Mammoth Penguins Share Flyers Single

It should go without saying that the new LP from Mammoth Penguins is definitely high upon my list of things I’m most excited to get my hands on, and today they’ve dropped another bop right into your ears. On my two cents, I love how the group manages to bang out these heavily distorted riffs, yet wrapped them this buoyant rhythm section, creating this infectious edginess. Emma Kupa, of course, sells the hook with her typical powerful vocal performance; the track’s detailing of the challenges of that rock n’ roll lifestyle are likely relatable to anyone who’s managed to get a record recorded and hit the road; it’s not an easy life…but I’m guessing folks like Mammoth Penguins wouldn’t trade that for the world. Here is out May 3rd via Fika Recordings.

Mammoth Penguins Share Everything That I Write

It should be obvious this many years on in our site that we’re probably always going to rep Emma Kupa acts, especially if its Mammoth Penguins. Today, they’ve got a fresh single from their forthcoming Here LP, and it’s pretty much a staple track for the band in terms of their sound. They have this enthralling pattern of taking their sharp angular licks and pushing them into distortion, which always pans out in this magnificent vocal display from Emma. Here, her voice hits its peak, only to fold back into the warm melodic range. And what, you don’t like bobbing bass lines? Then don’t stop here! But, if you do, Here is out May 3rd via Fika Recordings.

Mammoth Penguins Return with New Single/Album

As an avowed Mammoth Penguins fan, I was over the moon finding this tune on the horizon for today. There’s something magical about Emma Kupa’s delivery, even when, she’s spelling out the lyrics as she does in the chorus on this note. Behind the vocals, the group consistently pump out no-frill pop rock, running through jangling-adjacent riffs and clever little interludes that allow them to set up the truest rock punch you’re going to encounter. I can totally picture myself in the crowd at an MP show, screaming along to every word Kupa tosses out; you won’t find more fun pop rock singalong tracks than what Mammoth Penguins offer. Happy to have them back after nearly five years since the excellent There’s No Fight We Can’t Both Win.; they release Here on May 3rd via Fika Recordings.

Friday Album Streams: Wurld Series, Frog, Deary

It’s that weird time of the year when everyone pretends that they stop writing music for a few months so we can browse the list of Best New Artists, or whatever. We do it too, though I’ll probably keep writing about songs if folks keep sending them to me. But, before the year “wraps up” and stuff, here’s a few more new records to listen to today that you’ll hopefully enjoy! Note: I included a few from last week, because last week I ran an Austin-centric streams post, so booyah!

Wurld SeriesThe Giant’s Lawn (Meritorio Records/Melted Ice Cream)

DearyDeary EP (Sonic Cathederal)

FrogGrog (Audio Antihero)

Steven AdamsDrops (Fika Recordings)

The Native CatsThe Way On is the Way Off (Chapter Music)

Steven Adams Shares Head Keeps Rolling

Not sure why I expected anything less, but these new Steven Adams tunes continue to impress me; I can’t get enough of the latest single. Honestly, it feels like what you’d get if you took Tom Petty and turned him to an indie rock nerd. The song’s got the huge hooks and insatiable quality that will have even the coolest kids humming under their breath, but under Steven’s eye, this song’s got just enough swagger and hipness to keep it working just left of center. There’s just something so wonderfully timeless in every note kicked out of my speaker right now. Adams will release Drops on November 10th via Fika Recordings.

Steven Adams Shares Moderation

Steven Adams totally has me wrapped around his little songwriting finger at the moment. On the first single from Drops, there was this driving earnestness that just livened your listening experience. This go round, that liveliness definitely plays into the song’s delivery, though its spun in a different fashion, with the chorus serving up the boisterousness on a platter, while the verses toy with more of a grooving stutter-step across a crooner’s stage. A little bit of funk, a nice little dose of pop, with just a dash of righteous rock n’ roll…and we’re all sliding into Tuesday like champions. Drops is out on November 10th via Fika Recordings.

Steven Adams Announces Drops

Imagine turning on a record and hearing your favorite parts of modern indiepop sounds fused with the fuzzy pop of greats like Grandaddy…that’s where this new Steven Adams track hit me. There’s moments when it feels playful and coy, like letting you in on this catchy little secret. Then, you get a little plot twist and the song opens up entirely, taking on that natural gallop with guitars running alongside one another as the urgency crests into this really sweet melodic moment from Adams. This is one of those song’s I just couldn’t get enough of, from the moment I pressed play, all the way until the end, it’s just a straight ripper. Steven Adams will be releasing Drops via Fika Recordings on November 10th.

The Ballet Share At the Bathhouse Video

You should already have the Ballet‘s Daddy Issues on your playlist, as its one of the hit pop records to have dropped this year, particularly if you imagine yourself as a fan of heavy synth pop. But, if not, we’ve got you covered, as they just dropped a fresh video for their standout single “At the Bathouse.” For me, and I’m sure Greg’s probably tired of the likeness being thrown out there, but this does feel like an early Magnetic Fields tune, albeit one dripping with hooks. That euphoria translates to the choreography created by Emmy-winner Al Blackstone, providing a voyeuristic approach to a bathhouse. But, in that Greg sees the song as detailing bathhouses as places that “can feel serious but also playful.” And in the end, the dancing alone might let you find yourself a home. So be it the groove or the video, be sure to check out Daddy Issues, available now via Fika Recordings.


The Ballet Announce Daddy Issues; Share At the Bathhouse

I definitely can see where the comparisons with Stephin Merritt pop in when you listen to the Ballet, though I think that mostly revolves around some of the sexual themes and literary writing. For me, I think Greg Goldberg pulls on a slightly different hat though, with a much more electronic focus on the latest single. In listening here, there’s a definite bounce, perhaps a nod to acts like New Order, albeit spun through the lens of Goldberg and his writing partner Willse. They’ll be dropping their Daddy Issues on May 26th, courtesy of Fika Recordings.

Alison Eales (Butcher Boy) Announces Debut LP

I can’t imagine you not being a fan of Butcher Boy, so today’s news that Alison Eales will be releasing her debut solo LP should come as a surprise treat. Upon listen, the track almost seems like a purely vocal performance, a remarkable one at that. There’s a slight little bounce from the electronic work, albeit with subtlety so as not to overstep the front of the mix. You’ll also find backing vocals also buoying Eales, deepening the melodic nature. Lyrically, the song is an homage to Glasgow, though that homage finds the town both inspiring and troublesome. Looking forward to hearing how the whole of this LP shapes up; Mox Nox is out in March via Fika Recordings.

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