Last Week’s Jams (1.22 – 1.26)

Another busy week, and 2024 is just chock-full of really incredible tunes. Some of my favorite acts like Rosie Tucker and Red Pinks and Purples popped up with fresh tunes to warm us over, so that was a bonus. Plus, the site got to hose a bunch of premieres from Jay Alan Kay, Ryann Gonsalves and Al Harper, hopefully turning you on to what we think is cool. Bubbling under are rad tunes from from Non La, True Green and Corridor…actually every tune we ran was kick ass! Plus, ATH Records dropped Vibrations Now from Fantastic Purple Spots, so you win by streaming below to catch the title track.

Corker Release New Single

Feel It Records was on a roll late last year, releasing tons of great new music for us…and now they’ve got Corker releasing a new single. It rips right through your speakers, offering up a brand of post-punk that feels sort of Marked Men adjacent, to me anyways. It’s got this natural pop sensibility, but it’s surrounded by this darkness as the band play into their own aspirations by driving the listener at a furious speed whilst piling on their disorienting vocals. It’s a quick little ride through rock n’ roll town, but if you’re definitely digging their Falser Truths LP from last year, this comes as welcome news to you.

Last Week’s Jams (8.21 – 8.25)

There continues to be an unreasonable amount of great music coming out nowadays, and I’m absolutely baffled at how it just never ceases; there’s been nothing but week after week of tunes for me to fawn over. This week’s a little all over the place, with a little bit of rock, a little bit of pop, a little bit of songwriter and back again. Wanted to begin with the great cover of “Rock n’ Roll” by the Feelies, then jump right into some of my favorite tracks of the week. I mean, new Tony Jay and Red Pants make all of us winners. Plus, there’s a new Lewsberg tune floating about, which I definitely have included in other playlists. And, I got back on that review game with a track by track breakdown of Holy Wave’s latest. So spend some time looking back at last week!

Corker Share Molotov Single

I have a feeling today’s going to be a nice little 13 hour day at work, so I’m going to use this new Corker track to give us all that extra boost of energy, drawing from the fiery nature of the song’s title. You could toss the track under post-punk pretty easily, if you’re just focusing on the vocal delivery at the start; it’s not a bad starting point, but the band take that and turn it into something a tad bit more industrial and dangerous in nature. There’s moments when the guitar seems completely out of sorts, like its a train broken loose from the tracks hurtling towards you; the bass build in another heavy layer, making it difficult to breath, only for the vocals and drums to stomp in and kick that energy through your speakers. The band release Falster Truths on September 1st via Feel It Records.