Love This New Twerps Single

twerpsIt’s amazing what a little push from the big guys like P4K can do for a band; this new single from Twerps has blown up in the last four days with the “Best New Music” tag, and I couldn’t be happier for the band.  Ever since we first covered the act way back in 2011, they’ve brought this great calm to low-tempo pop music.  I love the littlest touches the band puts to finishing up each track, like adding a slight backing female vocal in spots…especially when the guitars ring a hint louder than normal.  All this points towards a sneaking suspicion that Range Anxiety is going to be a sure-hit for Chapter Music/Merge Records when the LP is released at the end of January.

Hear The New Kath Bloom Track

Hamblin (SE) - 4Connecticut Folk icon, Kath Bloom is back at it again, further continuing her 35 year long career. She’s got a new album for the first time in five years that’s set to be released in February of 2015, and we’re lucky enough to have a track from that record to share with you below. “Criminal Side,” off the forthcoming record, Pass Through Here, has this sort of patchwork feeling to it, where the emotive quality of Bloom’s warbling vocals come together with the acoustic guitar and the gentle oohs in the background to form a folksy, yet powerful track. Enjoy the track below and get ready for the new album out soon on Chapter Music. 

Fresh Tunes from Dick Diver

dickI fucking thought the hits from Wednesday were solid, but I’m stoked with the tunes I’ve got for you today, especially this new Dick Diver tune.  The Aussie outfit has long been one of my favorites (I might have even been their first US supporter, maybe!).  They’ve just offered up this great new single, which actually shows the band with a poppier and more forceful tone, which could come from the fact that the band is working with lyrics co-written by poet Michael Farrell; it could lead to some incredible things on their new LP, Melbourne, Florida (I’d like to state for the record that I once drank too much Kentucky Deluxe by the case in that odd beach town). The album will see the light of day in early March via their long-standing label Chapter Music and new US rep, Trouble In Mind Records.

New Twerps Tune for You

tewerepThere are some bands you just can’t get enough of, and, for me, that band is Twerps.  Any time they have something to offer, I clamor to get my hands on it.  So today, we’re tossing up this next tune from the Aussie group, in advance of their next album, Range Anxiety.  This tune take up the same emotional appeal as earlier work, though many people might be a touch surprised at the lead vocal role going to Jules on this number.  Still, the guitar work, as always, is sublime, working somewhere in the vein between jangling and drifting; it creates a lush bit of pop.  Look for the new album on January 23rd via Chapter Music/Merge Records.

Jonny Telafone Readies New Album

the prayerChapter Music always has the pulse on what’s going on over in Australia, and they’ve been working with some great R&B influenced acts, such as Jonny Telafone. This new single from his upcoming LP starts off really slowly, working mostly with his voice and some atmospheric undertones.  But, the beats burst in and the song just takes off into this heavenly swirl of incredible club-friendly pop music.  You can also check out this great video for the tune, which may or may not be NSFW; it’s after the jump, HERE. Look for the new album, Romeo Must Cry in early 2015.

Brand New Tune from The Stevens

steveIn case you were one of those unfortunate souls who missed out on the glory that was The History of Hygiene, then first listen to this delightful new song from The Stevens.  We got glimpses of this sort of pop on their debut, but this track shows such growth and perfection that it’s hard to even really see them as the same group. When the world looks back in 20 years on the history of Australian pop music, they’ll start to look at Chapter Music as the purveyors of all great things; they’re the label releasing this delectable single. Perfect way to wrap up your Friday afternoon.  Then you can also go pick up their LP; you deserve it.

Playful Pop from Andras & Oscar

cafeIt’s already been a pretty great week for Chapter Music, with some great coverage for the excellent Geoffrey O’ Connor album, Fan Fiction, but they’re back with a curveball for you…a good one.  The Australian label known for being on the front lines of exporting great tunes has traditionally brought guitar based tunes our way, yet today they announced the singing of Andras & Oscar, a a danceable duo.  The first single comes without much pretense, instead choosing to rely upon a solid vocal hook that’s got a great beat to stand behind it. You’ll be nodding and grooving for the rest of your day I swear.  Check out their Cafe Romantica album when it’s released by the label in October.

Another Great Track from Laura Jean

laurajeanI’ve written about the work of songwriter Laura Jean on several occasions, and she’s back with a real winner today.  This is her second single from her upcoming self-titled album; it’s also the best track I’ve heard from her (not that I don’t adore the others).  There’s a gentle touch to her playing on this tune, almost playful, which suits the vocal tones extremely well.  You think Jenny Lewis can write songs like this? I’m thinking no, which is a strong step forward for LJ.  Look for her album on August 22nd from the reliable Chapter Music.

New 7″ Coming from Dick Diver

artworks-000079121481-wi9lee-t500x500Australia’s Dick Diver have long been one of my secrets, but it seems that they’re getting their deserved accolades; it will only continue once people spend time listening to their latest single.  It’s the A-Side to their New Name Blues 7″, which is being released by Fruits and Flowers.  I think the guitar work on this track is some of their best, while the craftsmanship still revolves around their usage of male/female vocal interplay.  If you didn’t listen to their record, Calendar Days, which was on Chapter Music, then perhaps this will convince you where you went wrong.  Give a spin.

New Music from Laura Jean

laurajeanAfter a rather quiet beginning to 2014, Chapter Music is gearing up to finish the year in strong fashion.  We shared a track from Geoffrey O’Connor last week, and now we want you to take a look at Laura Jean.  The construction of this track is quite careful, with barely any pace at all to it.  Such an approach allows for LJ’s voice to shine brightly, with a little bit of accent from her friend Jenny Hval.  as the instrumentation begins to build you find yourself completely wrapped up in the realm Jean has created with her vocal performance. This is the first single off her up-coming self-titled album, which will see a street release date of August 22nd.

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