Cindy Share New Single from Typical Girls Compilation

We’re hoping that the long-running Typical Girls series from Emotional Response is on your radar; it’s a collection dedicated to all the incredible women in the independent music scene, with a little nod to the Slits. Today, we get bonus good news, as not only has the label announced Typical Girls Vol. 6, but they’ve done it by letting us share this incredible new gem from San Francisco’s Cindy, who we’ve raved about for several years. Honestly, I was looking for the perfect description, but songwriter Karina seems to have captured the sentiment perfectly, saying this songs feels “like there’s room built into the structure to move around in as a listener;” it’s a sentiment that resonates with the band’s powerful pop presence coinciding with the striking simplicity at hand, all of it creating this huge emotional weight that soaks you. Typical Girls Vol. 6 will be out on October 28th, with other heavy hitters like The Linda Lindas, Lande Hekt, Fake Fruit and more taking part. Grab it from Emotional Response today!

Unreleased Recordings of Zac Denton Announced as Love, Lust, Lost

Zac Denton was one of the many heads of the Ocean Party, which to be honest, probably turned me onto the Australian scene as a whole. He was also a member of various other acts from Cool Sounds to Ciggie Witch to No Local and more. Unfortunately, tragedy took Zac away from us, but we’ll always have his songwriting to hold onto. Today, Osborne Again/Spunk/Lost and Lonesome/Emotional Response announce the limited release of some of Zac’s unreleased songs. I’d like for you to slide into this unreleased tune, and I’m not going to go on and on about its finer details, instead letting you just take in the pure joy that is a Zac Denton penned tune. Love, Lust, Lost will be released on August 26th, celebrating Zac’s birthday.


Lande Hekt Shares Gay Space Cadets Video

Lande Hekt burst onto everyone’s radar earlier this year with her excellent Romantic 7″ for Emotional Response, and she’s turned right around and delivered another gem, but this time with an album announcement! This song starts out with this ringing guitar riff, and honestly, I can’t believe how easily it slides into your ears and implants itself in your memory. When it hits the chorus, you can easily hear why everyone is fawning over the songwriting, brightly charming as the melody rises up; you’re going to be begging us to get this song out of your head by the end of the day, but it lives there now, so get used to it! The new album, House Without a View, is slated for release in September, with Get Better Records.

Sob Stories Share I’m the One You Want Video

Sob Stories first came on our radar in 2017 when they released their debut EP with the good folks at Emotional Response. Now, Joel Cusumano and company have moved over to another ATH fave, Dandy Boy Records, dropping Fair Shakes this week. It’s 12 tracks that mix jangles, punk and power pop into a fun filled adventure with hooks for days. Below we’ve got a brand new video shot by Stephen Patterson, taking footage from the San Francisco area to match up with stand out “I’m the One You Want.” I’m a huge sucker for this chorus though, dropping in and delivering this banging pop moment that I keep coming back to, again and again. Crank it up, bop along…then go grab the record like a good music fan would!

Mick Trouble Announces Second LP + Shares New Single

What better way to announce your new LP than to scream at the rafters and just say It’s Mick Trouble’s Second LP, which is exactly what Mick Trouble has done to announce his new record for Emotional Response. Jumping right in here, it’s nearly impossible to not fall in love with this new single; it can be filed in the bin with acts like the Jam or Nick Lowe, though I still always think the project borders on the fun side of TV Personalities too. It’s all about angular riffs, toying with melody and structure, and ultimately hooks galore with a DIY ethos. If the world had better tastes, this track (and album) would zoom straight to number one! I can’t even begin to explain to you how infectious and cool it all sounds! It’s Mick Trouble’s Second LP is out on April 5th via Emotional Response; it’s a must pick up immediately!

No Monster Club Drop the Trundling Path

If you thought that music of the indie sort had gone a bit stale, well, No Monster Club aim to kind of stretch your expectations. Their brand new single has this sort of chamber pop approach, utilizing horns and various arrangements that build the song, texturing note after note. As the track bounds along, it picks up a bit of a catchy, cacophonous stomp, like your favorite marching band hitting on the hooks you never knew you loved. And why wouldn’t they close it out with an exuberant jam to tie a bow around this brilliant piece of pop? Their album deadbeat effervescent is out on February 11th via Emotional Response.

No Monster Club Drop Save the Circus

Irish outfit No Monster Club have a new record coming your way this year, and they open up that announcement with a really fun tune, trying to “save the circus” for us all! From the get-go, the tune introduces this jangling bounce, filling out the corners of the tune with little bits of horns before the vocals come into play. When those vocals do drop in, they dominate the tune, operating like a ringmaster, controlling everything about the track, even pushing the pace in step with the drums during the chorus. The band will be dropping deadbeat effervescent on February 11th via Emotional Response.

Seablite Share Breadcrumbs

We’ve been big Seablite stans since the release of Grass Stains and Novocaine, and with that, it’s been really nice seeing the growth, in both their popularity and the quality of their songwriting; the band also features Andy of Chime School, so extra bonus points on all fronts. News just hit that they’ve got a remarkable new 7″ coming out via Emotional Response, and well, this first single doesn’t let us down one bit. I love how the pounding drums open up the track, setting this furious pace behind the cascading wall of guitars; it’s creating this contrasting tension that really drives home the melodic draw. And, while they’re nice and quiet, I think the setting and tones of the vocals are spot on perfect for the band; they seem to crest in just the right spots, so hats off to the final mix master on this jam. This 7″ will be available on January 1st.

Monnone Alone Shares Pepper Jar Single

We’re just a month or so away from the new Monnone Alone LP, so you’ve got to dip your toes into the warm water in Mark’s pool of pop. This new single quickly slides into this huge ringing chords, meant for arena rock status, but brought back to Earth by the softened jangling style of Monnone’s guitar play. While I love that big sound, bordering on crunchy power pop, I think I’m in love with the vocals on this tune; they kind of hang out there on a laundry wire of pop, blowing in the wind, occasionally gusting with these delighting notes that rise and fall so effortlessly. And if that wasn’t enough, how about the song’s fade out, just budding with infectious pop bravado. Stay Foggy will be released on September 3rd via all the usual pop purveyors: Lost and Lonesome/Meritorio/Emo Response/Royal Mint.

Monnone Alone Drop Time Is On the Run Video

Opening with Hamish Kilgour (the Clean) in your new video is bound to get some eyes turning your way, and well, if not, then at least the new Monnone Alone song is a ray of light in these rainy Austin days. I love the uplifting jangle of the guitar tones, almost hinting at sort of surf-worthy vibes, though the bright spot is the way Mark always plays with monosyllabic lines; the do-do-dos add an extra melodic texture that matches the electronic pulse of the tune. Plus, there’s a lot of open space in this tune for the guitars to kind of run and play, frolic about in the mix if you will. This is the second single on Stay Foggy, the new LP out in September via Lost and Lonesome/RoyalMint/EmoResponse/Meritorio.

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