This Is Lorelei Shares Where’s Your Love Now

While I’m sure folks already have a lot of records penciled in for year-end awards, one that maybe wasn’t on my list that’s risen up there pretty quickly is Nate Amos’ This Is Lorelei project. There’s something to be said for just writing damned good songs, absent of excessive frills and genre trappings. This new track offers up this striking sincerity, and while there clearly are some arrangement pieces built in, you could easily hear Amos singing this song to a quieted room, casting his magical spell over them all. You likely won’t be able to pull yourself from the emotive detailing here, and that bodes well, as this is the third single with such power from Box for Buddy, Box for Star; the record drops on June 14th via Double Double Whammy.

Friday Album Streams: Rural France, Joyer, Writhing Squares and More

Definitely a busy week on the album release list, and if I had more time, I’d be way into reviews. But, life always seems to be in the way, so the best way I can throw my weight behind great music is to give you a chance to stream some of the really solid albums that dropped on the Internet this weekend. So, just check out all the records below, and be sure to buy!

Writhing SquaresMythology (Trouble in Mind Records)

JoyerNight Songs – (Hit the North Records)

Maria Chiara ArgiroCloser – (Innovative Leisure)
Rural FranceExacatmondo – (Meritorio Records)

BabehovenWater’s Here In You – (Double Double Whammy)

HovvdyHovvdy – (Arts and Crafts)

This Is Lorelei Share I’m All Fucked Up

Box for Buddy, Box for Star should certainly be on your radar as a pop rock masterpiece to jumpstart your summer, and today, you get to hear another tune from This Is Lorelei. There’s something in the song that seems to adapt to more traditional pop rock fare, with a driving rhythm that pushes the song along as a heavy strum holds it up with support. Two distinctive vocals run through the tune, with a heavier storyteller working the narrative of the verses; the chorus offers a softer tone to sprinkle in just a bit of gentle quality that soothes the whole of the track. The new LP drops on June 14th via Double Double Whammy.

Babehoven Release Lightness is Loud Video

Perhaps its because of my affection for the work of Michel Gondry, or perhaps its the all encompassing sense of wonderment this tune evokes, but I’m definitely charmed by this new Babehoven tune. Maya Bon’s voice naturally seems to carry this delicate bit of whimsy, which when invested in the folk arrangements of the band’s songs, just seems otherworldly; this is the sort of music that’s perfect for your goals of escapism. Find yourself sinking into the crafty world they’ve built for us; Water’s Here In You is out on April 26th via Double Double Whammy.

Babehoven Announce Water’s Here In You + Share Birdseye

Perhaps its the lingering Winter weather or just great songwriting, but I’ve definitely been indulging in some really mellow stuff lately…and this fresh Babehoven fits in there perfectly. The circuitous route of the strumming kept drawing me into the tune; it’s so light and careful, filled with an emotional draw when the strings sweep in for accent marks. Maya Bon hits these certain high notes too, pushing her voice to the max, only to pull it back as the verses require a more feathered texture. This single comes with the announcement that they’ll be dropping Water’s Here In You via Double Double Whammy on April 26th.

Friday Streams: The Radio Field, 2nd Grade, Matching Outfits, Midwestern Medicine, Eerie Wanda

We tend to cover a lot of stuff, and well, sometimes we don’t get the dedicated album review or streams, but today I had a spare minute, so I wanted to throw up some great album streams for you, all from bands who we’ve covered recently. They’ve al dropped releases in the last two weeks, and this is a great way for you to spend your time, if you haven’t already done so, or planned to do so!

The Radio FieldSimple EP (Subjangle)

FFO: Teenage Fanclub, Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness, Lucksmiths

2nd GradeEasy Listening (Double Double Whammy)

FFO: Deadbeat Beat, Young Guv

Matching OufitsBand Made Out of Sand (Kitchen Leg)

FFO: Dry Cleaning, Blonde Redhead, Broadcast

Midwestern MedicineThe Gold Baton (Website Records)

FFO: Built to Spill, Neutral Milk Hotel

Eerie WandaInternal Radio (Joyful Noise)

FFO: Tess Roby, Aldous Harding

2nd Grade Announce Easy Listening

Some album titles hit the nail right on the head, which appears to be the case with 2nd Grade and their new LP, Easy Listening. Don’t get me wrong, you can hear where those riffs could definitely get charged with power in the live setting, shaking the walls at your favorite venue. But, in the album presentation, the Philly outfit cherishes the pop side of their sound, softening the melody, while still hinting at a constant level of supreme cool. Hooks and soaring vocals are aplenty in this jam, so we’re more than assured the band will bring all that and more when the LP gets released; Easy Listening drops on September 30th via Double Double Whammy.

Florist Release Sci-fi Silence Video

This new Florist record is really shaping up to be something quite special, and this single below might be one of the most striking track on the LP. Still, like the title of the song suggests, this track is all about letting that silence operate in between the careful guitar work and Emily Sprague’s voice. Little delicate tinkerings rise and fall in the midst of the tune, tying into the thematic origin, where Sprague talks about “mystical forces that attract us to one another and the spaces in-between words that can hold profound communications.” I love the way the arrangement builds around the 4 minute mark, cementing this track as an absolute classic. Florist is out on July 29th via Double Double Whammy.

Florist Announce Self-Title LP

I’ve been a fan of Emily Sprague’s Florist project for sometime, though admittedly, I’ve gravitated towards certain tracks more than others. But, today, the project announces a new self-titled LP, and with it comes this meditative single that’s got me all up in the feelings. It circles around this ornate little guitar picking and Sprague’s vocals, with little rumblings rising to the surface from time to time; it’s like listening to your favorite record just to hear the crackles through your speakers. I just imagine this tune playing on the car stereo as we cruise down a stretch of empty highway in the Fall, dreamily gazing out the window as the colors swirl into this blur of emotion. The self-titled LP will be out on July 29th via Double Double Whammy.

Skirts Share Another Single from Great Big Wild Oak

Listening through to the latest from Skirts is quite a mind-fuck, but in the best way possible. Bounding piano lines call to mind an old school saloon feel, not to mention the bending guitar lines giving off a forlorn Western tilt. But, Alex Montenegro’s voice has this pure pop sincerity you don’t get to encounter too often; it just feels honest and available, as if you could read Alex’s emotions right through the vocal tones. It’s contrasting, sure, but it’s also cohesive, illustrating the ability of Montenegro to lead us by the reins as we journey through the Skirts musical journey. Great Big Wild Oak is out July 30th via Double Double Whammy.


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