Aluminum Share Beat Single

This day old bread from Aluminum is certainly taking a nod from some of Britpop’s finest. They obscure the sound a bit by building in these guitar textures that recall recent acts like Dummy or Peel Dream Magazine, but it very much feels indebted to to mid90s Britain. Vocals hide in the middle of the mix, even with the backing vocals sinking within, encouraging the rhythm of the tune to be the driving force that captures your attention; you’ll feel the melodic pop bits as they soak into your skin, but you’ll still feel like turning it up nice and loud. A little bit of everything, making Fully Beat an album to keep an eye on; it drops via Felte Records on May 24th.

Houses of Heaven Share Strange Temptation

Last time we were out jamming to Houses of Heaven they offered up the dark club hit “Deserve,” but as we dive in deeper with another single, they’re not afraid to hit things a little harder in the electronic realm. I love the pulsating rhythmic beat of this tune, though it definitely carries a sharper industrial edge than we had on that last hit. Even the vocal work feels a bit more strained, a bit more aggressive in its presentation…and, of course, I don’t mind that one single bit. When you hit the chorus, or what seems as it it fits that role, there’s this murky pop underbelly, though it gets shielded by the wash and the pulsing synth notes. This whole record is starting to feel like one great dark pop journey, and I’m totally here for it. They’ll be releasing Within/Without on April 26th via Felte.

Aluminum Announce Fully Beat

Aluminum popped up on my radar a few years back when they dropped their Windowpane EP. But, today they’ve announced their brand new LP for Felte Records, with a sound that seems to sort of draw from the spirit of the Happy Mondays in a sense. You can dance and twist to it, but there’s a buzzing guitar that knife’s its way through the song’s entirety. All the while, the vocals get delivered with a bit of bravado and a bit of throwback to an almost post-grunge alt rock. Definitely looking forward to hearing how the rest of Fully Beat unfolds; the LP drops on May 24th.

Premiere: House of Heaven Share Deserve (ft. Ms Boan Mariana Saldana)

There’s absolutely nothing as cool at the moment as House of Heaven; the Oakland act is channeling darkly tinged dance music, and this time they get some help from former Austinite, Ms Boan Mariana Saldana. If you’re not intoxicated by the beat tripping over itself, running amok with these synth lines and thumping bass grooves, then please see your doctor immediately. When Mariana enters the fray, she coats the song in this Spanish sensuality, channeling a jilted lover as her vocals added this weighted sharpness that only adds to the cavernous feel of the track. In their craft, the band are drawn to dark corners, begging you to come with them so you can just indulge, and dance in the darkness of your own mind. Within/Without is sounding mighty tasty; it drops via Felte on April 26th.

Houses of Heaven Release Within Without

Industrial synth pop from Houses of Heaven, “Within/Without” is the first single and title track from the forthcoming album. The song briefly eases in before going full on with an anchor bassline, EBM kick and synth flourishes that lead to the elevated and cathartic chorus.

Shipping at the end of April, the pre-order for the marbled-gray vinyl released via Felte Records is live over on their Bandcamp. Other tracks on the record boast guest vocals from Nitzer Ebb’s Douglas McCarthy and (former Austinite) Mariana Saldaa of BOAN. Probably gonna pre-order this one for use at vinyl nights…

Mint Field’s Nuevo Sol Video

This wonderful new track from Mexico’s Mint Field floated out yesterday, but as I love the band’s growth, I’m totally enamored with the way they’re letting their psychedelic tendencies trickle into a more textured brand of pop. I love the way this track had this tickling guitar note that faded away into a more nuanced atmosphere, leaving tons of space for the vocals to levitate in your speakers. For the most part, the track lives in that space, suspended in a moment of time glowing with melody through the darkness; it will surely have you sinking deep into the song, so leave breadcrumbs so as not to get lost. Aprender a Ser is out on October 27th via Felte Records.

Mint Field Share Another from Aprender a Ser

Spanish-speaking acts beginning with the letter M are absolutely going to crush your record collection this Fall. There’s Spain’s Melenas, and now Mexico’s Mint Field are swimming right behind, taking early psychedelic influences and branching them out into more pop based waters. There’s some twinkling guitars shimmering behind this tight little beat, sort of like a more club-oriented Beach House. And, just like that, a subtle bounce moves beneath your feet, allowing the lightness of the vocals to meander about the confines of the song; there’s this ghostly echo to the voice at times, almost creating its own musical entity within the track. While the front 3/4 of the song feels fragile and hauntingly fleeting, the rock elements from the band’s past begin to emerge around 2:41, if only for a quick little hello, or like a fragile orchid opening up in your hand, and then it fades away. Aprender a Ser releases on October 27th via Felte.

Mint Field Announce Aprender a Ser, Share Video

Seeing as I spent a lot of time with Estrella del Sol‘s LP earlier this year, I can definitely hear where Mint Field‘s sonic shifts in sound might have sprouted. But, that being said, even their psychedelic rock from their early releases felt like it was touching on more of an explorative or ambient brand of the genre. This single embraces this sort of musical dispersion, like you’ve immersed the notes in water and they begin to drift towards the edges of the track. Yet, they’re all tethered by this tribal beat, echoing, thumping in the distance, holding the song in place. All of this space is there, setting up the mystic tones of the vocals, almost like the last gasps of air, which may tie into the track’s title “El Suspiro Cambia Todo.” They’re taking a breath, so it seems, letting the music take them whichever way it can go; this is what we’re to expect from Aprender a Ser, out on October 27th via Felte Records.

Film School Announce Field; Share Single

Having been banging around for over two decades at this point, it’s been really nice to see Film School continue to grow as artists; they’ve expanded their entire sound, building in these dense textures that add depth and discovery. Today we share “Tape Rewind” with you, kicked off instantly by this heavy eruption of feedback and noise. For all it push towards that side of psychedelic rock, the groove gets locked in, and serves as the gravitational pull for the tune. Things swirl and percussion erupts, but you can’t escape being sucked into the melodic nature of the vocal work; it’s like you’re being sucked in by a tractor beam, indifferent to the cavernous noise all around you. This song is the first single from Field, their new LP for Felte Records, out August 23rd.

Estrella del Sol Shares Figura de Cristal

Estrella del Sol really won me over with the first single from her forthcoming record, and next tune picks up, building otherworldly pop music that’s equally as mesmerizing as it is haunting. At times the vocals are barely audible, lurking in the shadows; it’s almost like listening to the score for some magnificent Kubrick movie, albeit one set in Latin American. You’ll hear this light pulse, the heartbeat just faintly warbling beneath the atmosphere; it creates the perfect cinematic feel that should hopefully turn some heads towards Figura de Cristal; it’s out via Felte on June 30th.


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