New Music from Geoffrey O’Connor

GeoffO024When I first met Geoffrey O’Connor he was fronting the Crayon Fields, who remain one of my favorite acts.  He was polite, yet possibly a bit timid.  However, as his solo career has blossomed, he’s become increasingly confident in his songwriting, leaving his audience with elegant pieces of pop music coated in synth work.  I dare say that this new single is easy listening, both in style and emotion; you can listen anywhere with a smile on your face.  It’s the second single from his new album, Fan Fiction, which will come your way via Chapter Music on August 8th.

New Tune from The Stevens

stevensNot too long ago The Stevens released their debut EP via Chapter Music, and now that you’ve had time to absorb that gem, we’ve got a brand new song from the Aussies.  With fresh news that the label will be releasing their first full length, A History of Hygiene, it seems only fair that we accompany such great news with this scrappy pop number. I like the bouncing rhythm that is immediately established by the drumming, and the slight bit of echo on the vocals.  When gang vocals ring, the track really hits its stride, stepping in line with the ringing guitars.  The album will be available on November 1st, finishing off a great 2013 for the band…and you.

Primitive Calculators Announce First Ever Studio Album

artworks-000058441990-g0deq8-t500x500Some bands are destined to disappear into the annals of history, while others will find that their style has influenced many other, or at least left a long-lasting impact.  Such is the situation for Primitive Calculators, the Aussie act that disappeared in 1980 until Nick Cave asked them to play his own curated ATP.  Luckily for those in search of industrial synth, the band have opted to release their fist studio album with our friends Chapter Music.  If you’re looking for an album title that represent the sentiment behind the music, then look no further than The World is Fucked.  It will see a release on November 1st, offering up discordant synth noise for you to absorb.

New Single from The Ancients

LLB_8171MID.2If you want to vote for International Label of the Year, on the small scale, then you’ll probably be looking right at Chapter Music; the Australian folks have pumped out great band after great band in 2013, and they don’t aim to stop with the release of the next LP from The Ancients.  Their third album, Night Bus, will be released by the label on October 18th. If you need something that holds the warmth of creativity, yet still appeals to your search for catchy hooks, then you needn’t go any further than this single. Personally, I’m feeling drawn to the fuzzy sound of the guitars throughout, though the vocals are quite pleasant too.  Give it a whirl.

New Hit from Geoffrey O’Connor of Crayon Fields

My adoration with Geoffrey O’Connor admittedly began with his work with geoffCrayon Fields, one of our favorite exports from Australia.  But, that being said, I’ve also really enjoyed the work he’s done solo, so it comes as no surprise that this new single is making my day.  His warm voice is placed over heavy electronic beats, alongside a female counterpart for the chorus.  Personally, I like the way his voice almost approaches a soft whisper; it’s one of the things that makes his music so interesting and enjoyable.  This is the first single that follows up his solo debut, Vanity is Forever (a must have). It’ll be released worldwide via Chapter Music.

Another Hit from Darren Sylvester

darrenFeel like we’re in need of something smooth as we head into the weekend, which is why this new single from Darren Sylvester is perfectly fitting.  While I think the musical element definitely falls in line with modern music trends, I like the way that Sylvester delivers his vocals. There’s a slight imperfection to his voice, which, when contrasted with the vocals, makes the song something that stands out from the ordinary.  You can find this track on his upcoming album, Off By Heart, which will hit the street on October 4th courtesy of the kindest people in the biz over at Chapter Music.

More New Music from Bushwalking

BWPhotoMEDLess than a month ago we hit you with the beautiful, yet darkened, pop of Bushwalking.  They’re back again, this time with a more emphatic punch to their art-rock sound.  The guitar playing on here really excites me, occasionally going out of tune.  I love the way they seemingly work against the vocals, yet all tie in together nicely.  It’s still has this gritty edge to it, though this song might be a tad bit more accessible.  It doesn’t really matter in the end, as the group are racking up enthusiasm for their new record, including the kids here at ATH.  You can pick up their album No Enter on September 6th courtesy the hard-working (and lovely) guys of Chapter Music.

Chapter Music To Release New Record from The Ancients

the-ancients.2Seems like it’s been a good couple of weeks for our dear friends over at Chapter Music in Australia.  They let loose a few hits late last week, and they’re right back at it with the announcement that they’ll be putting out the new album from The Ancients. While the song warms to your ears slowly, the beauty that unfolds is something quite remarkable.  Be it the effortless pop vibe or the gentle delivery of the vocals, it’s a song that really deserves as much praise as you can offer.  It’ll be featured on Night Bus, which sees an October 18th release date.  Chapter deserves awards this year for sure.

Chapter Music Releases Two New Singles

chaptermusicLong ago, due to my adoration of Crayon Fields, we made friends with the guys at Chapter Music.  In the last few years they’ve released hits from Twerps, Dick Diver, and many more, so we’re pleased to share with you their two new singles from this week.  The first is from Darren Sylvester, a visual artist in Australia; his album Off By Heart is released on October 4th.  Then, there’s Bushwalking, a post-rock trio with an arty sound; they’ll release No Enter on September 6th.  Enjoy these two tunes, then go browse the Australian label’s catalog for more undiscovered hits.

Welcome Back: The Cannanes

cannanesAfter more than a decade, we are happy to see that The Cannanes are fully back with a brand new full-length.  They teased us recently with an EP, but now they’ve announced Howling at All Hours will be released by our really good friends over at Chapter Music.  I’ve always appreciated the vocal delivery in their songs, which sort of remind of the way Ian Dury delivered his lyrics, although The Cannanes seemed to have a little bit more sensibility, employing backing lyrics to add a balance. You can get your copy at your local store on July 5th, adding to the great releases by Chapter this year (see Dick Diver).

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