Levoneh Shares A Song for Martin Selig

Wanted to toy with some space age folk vibes today, so we turn to Levoneh, the project of Ross Kirshebaum and friends. The band will be releasing their new LP, Ground, via Cruisin Records/Lost Sound Tapes in a few weeks, and this new tune illustrates how the project takes meandering folk tune and buries it all beneath layers of texture. At times, guitars bend or just vibrate on one note, adding this sort of jazziness; there are other moments where the percussion and atmospheric production toys with your mind, exploding before quietly receding to the background. Always enjoy adventurous brands of folk tunes! Ground drops on March 18th.

Premiere: Intimate Track From Loamlands

I am beyond pleased today to share with you a premiere of North Carolina based Loamlands new single “Soni Wolf Grandmother”. The track is a beautifully arranged, intimate, country tinged songwriter track sure to demand your attention in a subtle yet powerful way. Always vulnerable with her songwriting, lead singer Kym Register offers a personal take on her queer origin story and what life might have been like decades ago in a world with much less tolerance and acceptance. I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s powerful.

Loamlands will release new album Lez Dance on June 7th via Cruisin Records.

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