Last Week’s Jams, Today (11.7 – 11.11)

Looks like folks are finally waking up to the fact that the year doesn’t have to end just because people toss up some arbitrary judgment list; there were so many rad tunes dropping last week that we didn’t even have time to get them all up. RayRay ran some premieres for Tearing Up and Sunfruits, while I was super ecstatic to get a new Roller Derby tune. We also got to run a really great Rock n’ Recipes with Heather Trost just before her album dropped. Plus, Austin was repping, with a brilliant new tune from Half Dream, and Zero Percent APR dropping their new LP. Give it all a listen and let us know which is your fave!

Enola Shares Metal Body

Earlier this year, Enola release “Strange Comfort,” which was a ridiculously good single…made it as one of my favorite tracks of the year. Today the Melbourne artist returns with another ripper, forcing me to marvel at the craft of Ruby Marshall. They keep writing these songs that feel like these clever pop tunes, something not too far off from other rad Aussie outfits like Courtney or Stella. But, that’s just the surface, as you’ll discover that below the tip of the iceberg is this dangerous brand of rock n’ roll; the guitars churn and drums thump, smashing the expectations of pop fans and turning them onto something far more hip and frightening. I can’t wait to hear Enola put it all together for a full LP!

Last Week’s Jams, Today (8.1 – 8.5)

Back to the grind! I’m back at work, getting read to teach the kids and what not! But, looking back at last week, we covered a lot of rad territory I think that’s worthy of you easing into your work week, or just your day. I was stoked to hear Emma Kupa popping up on the latest track from Let’s Whisper, a band she’s joined recently. RayRay dropped new tunes from Sunfruits and Pale Blue Eyes, as well as threw some love towards the new Mall Walker EP. I know there was a lot of love and buzz on the new Peel Dream Magazine and Winter tunes, but personally, the track I couldn’t stop playing was the Enola jam inclued. Anyways, enjoy.

Enola Share Strange Comfort Video

Really digging on this Enola vibe at the moment, so wanted you to be in the know as I jam it out. The Naarm/Melbourne project just dropped this read single, and I love the cinematic nature of the tune, tied into the concept of the video. The song’s exposition trickles, with vocals seemingly picking up pace as cymbals are heard echoing in the dense environment, but then they fade, almost evaporating. Suddenly the action rises, with guitars stabbing and dancing into the frame; the energy picks up, honing in on the post-punk nature. Vocals come emphatically through the rest of the song, with these industrial guitar lines snaking their way through; it feels like a dreamier version of Blank Dogs. Buen proveche.

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