Equal Parts Share Debut Single

Australia has been kicking out rad jams all week long, and it looks like this new band Equal Parts is just adding to the brilliant hits coming our way. The band’s made up of members from CLAMM and Floodlights, so they’ve already got the pedigree to win us over here, but they’ve also got the musical chops to back it up. This track has the push and pull of an off-kilter post-punk piece, tugging at you with this driving rhythm, only to shove you forth with this emphatic backing call-and-response vocal approach. All the while, the band’s got faint backing vocals, mixed in with trumpet blasts and that angular explosiveness that makes the group one to keep an eye on today! This song comes our way courtesy of Tiny Town Records.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (7.25 – 7.29)

I don’t know if you guys noticed, but RayRay got a new gig, so he’s had tons more time to get some sweet jams up! It’s great, as we definitely have some crossover, but also our own styles, so our playlists are probably much more diverse! I mean, just last week he premiered new Mother Sun and Peter Matthew Bauer, while I was rocking the heck out of Almond Joy and The Smashing Times. I mean, there’s no winner, but you! We also were able to get some old friends on the pages with Why Bonnie and Cam Bina! So, happy Monday to us all!

CLAMM Share Something New

I remember when Iceage caught hold in the US, with everyone remarking about how Elias would stalk the stage, but, despite that attitude, the band never really felt dangerous to me (I still liked them though!). But, when listening to CLAMM, who bring in a heavy post-hardcore vibe, the band just feels dangerous. Jack Summers just feels like he’s ripping apart his vocals as he growls into the microphone, with Maisie emphatically joining through the chorus moments to punctuate the tune; it feels like a warning that we’re hurtling towards the end of humanity. The tune feels like a heavy march on your soul, discordant guitar work screaming all the while, and as the tune fades, you get that saxophone squeal leading to the song’s fadeout. Care, their new LP, will be out on April 19th via Chapter Music.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (6.6 – 6.10)

Pretty busy week over at ATH, jammed out to bunches of bunches of tunes, plus did a nice little quick wrap-up of what’s going on in the Austin scene. Our friends Dummy continued their world domination with their great new single from Sub Pop, plus we got some new tracks from forever faves Slow Rosary, Alex Dupree and Scarves…not to mention a bunch of newer acts we’re starting to fall in love with, like Blue Cove and Cusp. Check out the jams and enjoy your Monday my friends.

CLAMM Share Monday Video

If you’re feeling anxious, this new CLAMM thing is going to be the perfect catharsis or it’s going to set you off…either way, it’s a ripper that you should play at the loudest volume possible. Feedback and thunderous drum work open the song before this dangerously frantic guitar line starts to wiggle its way into the picture. That angular cut at such pace creates this sort of ominous bounce to it, setting up the double barrage of vocals we get from the trio here. They rip through, and the video adds an extra layer as they seem to be barking directly at us, only increasing the feeling of the knife’s edge that runs throughout the track. Their new album Care is going to blast into our lives on August 19th, courtesy of Chapter Music/Meat Machine.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (4.18 – 4.22)

Lot’s of really great stuff last week, so we’re here, as we always are, revisiting our coverage from last week, that way you can catch up…or at least have a sweet playlist to enjoy. Some cool new stuff last week from perennial favorites like Flasher and Say Sue Me, plus excellent news that there’s a new CLAMM record on the way. Plus, I hadn’t been to a traveling show, aside from SXSW, so I was stoked to get out of the house and catch Dummy absolutely rip over at Hotel Vegas, so I threw in a nice little jam from the band’s Mandatory Enjoyment. It’s Monday; here’s tunes you might have missed.

CLAMM Announce New LP, Care

Aussie trio CLAMM is an outfit that should already be on your radar, but if not, well, let us help make your day a bit louder…and better, of course. News hits today that the band will be releasing their new album, Care, and with that comes this thundering sonic assault on your speakers. It’s hard to ignore the hammering drums pounding through the speakers, as the guitar feedback opens up into this huge barrage of shredded noise. The vocals beckon you to join in arms, and with that, they explode into the chorus, rushed by explosive noise allows for musical catharsis, for band and listener alike. If your’e intrigued, Care is out on August 19th via Chapter Music.

Pleased to Meet You: The Belair Lip Bombs

Figured we’d spend a little time hanging out in Melbourne on the site today, so we’ll begin with a little love for The Belair Lip Bombs. At the moment, this single’s just a one off, and it’s self-released, though singer Maisie is currently on Chapter Music‘s roster with her other band CLAMM. So, this track we’ve got is sort of a classic college rock bop; it’s all begun by a muted little riff and vocals running over a stomping beat that keeps the song in place. But, quickly the track erupts, detailing Maisie’s thoughts on the “confusion of relationships in your early twenties;” it bounces back and forth between forceful bursts of pop and steadied melodic charms. Honestly, despite the band’s Aussie locale, this feels very much in the vein of what you’d come to expect from a slew of pop rock acts in the States, so it should be universally loved. Play it a few times and tell me I’m wrong.

CLAMM Share Beseech Me Video

For those all about pigeonholing Melbourne’s music scene (yes, myself included), don’t forget to listen to CLAMM…in order to destroy both stereotypes and eardrums. When this song begins, the rhythm section immediately has you on edge, grinding your teeth, feeling nervous; skittering guitar licks don’t do much to settle you before Jack Summers begins his vocal tirade. Going through, I actually tend to gravitate towards the band’s use of space in the song; it allows for them to really keep that propulsive groove while letting the song and listener breathe. It feels like you’re on some runaway mine cart tunneling through the dark caverns of Earth, like Indiana Jones with a death wish; to be honest, that feels pretty great. The group release Beseech Me on April 9th via Meat Machine.

CLAMM Sign to Meat Machine

Started off my morning with one of those angst ridden ideas in my head about “teacher privilege” (a rant for another day), so I was browsing through, trying to get my angst out, and here’s this great new jam from Melbourne trio CLAMM. They’ve just signed on with Meat Machine to release their debut LP, Beseech Me; you can check the video below to hear what they’re all about! It opens with this squalling wall of guitars, sort of muddy in nature, which I actually love, as it doesn’t really build much pop sensation at all (I needed that this morning!). They smash through the song at breakneck speed, delivering vocals with stabbing screams that rip through your speakers. Cathartic in every way; the LP drops on April 9th.

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