Lust for Youth Drop New Single

I don’t DJ often, but when I do, it’s always got a Lust for Youth jam in there. The Danish outfit provide this heavy electronica, pulsing and dark, just like their newest single dancing down below. It’s their first work since their self titled LP from 2019, and they’ve trimmed the project down to just two members. But, just because their slimming down, doesn’t mean this song’s not heavy on the hooks, which is their pop specialty. I can just picture myself dancing in my won two-foot circle, air punching as glitter falls from the ceiling and this jams thumps through the speakers. Hopefully this signals more great new hits on the horizon.

Kindsight Share Love You Baby All the Time

One of my favorite picks from this year is the Swedish Punk LP from Danish outfit Kindsight. They’ve just returned with a fresh track that I probably want to play all weekend long, as its got that sort of presence you can’t escape. Nina’s voice has this power to it, which is on full display throughout the song, but the band sets her up to kind of rise like a sort of phoenix; they’ve got these stuttering guitar notes, quieted backing vocals and little nuance that completely fill your musical cup until its overflowing with the emotive vibe of the vocals. There aren’t a whole lot of folks doing it better than this lot right here; the single’s out today courtesy of Rama Lama Records.

Kindsight Share Queen of Cowboys

While we were hitting up SXSW, I missed this Kindsight tune…but, on the other hand, I did get to meet the incredibly kind folks who run the band’s label, Rama Lama Records. This new single doesn’t wait too long before rushing forward with precision drum work that encourages the song to playfully skip on while Nina’s voice churns the melody. At first, the guitar line is understated a bit, just hanging back, waiting for its turn to mix it up with the band, which it does as the tune erupts into chorus. This is indeed the perfect morning starter to your day, so you can’t get better than turning it up now. Swedish Punk, the new album from the Danish group, will be out Friday!

Kindsight Share Hi Life Single

Danish quartet Kindsight will be dropping their new full-length, Swedish Punk at the end of March, and they’re teasing us with another delightful single today. Nina Rasmussen dominates the verses, sneaking in with these vocals that feel like a sunnier Juliana Hatfield. But, for all Rasmussen’s endearing notes, the band still kick up some bite when you get to the chorus, shattering the pop faade with an emphatic burst of noisy fury; the drums pound and the guitars are nothing but sheer noise, with Nina cutting through it all. It’s a great mix, keeping Swedish Punk in my mind as the band’s breakthrough performance; it hits on March 25th via Rama Lama Records.

Kindsight Announce Swedish Punk LP

I hope you’ve clicked on this tune expecting a great bit of punk rock to come blasting through your speakers; Kindsight is going to let you down, but I’m still totally in love with this track. Immersing you immediately in this wash of distorted guitars battling with this melodic noodling note, it sets the scene for the entrance of Nina Hyldgaard Rasmussen; the song pulls back just a bit to let her establish control over the track. The empty space in the tune gets filled back with that heavy riff work, creating this composed nature balancing the melodies of Rasmussen’s voice with the band’s tendency to throw in a bit of blossoming noise. You can expect this perfect control of pop songwriting when the group drop their album, Swedish Punk via Rama Lama Records this March.

Holm Shares The Rope Single

I don’t know what it is about the latest tune from Yung frontman Mikkel Holm Silkjaer, aka Holm. There’s something that sounded so familiar in the opening minute, but the track kept kind of evolving, opening up these new layers that I couldn’t help but fawn over. There’s something in the chorus that reminds me a lot of Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington, so I kept diving in deeper to that moment, playing it again and again. But, I also hear bits of Brandon Flowers too in Mikkel’s voice, and you know what, it totally works. Plus, the guitar kind of dances all around the tune, jangling here, ringing out there, then breaking it all down as the track draws to a riotous close. Why Don’t You Dance is out January 28th via PNKSLM.

Kindsight Share Don’t You Grow Up Single

I’ve been writing about the stuff on Rama Lama Records for some time, and their newest singing Kindsight definitely has my attention today as they drop a brand new single. The track has these pop rock grooves, recalling the best days of early alternative rock from the early 90s…though updated with hints of jangle and bits of distortion. Still, the star has to be Nina Rasmussen, belting out these powerful notes throughout the song’s entirety. At times, she feels calm and rested, only to unleash these curling charms in the chorus that rise up and down in the most intoxicating fashion. Rumor has it that a debut is coming out next year!

Holm Share Intelligent Moves Single

We’re big fans of Danish outfit Yung, so we’re excited to see what Mikkel Holm Silkjaer brings to the table with his Holm project. On this latest single, there’s just this ringing guitar that seems to kind of take on that brand of post-punk we all adore. But, it’s Mikkel’s vocal delivery, particularly when it gets some backing vocal accompaniment, that really helps to deliver this melodic moment, albeit brief. For me, listening through, there’s all these little musical twists and turns too, which are great, because they’re illustrating the risks he’s taking in his songwriting…nothing seems overly formulaic, so I appreciate the freshness. Why Don’t You Dance is out on November 12th via PNKSLM.

Efterklang Announce Windflowers LP

I’ll admit, it’s actually been some time since I actually thought of Efterklang, though I’ll also add that they crafted one of my all time favorite jams, so they’re never too far away! Just yesterday, they announced a new record, and of course, the band continue to push the way they approach pop music. This song feels like it employs heavy sample work, or at least loops, letting the rest of the project add in these little layers, whether that’s dual vocal harmonies, laser sounds or woodwind notes; they just let things build and build, allowing you to sort of jump in where you see fit, immersing yourself in their blend. Windflowers will be out in October via City Slang, so this is the perfect time for me to go revisit the old catalogue.

Have Another Jam From Yung

The entire ATH staff has truly embraced the young Danish band Yung over the last several years, having consumed everything they send our way. A testament to this fandom, Nathan shared a new album announcement from the band earlier this month, and also let go on a new single called “Above Water”. Well today I am climbing aboard the hype train of the new Yung album by releasing to the masses this slick new song, “Such a Man”. I’m continually stunned by this band’s ability to offer dashes of indie rock, but with this dark, post-punk, somewhat aggressive, and majorly in your face vibe. Dig on that.

Yung will release new album Ongoing Dispute on January 22nd via PNKSLM.

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