin on Monday; tickets are SOLD OUT, so perhaps ask a friend..

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The Spits Return with VI

I’m always down to listen a new record from the Spits; it only seems fitting that they announce a new record during the month of October, as they’ve always had this sort of spooky element to their sound. Buzzing guitars drive the song, almost marching towards the track’s finished on the back of precision drumming. There’s this dense fuzz encircling this tune, building in that sort of suffocating feeling while the vocals howl from deep within the cavern of the song. Any day you get one new track from the Spits is a plus, but a second one can be heard hopping over HERE. VI will be out on October 30th!

Dream Pop from Zone Out

zoneoutIt looks like Deaf Ambitions are the newest hit-makers over in Melbourne, putting out some of our new favorites from Australia such as Cool Sounds (who I wrote about yesterday). Today, we’ve got this new Zone Out track from the label, which will be featured on the group’s upcoming album, Transience. This track is all about textures, melting beats and synth layers in order to create the backdrop for Ashley Bundang’s voice to do its thing. You’re going to find this song serving as the backdrop to the rest of your day; I just have that feeling for you. Look for the LP later this year.

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