Eggy Share HAL 9000

I’ve been pretty high on Eggy during their release cycle for the forthcoming Bravo!, so we continue our support by giving you a little nod towards their latest single from the LP…the last before the record drops on Friday! This one’s got a little nod to Kubrick, and you can almost feel the famous AI machine in the sort of hobbling synth work that bobs and weaves into the song’s foreground. All that said, this lot are great at building in extemporaneous textures, layering in vocals and a snappy drum beat that gives the song more depth as Hal exclaims “pop culture’s killing me!” Spoilsport Records release the full LP this Friday!

Eggy Release Absentia Single off Bravo

A few weeks ago I encouraged you to dip your toes in the waters of Eggy with their single “Johnny Whoop,” but now they’re here with a more skittish little jingle that should be right up your alley, particularly if you’re a fan of all things Melbourne. It’s got that sort of swaggering gallop that you’d expect as background music to some sort of satanic dance (I was thinking Midsommar here); it sort of leaps and lands, spastically throws this way and that with angular guitar notes cutting in and out of your speakers. It’s that brand of post-punk that begs you to balance the see-saw between exuberance and anxiety…and I mean that as a compliment! And then it stops. Look for Bravo! on Spoilsport Records on November 13th.

Eggy Share Johnny Whoop and Announce Bravo

We all know by now that Melbourne is a hot bed of incredible tunes, but now Eggy are ready to make their mark with their debut LP, Bravo! They’ve got this sound that seems like its part grungy psychedelia, but then it sort of has this proto pop feel. It’s like they’ve taken the exploratory nature and jammed it up with a bunch of jittery pop nuggets, particularly the way the vocals fall in the chorus. There’s just this unmistakable cool to it, this undefined bad-assery that just makes you want to throw your credit-card down and pick it up. I’m pretty sure that’s a smart idea based on this single alone. Bravo drops on November 13th via Spoilsport Records.