The Wedding Present Release 24 Songs

The Wedding Present is one of my favorite bands, period. They spent a lot of their 2022 dropping rad singles left and right, just knocking out bangers like it was no big deal. Luckily, if you missed out on those, you can now collect them all on one glorious compilation album titled 24 Songs. It features the following tune, with a nice vocal performance from Louise Wener of Sleeper; it’s one of the mellower tunes, reminding me of the Cinerama stuff that Gedge has done on the side. Anyways, never a bad day when you can get a Wedding Present tune up; 24 songs is out now in the UK, with a US version dropping on June 23rd via HHBTM.

There’s a Brand New Wedding Present Album!!!

weddingpresentOk, so this just completely made my day yesterday, and still carries that euphoria into today. I’ll go out on a limb and say that David Gedge is one of my favorite songwriters, whether in Cinerama, or in this case, The Wedding Present. I think he’s one of the most well-loved, overlooked songwriters around; he’s been doing it longer than most…and still is vital. They’ve just upped this video, which may or may not be part of the important visual aspect Gedge and co. are working into this album (read about that HERE). Regardless, this tune is wonderful, and his voice really sounds incredible. Probably going to play this song a hundred times today…you should too. It’s off the group’s new record, Going, Going, which will be out on September 2.

Cinerama vs the Wedding Present

the-wedding-present-valentinaI wish more people would talk about the Wedding Present.  David Gedge has long been a favorite of mine, and sometimes I feel like he slips under the radar.  But, he’s reviving one of his other projects, Cinerama, to spin the song’s from The Wedding Present’s last album, Valentina, in an entirely different manner.  Part of it is endearing, part of it is hilarious; it sounds like David’s doing his best Tom Jones impression…and it’s a damn good one. Gadgets voice will always have a special place in my heart. Listen below so you can compare and contrast the two versions before we get to hear it all reimagined; should be out this month.

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Download: The Wedding Present – Back A Bit…Stop [MP3]

The Wedding Present – Valentina

Rating: ★★★★☆

Eight albums into their career, or into the career of David Gedge, The Wedding Present are still just as strong as ever.  Gedge may not be one of the household names, but his band is well-regarded in most circles; Valentina is an album that will definitely sustain that status, and might even build a bit upon it.  In the end, who really cares as long as he’s still making great music.

“You’re Dead” begins the 8th studio recording with the formulaic drive that’s led me to fall head over heels in love with The Wedding Present; it begins with a quiet build-up, then blasts away during the chorus, giving us the loud element, then returning.  It’s back and forth, with Gedge’s discordant guitar ringing as loud as ever. What long time fans, and hopefully new ones, will adore is that his playful songwriting is still intact, including this song’s (and album’s) best lyric: “you appall me/okay, call me.”  Who says loud rock songs can’t be fun?

There’s a bit of a reservedness in Gedge’s writing this round, though the last while has seen him dabbling in such waters (Cinerama especially).  “Meet Cute” definitely isn’t a reserved quiet song, as the guitar’s do unleash that brash forcefulness I love, but something about it shows a bit more thoughtfulness in delivery of the vocals.  It’s interesting; the music is as loud as its ever been, but the lyrical content has the lovelorn DG at his best, providing what some might deem simple relationship wisdom–personally no one does it better!

Valentina still packs the punch you expect from a Wedding Present effort.  “Back a Bit..Stop” rings in your ears with that angular guitar playing from the moment you press play on the track.  This is the first time, too, that I really noticed the remarkable drumming on a Gedge album (not saying it’s ever been bad). Charles Layton pounds away to perfection, completing the band’s sound like you haven’t heard before. It’s definitely an added bonus to the entire listening experience.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the current Wedding Present line-up is how dynamic the group sounds.  Pepe le Moko’s female vocals, which Gedge has used in the past, still give an extra level to the sonic style of the group.  “Fidelio” is one such track where her playful backing vocals give an extra flourish to Valentina. And of course, the quartet still has those long burners that you adore, such as “Mystery Date” or “Dear Caught in the Headlights,” the former being one of the slowest burners you’ll find in David’s catalogue.  It would be interesting to see where they would all be now if the current line-up had started things initially.

The Wedding Present is perhaps one of my favorite groups, period.  Their songs appeal to me on the musical and lyrical level, which isn’t something I always get nowadays.  Sure, not every song here is a definite stand-out, but every single one is better (to me) than most of the other music that’s currently out there.  Valentina just proves what we all knew all along: David Gedge is simply incredible, and we should all be thankful he doesn’t seem interested in going away any time soon.


Download:The Wedding Present – You Jane [MP3]

Great New Track from The Wedding Present

As a music nerd, I’ll admit that my musical favorites always change. You know, the old Top 5 question, well, I change mine, but one constant that I swear will never go away is The Wedding Present and David Gedge.  His lyrical prowess always fascinates me, and I can’t say enough about his guitar playing.  We’re fortunate enough to offer up a nice stream of a new Wedding Present track from their upcoming album Valentina, which will hit stores in the US on March 20th.  One listen to this track and you’ll probably have to go check out the other 7 albums the band’s put out (not to mention Cinerama). They’ll also be playing SXSW this year, so be on the lookout. Going to be a great year for these guys–hope they bring vinyl.



FTC: The Wedding Present

There’s always been something about listening to The Wedding Present that made my life seem so relevant.  Perhaps it was the way Gedge told his stories, always aligning his first person narratives with my life, or at least seemingly so.  Of course, he also ran those buzzsaw guitars all over the place, furiously creating melodies out of nowhere.  I know I’m not the only fan of this band, as I clearly see their influence on many UK bands coming our way now.  Luckily, Gedge has opted to tour the world playing the band’s classic 1989 album, Bizarro.  You’ll have your chance to catch them next Monday at Emos.  For now, listen to this track, and tell me you don’t hear the group’s influence in every lo-fi guitar heavy track around today!  And, if you are looking for a little bit more pop, check out Gedge’s other outfit Cinerama, which also completely rules.


Download: The Wedding Present – Thanks [MP3]

Albums Of The Year: 15-1

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10/17 The Wedding Present @ Mohawk

Many in Austin seemed to have forgotten about the decades of hard work that David Gedge has put forth for our ears. Since 1984 he has consistently provided us with a plethora of guitar-driven pop music set to ideas of loss and love. Perhaps we consider it cliche now, but Gedge has been at the helm for a long time, and he brought his group The Wedding Present to the Mohawk Friday, October 17th. Follow the jump to read about the show.

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The Wedding Present – El Rey

Rating: ★★★★☆
Long ago David Gedge hung up The Wedding Present moniker in favor of Cinerama. Recently, as in the last three years, we have seen the return of The Wedding Present–with two proper albums added to their already glorious catalog. Honestly, this newest one is the best work I think he’s ever done.

Our first hint at a classic return to form is his usage of Steve Albini-famed sound engineer-the first time they have united together since 1991’s Seamonsters. The reunion brings across a brilliant sound, where the guitars are extremely clean, while also carrying with them fire power. Then you have the pounding drums; the perfect mix of instrumentation to accompany Gedge’s voice.

For me, all the music creates quite a dynamic power. Songs like “The Trouble with Men,” carefully play with the soft/loud dynamic that made bands like Death Cab for Cutie or Pinback your favorite. It’s the album we all have been looking for, but we just didn’t know that it was out there for us. Well, solid rock albums are back in these days-brought to you by David Gedge and The Wedding Present.

Lyrically, he is as clever as he has ever been. Gedge comes across in his lyrics like that endearing older sibling who always has the answers to life that we search for on our own. He wants you to feel his characters and his words–and you listen. Of course, he also manages to keep pop culture references abundant–such as the Seinfeld reference in the brilliant “Soup” or a quick jab with Spiderman. This all serves as a reminder why we all love lyrics like these. For me, he is the poor man’s Bob Pollard.

This album is meant to bring perfection to your sunniest days. It makes you want to drive around town-or walk since that helps keep you in shape-with the guitars blasting out of your stereo as you sing along to every single word, as if they were your words. Ask yourself, isn’t this the sort of record you have been looking for? Here you have it folks, the completely triumphant return of David Gedge and The Wedding Present.

Here we have a new song off the album el rey entitled “The Thing I Like Best About Him is his Girlfriend”

Download: girlfriend.mp3