Alison Eales (Butcher Boy) Announces Debut LP

I can’t imagine you not being a fan of Butcher Boy, so today’s news that Alison Eales will be releasing her debut solo LP should come as a surprise treat. Upon listen, the track almost seems like a purely vocal performance, a remarkable one at that. There’s a slight little bounce from the electronic work, albeit with subtlety so as not to overstep the front of the mix. You’ll also find backing vocals also buoying Eales, deepening the melodic nature. Lyrically, the song is an homage to Glasgow, though that homage finds the town both inspiring and troublesome. Looking forward to hearing how the whole of this LP shapes up; Mox Nox is out in March via Fika Recordings.

Friday Album Streams: Adults, Chorusgirl, RPPs + More

There have been some really great tracks that have all led us to the release this week, and we’ve spent some time hopefully supporting the stuff that hits the hardest, in our books anyways. Most of these, other than one, probably haven’t gotten as much hype as they deserve, thus, here I am to be that voice. So, I’ve collected those album streams and encourage you to go grab copies for your collection, as all of these releases are worth spending your time with today.

ChorusgirlColapso Calypso (Reckless Yes)

The Reds, Pinks and PurplesThey Only Wanted Your Soul (Slumberland/Tough Love)

Cozy SlippersCozy Slippers (Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten/Subjangle)

AdultsFor Everything, Always (Fika Recordings)

WinterWhat Kind of Blue Are You (Bar None Records)

Adults Drop TFL Has a Lot to Answer For

I’ve been really hyped on the newest release from Adults, as they’re providing me with that UK pop punk that combines frantic energy with little bits of math-y pop punk, and I’m glad they’re dropping a nice little ditty for us today. This one is all about the opening guitar work, fighting chords working over each other for stardom, building the tension and rushing into action. It’s here the vocals unite, offering a bit of melodic call and response before settling into the calm of the chorus. Working between passionate and reflective, the song’s like the perfect Adults sampler, giving you their best in a burst of 2 minutes. Their new LP, For Everything, Always will be out October 14th via Fika Recordings.

Let’s Whisper Share Sing Video

This Friday we’ll finally get to unwind and enjoy the entirety of the new long player from Let’s Whisper; I’ve been raving about every single all along the way. Today, the band have shared a lyric video with us, filled with a simplistic charm, taking the cover art from the record and spinning it around the lyrics. Musically, the band are steady as ever, taking an artistically penned ballad and raising it up by adding little bits of flare. There’s horns, softened percussion, accompanying vocal work and all these little bits between; it not only builds the emotional connection as you listen, but buoys the charm factor that will hopefully solidify your belief in how good the new LP is; The In-Between Times comes out this Friday courtesy of Fika Recordings.

Adults Share Things We Achieve

Not going to lie, with school kicking off this week, and coaching volleyball, I’ve been a bit behind the gun in terms of catching up on all the sweet tunes dropping here and there. But, I saw this Adults jam hit, and I wasn’t going to let that pass by. A little roll in, a nice shouted sample, then the band rushes off, running full spring through this spirited burst of pop rock. You’ve settled into the joyous nature, then the 1:37 marker hits and the song turns, hitting even more furiously as it chases down that finish line, though still keeping that melody bobbing. The band will be dropping their debut, For Everything, Always, this October via Fika Recordings.

Let’s Whisper Share Long Run

Obviously, I’ve been really high upon the forthcoming release from Let’s Whisper, but today, I’m even more amped, as the band has allowed new member (and one of my all time faves) Emma Kupa to pen a track and take the lead. It’s a mellow ballad, but this time Emma seems to be finding solace in letting things go, allowing yourself to find some closure. The instrumentation is really special, from little horn accents to an understated banjo working beneath Emma’s voice. As of yet, I’ve not heard anyone involved in the songwriting craft a bad song, so you can expect the In-Between Times to be a knock out; it’s out August 26th via Fika Recordings.

Let’s Whisper Share New Single

A few weeks back we got to hear a fresh single from Let’s Whisper, a rush of euphoria that brightened up your cheeks. On their latest single, the band churn out something that equally as grand, though its blossoming in a completely different fashion, more organic in a sense. The percussion works as the song’s backbone, with guitar lines bending about, stretching themselves out on the lawn and soaking up the little arrangement details that offer a sunny disposition to the listener. The In-Between Times look to be a collection of songs proving that everything is right in indiepop; it will be out on August 26th via Fika Recordings.

Adults Sign to Fika Recordings, Drop New Single

Man, Fika Recordings sure knows how to pick them! They’ve just picked up Adults, and with that announcement, dropped this joyous rock from the group that’s going to blast through your speakers for the rest of the day. There’s an ample buoyancy from the vocal work, and the guitars are crunchy, though I like how they’re a bit tempered here; think of Martha having to play at your local library…hooks, but just a little more subdued. There’s just something about this song that radiates joy, and it looks like they’ve got a record planned for the Autumn sometime, so let’s rejoice that there’s more tasty treats on the way!

Let’s Whisper Announce The In-Between Times

You get backing vocals and recording by Gary Olson, throw in Emma Kupa, and, well, you don’t really need too much more to convince me that the new Let’s Whisper LP is going to be a stellar listen! The group’s first single from The In-Between Times churns and jangles, like a song that dips its toes in the pools of paisley vibes while pressing play on the warmth of classic pop records from Athens. It’s a short gallop with huge backing harmonies that are the best things you can offer your ears this week. Should come as no surprise that the band have found a home for their new LP on Fika Recordings, who will release the album on August 26th.

Crake Share Bobbie Single

Fika Recordings latest signing, Crake, have just dropped another single from their new LP, and dammit if I’m not stuck on the chorus of this song. Rowan Sandle has this distinctive voice, bordering on the highest of notes, though approached with heavy tones simultaneously; it’s a beautifully dizzying. But, this song really hits home when it hits the 48 second mark, turning into this beautiful stretch of understated melody, riding back into the next verse ever so casually. I dare you to listen through this whole song and not be charmed by the group’s offering; I’m totally awestruck by how much joy I’ve been able to extract from this track…so soothing. Their album, Human’s Worst Habits, will be out on May 25th via Fika.

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