Aika El Grupo Share New Single

Feel like the Winter time has a tendency to turn a bit mellow, so I want to make sure we’ve all got punchy pop to push our energy when we’re in a rut…so what better than Aiko El Grupo‘s new single! The tune’s just a frivolous blast of Spanish pop punk, full of this exuberance that I can’t believe they captured on tape; it reminds you in a lot of ways of Joanna Gruesome, without a care in the world. The drum beat will have you stomping, and the video will likely bring a slight grin to your face. If your day needs a kick in the pants, turn it up and have some fun.

Lisasinson Share Tu y Yo

There’s something about listening to Lisasinson that just makes life seem like a whole lot of fun; they fill their songs with joy and fun and hooks and riffs, in turn filling up my rock tank every time they drop a new single. In a few weeks they’ll be dropping a new mini-album, Perdona Mama, so this is our last chance to get a little sneak at what’s in store. The video is filled with antics and a solid rabbit chase, but I’m mostly sold on how consistently the quartet seem to just churn out these crushing pop rock tunes. To me, it’s all about the execution, they don’t try to do too much with the song, just staying steady around a solid vocal melody and quick rhythm lines. Seemingly simple, but it only rips if its done just right, like this lot. Look for the album to drop on April 9th via Elefant Records.

Lisasinson Share Cancion Para Mi Crush

At the very beginning of this year, Spanish outfit Lisasinson released “Atasco;” its been one of my favorite singles of the year, period. They return now with another single, just as infectious as the first one, which is part of their new single for Elefant Records. It starts with a ringing guitar steadily making its way through your speakers. Suddenly it drops in and the song takes off with more energy; the video version matches that exuberance by showing the group at their playful best together, showing us just a little bit of the joy still left out in the world. Don’t be turned away by the Spanish lyrics; you’ll miss out on a total pop rock ripper you need in your life!

Aiko El Grupo Share Quiero Conocer

You know when you turn on a song and you can immediately tell its got its musical hooks in you? Well, when I turned on this new jam from Aiko El Grupo, that’s exactly how I felt, even before the vocals came into play; it just had that inexplicable bounce I wanted to be part of right away. I wanted to jump about in celebration with all my friends; I wanted beer sprayed all through the air; I wanted us all screaming at the top of my lungs. In fact, that’s exactly what I got when everything came together from this new single…if that feels like something you’d want to be part of, then you better turn it up right now! The band release their debut album next month via Elefant Records.

Did You Miss Julie Et Joe’s Debut LP?

On our end, things are a little slow, at least as far as new jams I’m enjoying, so I went back a week or so to cull some releases I may have accidentally forgotten to inform you about, like the debut from Julie Et Joe. This Marelle LP is the first of the collaboration, featuring Joe Moore (the Yearning) and Julie Big (Le Superhomard), creating some joyous pop bits you’ll all enjoy. Upbeat numbers like “Baskets Fluourescentes” will surely have you bouncing in your home office char, while the title track “Marelle” is a much more thoughtful piece of delicate pop. Just thought some of you might want to try this on for size; the album is out now via Elefant Records.

Lisasinson Share Volverte a Enamorar

One of my favorite songs this year is “Atasco” by Spanish pop outfit Lisasinson. The band are still holed up working on their LP at the moment, but while we patiently wait, they’ve leaked another great single to help get us all there. As you’d expect from this bunch; its a riotous pop affair from the get-go; the song just reeks of summertime fun…and at the moment, that’s probably what we’re all needing in our lives at this very moment. Just another fun ditty to get us through the day. Keep an eye out here; I love jamming these tunes. Oh…and there’s a VIDEO too if you’re into it!

Fresh 7″ from Linda Guilala

Today completes the wonderful trilogy of singles from Spain’s Linda Guilala (band/not person); they drop a fresh 7″ on heralded label Test Pattern Records. The A-side here, it’s a stunner. Guitars and texture swirl in the air like snow flurries falling to the ground, leaving plenty of space for the warm vocals to move into the picture, as well as some buzzsaw guitars; it’s probably the most complete dream pop meets shoegaze tune I’ve heard this year. B-Side will definitely display nods to Stereolab, particularly in the movement of the rhythm section whilst being coated in organ stabs, feedback and layered vocal notes. Two brilliant songs to better your Friday. Absolutely brilliant. Grab the 7″ from Test Pattern Records, or stream it all day long!

La Bien Querida Share Que?

I always keep a close eye on Elefant Records; it’s one of the longest running homes to great Spanish indiepop, as well as other brands of the genre. Right now, they’re working on a couple of releases, but I’ve been really enjoying the amped up energy of the latest single from La Bien Querida. It begins with this upbeat indiepop energy, which perhaps might bring to mind New Order (especially if you listen to the drum loops). Still, the hook for me came with Ana Fernandez Villaverde’s voice, even before she’s joined Diego Ibanez. You could put her voice to anything and I’d probably fawn over it. Stoked to see that Brujeria is right around the corner; the new LP will be out on Elefant on September 27th.

Go Listen to Tennis Club

Man, Tennis Club just quietly dropped this amazing indiepop record on us, and I hope you’ll spend a little time on Friday listening to Pink in its entirety. Throughout the album the group get playful with some of the best bits of the genre; they bring in surfy touches, throw in melody on top of “oohs”, they’ll get fuzzy when needed…and even a touch of Spanish in there. I think at the moment I’ve been jamming “London” the most of this batch, but I’ll warn you that there’s not a bad tune in this batch. You can stream below or grab the new LP from Elefant Records.

Le Superhomard Share Domino

It’s only been a few months since Le Superhomard dropped the excellent Meadow Lane Park, and here they are already prepping a new 7″ with this slinky dance number. It offers everything I’ve come to enjoy about the group, offering these dance floor ready beats bordering between club and disco, then sliding those beneath these casual indiepop vocals. Here they get some help from Xavier Boyer of Tahiti 80, and an excellently crafted video that’s part art piece and part lyric video; both additions are a nice touch that certify this tune as a surefire hit. The new 7″ will be out on Elefant Records this July.

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