Colatura Share Suffer Dude Single

Brooklyn’s Colatura return with their first piece of music since 2022 album, And Then I’ll Be Happy; it hits the perfect summer sentiment, at least when you’re looking at the sonics. Guitars shimmer and and shine throughout the background, building up this sort of mirage that one might find upon the ocean waters at midday. Lyrically, the song seems to have the narrator settling on being unhappy in a sense, preferring to stay inside when it’s the outside world that consistently seems to bring them down. Summer ripper with a sad sentiment spun into sugary pop for your enjoyment.


OK Cowgirl Shares Little Splinters

Sometimes the nostalgia bug can hit us all from time to time, and that’s the feeling I get when I listen to “Little Splinters” from Brooklyn based outfit OK Cowgirl. The track gives off a strong, late 90s alt-rock vibe with the distorted, power chord driven guitar and steady drum beat. Of course the vocals from Leah Lavigne provide an additional emotional force to be reckoned with throughout. Check it out and you’re welcome.

A debut LP from OK Cowgirl entitled Couldn’t Save Us From My Gut is due out August 16th via Easy Does it Records.

Slow Fiction Share Apollo

Brooklyn based outfit Slow Fiction made a strong impression on me right around this time last year with the release of their debut EP paired with some stellar SXSW performances last March. While band activity and news was limited since the spring, you had to think it meant they were hard at work on new material during the quiet period. Sure enough, news just came through that Slow Fiction have signed to the London based label So Young Records and will be releasing a follow up EP sometime this year. As we wait for a release date on the EP, the band has dropped this new single called “Apollo,” which is sure to wet your appetite for new material. It has a Strokes style NYC inspiration and can groove with the best of them while still having that haunting Slow Fiction sound.

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming EP as it comes in.

New Double Single From Omat

New York City based indie label Fire Talk has long been one of our favorite sources for new and upcoming bands both in the NYC area and throughout the country. Over the last year or so, the label has been dropping a ton of new and unreleased tracks from bands not necessarily on their main outlet via the imprint Open Tab. You can spend your day checking out all those tunes, but also put some heavy focus on these two new ones from the Brooklyn based band OMAT. Both have a heavier focus with a sort of post-grunge inspiration and straight badass vocals from leading lady Dharma Ramirez. Dig it.

Check Out A New Single From Snailosaur

Brooklyn based group snailosaur hit our radar back in April with the release of their debut self-titled EP. Since then, we haven’t heard much from the brotherly duo until today with the release of yet another stunner with this new single called “Apartment Boxes (nyc poem).” This one hits me as a tune with a very intricate and deliberate instrumentation similar to a band like The National paired with the deepest of deep vocals akin to someone like Bill Callahan. It comes across as something immediately familiar, but also unique to the band and their layered sound.


Indie Rock Gem From Tennis Courts

Though they may hail from Brooklyn, the songwriting duo of Patrick Walsh and Andrew Clarke certainly show some Southern Rock twang in their sound as the musical group Tennis Courts. Take this new tune “Jamie’s Party,” as an example with its indie rock meets Americana vibe to it. Think a band like Young Buffalo or Band of Horses but with a more classic rock structure to the song. Whatever you like to call it, I’m sure you’ll find it catchy as hell.

This track is the first single from the upcoming debut LP due out sometime this fall.

Certain Times Share Today Tomorrow Always

The husband and wife duo Certain Times have deep ties to the Atlanta music scene, but as they’re currently residing in New York, they’re likely to encounter a bit more anxiety; it’s hard to ignore it just stepping out the door, but its all how you cope with it that makes you a New Yorker I reckon. So, what do two musicians do other than dive into writing music to cope with those anxieties and their new surroundings? You’ll hear a fairly cathartic formula here, blasting synth stabs to line up with the punch of the vocal work. There’s some textural vocal layerings as well, adding an extra layer of depth as they build a more complex vibe in the electronic pop realm. The duo will release Desire on June 9th via Double Phantom Records.

Guy Blue Shares No Other Life (Without You)

Who doesn’t just love a tune that tugs on your heartstrings? What about a dreary voice that feels beautifully pained? Well, I do, which is why I love the latest single from Guy Blue. The project is centered around low-key electro-pop bits, and for my two cents, it sounds like a happier version of Stephin Merritt, a voice weighted by emotion trying to find the bright side in this world. It seems so simple in its presentation, but its dripping with musical rewards for those willing to let it wash upon your shores. You’ll find this single on the forthcoming Arms Wide EP.

The Angles Release All Your Life

With a few weeks until the release of the Angles self-titled debut, I couldn’t help but post this latest single, as it has the ability to really sneak under your skin. There was something in it that felt super nostalgic, like hints of Television, particularly in some of the vocal notes. But, there’s this knack for the melodies in this tune to supersede all that, and really allow you to get swept away in this joyousness that courses throughout. So, it meets me where I think I like to dwell, offering a bit of cultural cool alongside a bit of pop hooks. If you’re digging on it, The Angles is out on March 3rd.

Single Premiere: Slow Fiction Share Jericho

Brooklyn based outfit Slow Fiction stirred up a lot of buzz last year with a slew of singles released after forming at the start of 2021. What originally caught my attention was the absolutely superb rhythm section with badass drum work from Ryan Duffin. After that initial ear grabber, the band can offer a ton to like with repeat listens – restrained, yet a subtle hint of anger in the vocals, expert garage rock guitars, and an overall tightness and poppiness usually only seen in bands with many more years together. I think you’ll find this new single “Jericho” as a prime example of what the group has to offer. It’s part of the debut EP from Slow Fiction which hits the street tomorrow on all platforms.


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