Show Preview: Slowdive @ ACL Live (5.12)

After returning in late 2023 with Everything Is Alive, it seems like the world’s been abuzz with Slowdive and their return to form. They’ve been touring throughout the US this past month on the back of all that success and praise, and those of us in Austin will finally get a chance to glimpse the quintet live when the roll into Moody Theater on Sunday. It’ll be interesting to see how far back they go…will the set be equal parts Creation Records and Dead Oceans or more weight given to the most recent albums? Either way, you get to enjoy a night with some of the most beautiful noise blowing through the Moody Theater. Opening up evening will be LA’s Drab Majesty. Tickets are somehow still available, so if you’re in love with the sounds below, grab a ticket HERE.

Levitation Reviews: Boy Harsher @ Empire (10/28)

I like guitars.

Because of the introduction of technology, synthesizers, and electronic music, the 80s became the decade of exploration in music less organic. A paradigm shift happened on a grand scale in the art of music sometimes for the better, and at times for the worst. The better of that shift has quietly existed, bubbling beneath the surface while electronic music has permeated the industry on a global scale, diehard fans of the true pioneers, at the time considered underground, find themselves embedded in a resurgence of sorts. Whether intentional or not, the three artists on the bill for the first full night of Levitation Fest 21 at Empire Control Room, embody the essence and pay homage to some of the key players in that pivotal movement of music that ushered in a global shift from our analog lives into the digital world. Hit the jump for more and fancy photos.

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