Brunch Shares Big Bird + Drop Parasocial

If you are living in the same head space as me, you likely hit the ground running today, only to crash a few hours later. I’ve been sitting back and relishing the latest track from Vermont’s Brunch, which is this slow churning bit of indie rock, perfect for trying to wrap your head around a Monday. There’s a mixture of guitar tones, some with fiery sharpness and others with a bit of a growl, all of it leaving plenty of space for the vocals to maneuver in and out of the foreground. All of it blossoms into a huge crash of noise, rustling the feathers of your neighbor if you turn it up just loud enough. If you’re digging on this, we suggest you check out Parasocial, the band’s latest release.

ATX Premiere: Here’s the Next Installment from Genuine Leather

genuineleatherEvery Friday since July we’ve been treated to brand new tunes from Genuine Leather…a new single for every week until you’ve heard them all! I love this one, as I think it shows the diversity of the project. They’ve dabbled in indie rock realms, but this one seems more like a pop influenced bit…filled with bubbling grooves while guitar strumming works just beneath the mix; it goes without saying, but the sonic palette has definitely been broadened on this number. Sounds like just another hit from the band’s next record, Brunch, which will be released with a celebratory showthat’s in the works.

ATX Spotlight: Genuine Leather Return

genuineleatherBands come and go in Austin, but you can stay around as long as you’re out there working hard, and often, playing your own game. This is much the case with Genuine Leather, who are set to release their 3rd LP this year; we’ve covered several of their earlier releases, so there’s no reason not to spread news on this one, especially considering the interesting fashion in which they’re choosing to release this one…a song a week for 16 weeks. This one channels a bit of Austinites Spoon, though with a bit more funk in it. I look forward to seeing where these guys go as they move forward towards the release of Brunch.

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Download Latest Single from S

jenngYou know what I respect about Hardly Art? They’re still down to give out a free download now and then.  They trust in their product; they know you’ll love what you hear, so you’ll pick it up from them.  So, with that in mind, they tossed up the newest tune from S, the project of Jenn Ghetto.  It’s much like her earlier singles, showing sonic similarities towards Tegan and Sara; no one is too cool to enjoy a great pop song…well, some of you are, but you’re probably not reading this. She’ll be releasing her album, Cool Choices, on September 23rd through the label; don’t be afraid to enjoy your day listening to this tune.


Download: S – Brunch [MP3]

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