Have Another Jam From Yung

The entire ATH staff has truly embraced the young Danish band Yung over the last several years, having consumed everything they send our way. A testament to this fandom, Nathan shared a new album announcement from the band earlier this month, and also let go on a new single called “Above Water”. Well today I am climbing aboard the hype train of the new Yung album by releasing to the masses this slick new song, “Such a Man”. I’m continually stunned by this band’s ability to offer dashes of indie rock, but with this dark, post-punk, somewhat aggressive, and majorly in your face vibe. Dig on that.

Yung will release new album Ongoing Dispute on January 22nd via PNKSLM.

Communions Return With Splendor

We made a ton of posts about Danish band Communions way back in 2014-2015 and we’ve since lost touch with the band though they’ve continued to put out music over the last 4-5 years. Our lack of awareness will hopefully be forgiven as you check out this new track called “Splendour” and enjoy all the lovely components to break down. The song offers some new wave, pop elements combined with a more intimate and breathy take on things akin to say Choir of Young Believers or similar outfits. If you forgot about the band, as we unfortunately did, it’s time to start paying attention again.

This track is the first with the bands new hometown label Tambourhinoceros. More to come hopefully.

Yung Announce Ongoing Dispute LP

When Danish outfit Yung dropped A Youthful Dream, folks were salivating; they were much loved pretty much anywhere you went in the indie-sphere. But, five years on, the band are just announcing their new LP, Ongoing Dispute. Taking this long period allowed the group to really invest in their sound, and it seems they’ve expanded upon where they began. There’s a great urgency in the vocals on this lead single, reminiscent of a sort of hyper Win Butler, but it’s the musical element that seems to indicate things feel refreshed. They’ve stripped some of the immediacy, building a sound that seems to resonate atop itself as it pushes forward. Guitars are ringing about with this heavy gunshot drumming propelling things forward, all the while its as if the song is happily chasing its own tail, circling over our ears with this wall of great noise. PNKSLM will issue the new LP on January 22nd.

Kindsight Share Terminal Daze

Our friends over in Rama Lama Records are reaching beyond the confines of Sweden to work with Danish outfit Kindsight. Today they’re releasing another bobbing pop number, so if you’re not tapping your toes while you press play then you need to speak with your doctor immediately. The vocals are about as sparkling as you can get for the indiepop genre, so be sure you’re saving up for this sugary musical treat. I really love the range though, as the vocals can raise up high and crash down to soften as they open up to cascading guitar chords that ring through your headphones. Really stoked on this band, and you should be too!

Kindsight Share Debut Single

When I first pressed play on this debut single from Copenhagen’s Kindsight, I fully expected to be greeted with a particular brand of squalling shoegaze. But, to my surprise, the band almost immediately pull back from that heavy front, revealing this glimmering pop core that’s absolutely worth your time this morning. Nina’s voice is sparkling throughout, and she has that same natural joy that reminds me in a strange way of Nina Persson; it has this ability to bring pop sensibility to a somewhat dark sound…and I can always, always appreciate that from a singer. Not bad for a first single!

Say Hi To Yune

Isn’t it exciting when you find a new band that just draws you in immediately and yearns for repeated plays? For me, it’s one of my favorite feelings and I’m always happy to share it with all of you. Today my “new band smell” comes by way of Danish group Yune, and their brand new single “Odd One Out”. This one blends some lovely bits of bedroom pop with some darker, heavier bass elements to create a truly mesmerizing single.

This song appears on the Yune debut album AGOG which is due out April 24th.

Elctro-Pop Hit From Thirdcurl

Thirdcurl is a Danish band fronted and creatively run by Gabriel Johnson. His music is certainly electronic pop music with influences being clear homages to bands like LCD Soundsystem, Twin Shadow, and even The Cure. Our first taste of music from this new artist comes from this single “Ordinary Life” which features a melding of all the bands previously mentioned. It’s an epic number of electronic pop focus with catchy beats and expertly timed vocal deliveries.

Amazing Indie Pop From School of X

Man it’s been a crazy day in Austin, and I’m hoping to end your day of music with us by offering up something a bit more chill and relaxed to ease you into the afternoon. Imagine that, I have this new song called “Write My Name” from Copenhagen based Rasmus Littauer and his project known as School of X. Currently working as the touring drummer for Major Lazor, one can hear a bit of electronica and beat driven pop here. I’m finding it to be quite irresistible.

School of X will release a new EP entitled Destiny on November 15th via Tambourhinoceros.

Mellow Ballad from Jacob Faurholt

I’ve really been enjoying this brilliant new tune from Jacob Faurholt; it’s a good discovery, as I hadn’t heard of Jacob previously, and yet he’s got a deep deep catalog. This track sounds forlorn, and continues to build…the cascading guitar line in the distance and the solemn bounce of the piano all work to further that agenda while Faurholt throws his vocals across the whole mix. At times, I definitely hear the good version of Neil Young shining through, though Jacob sounds youthful and yearning for things yet to come. His new album Shake Off the Fear will be out on September 6th!

You’ll Love The Oceans

The Oceans are a duo from Copenhagen who make their very own brand of dream pop, shoegaze style music. Having just released their new EP, EP II, the band is looking to drum up some positive praise for the collection with tons of new singles. This one, called “Rewind Your Mind”, features a lot of sonic noise along with a bright guitar and some synths in the background. The brightness, paired with the heavy beat drops and sludgy bass, create an almost perfect shoegaze song. Well played gents.

If you’re liking this one, you can stream the band’s entire new EP II over on Spotify.

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