Another Tune from Les Bicyclettes de Belsize

It looks as if Les Bicyclettes de Belsize are preparing another release in the near future, as we’ve gotten two new tunes bubbling up from their soundcloud page, though I haven’t seen much else. Still, listening to this new single, it’s the sort of folky chamber pop that first brought me to the fragile side of indie pop. It’s got striking arrangements, with added string work and the careful placement of vocal accompaniment in all the right places; the song’s completeness creates the perfect sense of yearning that I always associate with this genre. Another striking piece from Charlie Darling and company. Hopefully we hear news of a release real soon!

Les Bicyclettes de Belsize Return with New Single

I honestly know very little of Les Bicyclettes de Belsize, aside from the fact that its Charlie Darling’s (formerly of Taxi) project, though he switches between his given name and this moniker. This track kind of popped up out of nowhere, with little fanfare, but dammit if its not the most strikingly beautiful piece of pop music. You’re going to love it if you like the nostalgic sounds of acts like Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness or maybe even the Pernice Brothers, delivering joyous pop that could easily lean into power pop territory if it ever wanted to amp things up! I’ll keep you posted if I hear more about this release.

Fresh Tunes from Charlie Darling

lesbicyCharlie Darling‘s work came to my attention when I came upon his indiepop project Les Bicyclettes de Belize, so I was really excited to hear what he was going to do with his solo work. He’s always carried this beautifully polished vocal, but the arrangements on this lead track are subtle and lush. Touches of bells and strings build the background into a swelling blast of careful pop music. All the tracks on his Moving Pictures EP sound like they were built perfectly to be tracked into a, well, moving picture. I think you’re going to enjoy these songs!

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