Last Week’s Jams, Today (2.14 – 2.18)

What were the hot jams from last week? Well. We have them. We put them on a nice little playlist (you can complain about it later) so you could enjoy revisiting the hits. We’ve been running spotlights on SXSW artists, so you’ve got tunes from Logan Lynn, Grant Pavol and Elephant Stone, hoping it’ll catch your eye and get you to check out the interviews. Our friends in Good Looks dropped a new tune, plus we’ve got absolute rippers from Bodega and Dehd, plus some cool shit under the radar from Star Party, Salt Lake Alley, Red Pants and Howless.

SXSW Interviews: Elephant Stone

Well folks, it’s that time of year again here in Austin, TX. Well maybe not just yet, but it’s at least time to start talking about SXSW festival and the slew of bands coming into town next month. I’m sure many of you, like me, are wondering if we will all “be back to normal” or what sort of protocols will still be in place come 4 weeks? None of us truly know so it’s best to push ahead and get some excitement going for our favorite time of year. As we return to normal operations, the ATH crew will of course be prepping you as we usually do with interviews, previews, guides, photos, etc. Today we kick off our official SXSW coverage with our very first interview from Quebec based artist Elephant Stone. Hit the jump for more on the band along with full interview.

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SXSW Interview: Elephant Stone

Amidst the talks of a possible SXSW festival cancellation, the ATH team is planning to go full steam ahead as if this thing is still going down. Even if something were to happen, it’s still fun to create SXSW playlists and talk to bands on the festival list. Today I have the pleasure of sharing with you interview responses from Montreal based outfit Elephant Stone. They have a slew of shows lined up in a couple of weeks and I’m sure they’d appreciate your presence at one or all of them. Hit the jump for more.

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Elephant Stone Share We Cry for Harmonia

Over the last year or so, Elephant Stone has slowly been offering up singles from their new record, Hollow. For me, I think my favorite thing still rings true with their latest work; they seem to nod towards psychedelia (especially considering the sitar gifts of founder Rishi Dhir), but they’ve always had a strong sense of melody. There are light twist and turns in the guitar work here, looking into the current psyche genre, but overall, you get the sense that these songs are crafted with the intention of seducing the listener. They do offer a nice burning jam in the song’s latter half, again paying homage to their pigeonholing. Listening through, you get transported to a new space, which definitely ties into the concept of the album, said to be about humans finding a New Earth after we’ve finished destroying our current home. Hollow is out on February 14th via Fuzz Club.

Fresh Single from Elephant Stone

elephantIt’s really interesting watching a band, such as Elephant Stone, progress through their various albums. In the beginning, it was easy to typify them as a purely psychedelic act, but this new single seems to indicate that the band has continued to progress throughout their releases; I feel like this one takes a more pop-centric exploration of the acid-house of late 90s Britain. It’s got a great melody, but often times it’s purposefully obscured by slicing guitars, vocal samples and synth washes. This single appears on the group’s new record Ship of Fools, which sees a digital release in September and a physical LP via Burger Records in November.

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Another Brand New Elephant Stone

elephantsBased upon the singles we’ve already heard, Elephant Stone are happily branching into a new direction, musically. This new tune sounds an awful like a more controlled Flaming Lips; it’s creative and artful, yet still has a great deal of pop sensibility, gearing it up to be adored by scores of listeners. It’s just another indicator, to me at least, that their new effort, Ship of Fools, is going to be a delight in so many ways. Plus, the band’s on tournext week as they make their way to Austin for SXSW; they’re always a local favorite here.

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Another New Elephant Stone Tune

elephantsCan’t really tell how many times I’ve offered up my thoughts on an Elephant Stone tune, but one can be assured that I’m definitely a fan of the band. They’re still holding onto elements of their psychedelic start, but you can also hear that the band’s been building their sound for some time, fusing more pop elements into the mixture. But, just because you throw in a little pop, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a little psychedelic freak out in the middle. Just enjoy the warmth of the vocals here, then prepare yourself for their new album, Ship of Fools.

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Elephant Stone Scores Psych Rock Winner

elephantstoneI’ve got several Elephant Stone albums hanging around in my iTunes, so when a new track comes across my desk, I’m destined to post it. For my two cents, I think the band have expanded their sound here, adding a synthesized touch to their classic psych rock sound. This track gets a further boost for us Austin folks as it features Alex Maas from Black Angels, and again, it adds another layer to the band’s well-crafted sound. As of right now, this is just a one-off single, but as the band embarks on a short WestCoast tour, we can be assured that more is soon on the way…or so I hope.

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Austin Psych Fest Interview 2014: Elephant Stone

elephantOne of the great things about Psych Fest, like many of our festivals in town, is that they realize that not every band can play, nor can every fan afford the shows.  So, they put in some work and lined up some opening shows on the Thursday before the official festival begins.  One of those acts I’ve been following for years: Elephant Stone.  They’re one of the many great acts playing over at Mohawk (there’s other shows at Red 7 too!); they’ll be playing at 9:00 PM outdoors. We caught up with Rishi Dhir for a quick interview before they make their way into town.  Read more

Show Preview: The Besnard Lakes @ Red 7 (11.22)


Date Friday, November 22nd
Location Red 7
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets $14 from Transmission

You’ll find a ton of shows in town on Friday, including the hipster-approved Miley Cyrus, I mean CHVRCHES, but here’s a show for those who are looking for something a little far left of the dial.  Canada’s Besnard Lakes are the headliners on the night, offering up their blend of indie meets psych meets folk meets jam.  Then you’ll have the band that I think cold steal the show, Elephant Stone.  They’re another Canadian act that have been on my list of reliable group’s for some time now; you should check out their most recent self-titled album.  And, as an added bonus, you get local opener, The Boxing Lesson.  So, if you’re not going to Cass McCombs, and you don’t like Miley Cyrus, then this is definitely going to be a good place to find yourself Friday night.


Download: The Besnard Lakes – People of the Sticks [MP3]