Guy Blue Shares No Other Life (Without You)

Who doesn’t just love a tune that tugs on your heartstrings? What about a dreary voice that feels beautifully pained? Well, I do, which is why I love the latest single from Guy Blue. The project is centered around low-key electro-pop bits, and for my two cents, it sounds like a happier version of Stephin Merritt, a voice weighted by emotion trying to find the bright side in this world. It seems so simple in its presentation, but its dripping with musical rewards for those willing to let it wash upon your shores. You’ll find this single on the forthcoming Arms Wide EP.

The Angles Release All Your Life

With a few weeks until the release of the Angles self-titled debut, I couldn’t help but post this latest single, as it has the ability to really sneak under your skin. There was something in it that felt super nostalgic, like hints of Television, particularly in some of the vocal notes. But, there’s this knack for the melodies in this tune to supersede all that, and really allow you to get swept away in this joyousness that courses throughout. So, it meets me where I think I like to dwell, offering a bit of cultural cool alongside a bit of pop hooks. If you’re digging on it, The Angles is out on March 3rd.

Single Premiere: Slow Fiction Share Jericho

Brooklyn based outfit Slow Fiction stirred up a lot of buzz last year with a slew of singles released after forming at the start of 2021. What originally caught my attention was the absolutely superb rhythm section with badass drum work from Ryan Duffin. After that initial ear grabber, the band can offer a ton to like with repeat listens – restrained, yet a subtle hint of anger in the vocals, expert garage rock guitars, and an overall tightness and poppiness usually only seen in bands with many more years together. I think you’ll find this new single “Jericho” as a prime example of what the group has to offer. It’s part of the debut EP from Slow Fiction which hits the street tomorrow on all platforms.


Silver Liz Share High at the Gym

This week we finally get to hear the entirety of Silver Liz‘s new LP, It Is Lighter Than You Think, but before you dive into the whole thing, let’s have one more single to tease you. For me, this song’s dripping with 90s nostalgic alternative rock, somewhere in that middle ground between Weezer and Teenage Fanclub; they’re bringing in those heavily fuzzed riffs, though careful not to stray to far from the hook-laden center at the core of their songs. It’s a quick little blissed out rocker, built to let you shake those heavy locks atop your head as you band your head! If you’re digging, go stream the whole album!

Fixtures Return with Jimmy Needs the Money

With nods to an old school style of rock n’ roll, it looks like Brooklyn’s Fixtures are ready to finally bring us their debut full length LP. Their lead single is a nice little introduction to what’s in store, offering a steady bit of rock swagger; it drips with cool, slowly shaking those hips with some dual vocal harmonizing. But, where you’ll fall in love is when the song hits the turbo button, blasting a bit of hook-laden noise into your ears during the chorus; it swirls with this sort of cacophony, but ultimately warms you with its ties to a central melody. The band drop Hollywood Dog this February via the ultra-reliable Bobo Integral.

Hazy New Single From S.C.A.B.

Just like many bands in 2019/2020, Brooklyn based group S.C.A.B. was hit pretty hard during the dark times of lock down/quarantining. In 2019, the band released their promising debut album Beauty & Balance, but unfortunately couldn’t do much to tour or continue or promote. Well the band pressed on and managed to record a whole new set of songs as part of their upcoming sophomore, self-titled LP. New single, “Why Do I Dream of You” shows a sludgy meets haze brand of indie rock which might be for fans of Deeper with a hint of New York Garage rock. Welcome back dudes.

Pre-orders for the upcoming S.C.A.B. LP, due out November 11th, are live now.


Certain Times Drop Power Video

If, like me, this Tuesday feels strangely like a Monday, then you need a definite pick me up, something that can put that bounce in the rest of your day. Well, might I suggest trying on this new track from Certain Times. This song is the A-side to their brand new single, and it has this heavy dance vibe, akin to the likes of Junior Boys, driving these punch beats through the speaker while the listener seeks out some melodic bits. Caitlin’s vocals on this one have a nice little sparkle too, and in a faint way, have this bit of disco enthusiasm shining through, giving off this sort of timelessness that will have you spinning in circles while you twirl about your pad relishing the joy running through your ears. Keep an eye out as they should have an LP ready for their label Double Phantom in the very near future!

Skinny Dippers Share Home Single

You’re in need of a shining bit of guitar pop to win you over? Something along the lines of Real Estate or the like? Well, then I advise you to listen to this new single from Brooklyn’s Skinny Dippers. This single feels like you’ve left town, windows down and the warmth of the day shining upon your face. I love when the voice of lead songwriter Ryan Gross combines with a female counterpart; in a strange way, it brings the indie innocence of the early 2000s, though perhaps I’m just easily charmed by harmonizing. Enjoy the sunshine vibes of this tune!

Silver Liz Share Unlikely Girl

As we move into the summer season, I start to indulge a bit more in my musical sweet tooth, which is great since there’s this new Silver Liz tune giving me my fix. “Oooh hooo” opens up the track, and instantly you’re sucked into that dreamy voice, intoxicated as it bends the notes around this very light jangle. Still, whilst loving it, I didn’t become addicted to this track completely until the moment where the band pull back the music and let Carrie Wagner’s voice continue to shine on its own, almost in that Hope Sandoval fashion…and each time the band employ that little trick I get a little weak in the knees.

Brand New Music from Phantom Handshakes

I was super in love with No More Summer Songs, the debut LP from Brooklyn’s Phantom Handshakes; they’ve just returned with this little pop delicacy to sneak into your day. Listening through, the musical elements feel really dense, but in a certain manner, they stay out of the way, letting Federica’s voice sparkle in the front of the mix. Having spent a lot of time with the band’s work, this might be her best vocal performance; she has masterful control over the melodic tones, letting them hang in the air as the guitars rise from behind to support. Flat out, the band rips. Plus, all digital sales have proceeds going to Emergency.

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