Last Week’s Jams (10.16 – 10.20)

We’re gearing up for Levitation this week, so we had some coverage that worked towards that end, with new music from Wishy and Video Age, plus an interview/new track from Font. Plus, we did the usual coverage of great tunes from the likes of the Serfs, Say Sue Me and Spllit. Tossed out that new Idles tune, kind of feeling on the fence, but interesting to see James Murphy be part of that new project, so we’ll see what the final LP sounds like. We were also able to throw some love to Dot Dash, who released a compilation this last week on vinyl for the first time, including the cover below of “Jackanory Stories.” Stream and jam and have a great day!

Dot Dash Drop 16 Again LP

We’ve been covering Dot Dash for years, and now, we have multiple reasons to celebrate the DC band! For starters, they just dropped 16 Again, a nod to the Buzzcocks that hints at the number of songs on the record. The bonus? Well, for the first time, the band’s new LP will be released on vinyl, courtesy of Country Mile Records. For all intents and purposes, this is a best of release, with several tracks from albums I adore like Half-Remembered Dream and Winter Garden Light making the cut. You also get the added bonus of the band covering the Television Personalities‘ “Jackanory Stories,” which is the icing on the proverbial cake. Stream all the songs below and have some fun, then grab it on vinyl!

Last Week’s Jams, Today (10.31 – 11.4)

Strangely, I thought we covered a lot of territory last week, especially as I ran too much goodness on Friday. But, apparently we had a measly 14 songs run, plus some Levitation wrap-ups and a show-preview or two in the pages. I was excited to hear new music from both Seazoo and En Attendant Ana, both who’ve been quiet for a bit. Plus, that Field School and Heather Trost dropping Friday pretty much made the week a whole pile of awesomeness, in my book anyways. Visit if you will.

Dot Dash Release Madman in the Rain

I hate to admit it, but Dot Dash is one of those bands I take for granted. They consistently release a great record every few years, though the last time we heard from them was back in 2018, before the world went to shit. But, this Friday they’re dropping their rad new Madman in the Rain LP, and we’ve got an early listen that warrants your time today…not to mention a great reminder to never forget them. Listening through, I’m really struck by the ballad-esque title track, though that opening bass line in “Forever Far Out” sets the tone for a record chock-full of bangers. Little pop, little punk, little attitude, lots of hooks…a record you’ll come back to time and time agin. Madman in the Rain drops on Friday courtesy of the Beautiful Music.

Dot Dash Release Video for Unfair Weather

I’ve already encouraged you to go give Proto Retro a thorough listen, but in case you keep ignoring me, I’m going to continue to give you a healthy dosage of Dot Dash. They just dropped this mostly live footage video for album standout “Unfair Weather.” This track puts the group’s crystalline guitar pop tendencies on display…you know, the sort everyone whose anyone is trying to pull off these days. Plus, the rhythm section is always on point, which gives the guitar work space to sort of meander around the perfect harmony. And, if you love this song, you can grab it for free over HERE, or grab the whole LP!

Dot Dash Quietly Drop New Record

I’ve been following DC’s Dot Dash for some time, so it’s nice to see a new record come our way. It comes at the perfect time too, as Proto Retro is a great summer guitar pop record; it might also be jumping into the realm of my favorite LP from the group. There’s a quick poppy punch with opener “Unfair Weather,” giving listeners a slight Teenage Fanclub vibe, then they go for a cleaner almost Aussie sound on the following “Gray Blue Green.” The back and forth between the power pop and clean jangle of heavier indiepop is where the record succeeds; it’s got enough attitude to keep the cool kids satisfied, but just enough warmth to make pop fans swoon. The album is available from The Beautiful Music as we speak, so stream it for yourself below.

More Music from Lost Animal

lostanimalThis new Lost Animal single is exactly what I wanted today! This is precisely where I always expected pop music to go, and I’m thoroughly excited by tunes like this one. The music working in the background makes nods to the popularity of LCD Soundsystem (thought James Murphy didn’t create it), but the vocals have this incredible post Brit pop croon. It’s like Jarrod Quarrell is just working in his own world, and no matter where that takes him, he always manages to make it sound captivating. The new record is titled You Yang, coming out on October 21st via Dot Dash/Captured Tracks.

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Dot Dash Are Back Already

searchlightsI haven’t found a band quite like Dot Dash; they’ve worked incredibly hard and steady through the last five years, putting out album after album…and each one worthy of your time! They just put up their fifth record in five years, Searchlights, and I figured you needed a heads-up. I love how the band’s been able to really work in so many sounds for all their releases, via Aussie tendencies, punk, or, in the case below, delectable power-pop. Filling their records in such a way keeps your listening experience moving/changing. You’re not going to get bored, with each song turning into something different for you to love. Enjoy this sample, and go spend your day listening to the rest of the new LP, out now via The Beautiful Music.

Another Free Dot Dash Jam

ddsWhy not bring you another Dot Dash tune, courtesy of our favorite little DC band.  Why do I love the band so much, you ask? They blend all these elements that have become the core of my listening…fusing power pop, punk, post rock and even some doses of indie pop.  It’s quite a blend, and all those elements actually seem to be crammed tightly into this quick little jam they’ve offered up to their fans.  It’s one of the many special jams you’ll find endearing on their newest effort, Earthquakes & Tidal Waves, which is available now via The Beautiful Music.


Download: Dot Dash – The Winter of Discontent [MP3]

Fresh Tune from Dot Dash

ddsOver the course of our blog career I’ve always had an ear for DC’s Dot Dash, so I’m happy to share this new power-pop tune that they’ve just released to celebrate their brand new album.  It’s a short track, featuring the band’s blend of punk elements (hear the vocals) with classic pop guitar chords.  There’s a bit of nostalgia here too, falling somewhere in the realm between old Weasel and late Jawbreaker. Look to pick up their brand new album Earthquakes & Tidal Waves from the Beautiful Music; it’s available for purchase now!


Download: Dot Dash – Rainclouds [MP3]

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