New Starts Share A Little Stone Single

A muted opening with Darren Hayman weaving his lyrical magic kicks off the most recent single from New Starts. Those muted notes begin to open up, joined by another guitar, letting the tension build and build until the drums opt to join in more forcefully around the 50 second mark. Once those guitars continue their little shuffle, the track begins to feel like a country-western boogie; Hayman manages to break out near the 2 minute mark, stretching his voice into a little more heartbreak, matching up with title of the album, More Break-Up Songs; they release their new record on August 16th via Fika Recordings.

Fightmilk Share Summer Bodies Single

What I love about the pop punk scene at the moment is the ability for bands to really take on deep themes, like the concept of self-love that runs through this fresh single from London’s Fightmilk. Akin to many of the acts like Spook School, Martha or Fresh, they’re breaking down the subject matter while breaking down huge riffs and hooks galore. This tune’s got lots of punch, and even moves from classic bits of pop rock into more aggressive territory as the vocals soar through the speakers; it hits you in the face then gives you a nice melody hug, which is what makes great pop punk, if you ask me. Check it out!

New Starts Share Asbestos Roof

I’ve always been a big fan of Darren Hayman’s work since my early days discovering Hefner; he’s done a bunch of great projects and solo work along the way (like the Hayman Kupa Band), but at the moment, he’s focused on New Starts. They’ve offered a fresh glimpse at their forthcoming debut LP, with this charming reflection on getting older and the freedom that gives us. There’s great guitar interplay here between Darren and Joely Smith (also of adults), who Hayman has mentioned challenges his natural inclination to make everything pretty. Really looking forward to August 16th, when Fika Recordings will release the debut, More Break-Up Songs.

Fika Recordings Sign New Starts

You’re probably asking, who on Earth is New Starts? It’s a band new band featuring Darren Hayman of Hefner, Joey from Adults/Fresh and Giles/Will from Tigercats; it’s a supergroup of what’s cool in the UK underground scene. They hold the song in these jagged bouncing chords, while Hayman delivers his traditional idiosyncratic lyrics across the tune; this particular tune seems to be bleeding with notes of confessional, which makes sense as this is another album filled with break-up songs. Pop songs with great punch? I’m betting New Starts have it in loads; they drop More Break-Up Songs via Fika Recordings on August 16th.

Adults and Spank Hair Announce Split EP

You’ve got to hand it to the good folks at Fika Recordings, again showing their excellent tastes by lining up this new split …In the Big League EP from Adults and Spank Hair. While the two groups generally sound vastly different, if you pair these tracks together, you can hear the ties that bind them, and us, together. Adults offer “Trouble,” which really takes off after the 30 second mark; you’ll hear the increased spirit in the recording, tethering their jangling brand of pop to the sheer earnestness of Spank Hair. For their part, Spank Hair share “Cowboy Scene,” which bears some sonic similarities to acts like Martha or Spook School, pulling in an old school power punk with giant hooks that’ll have you singing atop your lungs! They’ll drop their …In the Big League EP, including a limited zine, on May 22nd.

Mammoth Penguins Share Flyers Single

It should go without saying that the new LP from Mammoth Penguins is definitely high upon my list of things I’m most excited to get my hands on, and today they’ve dropped another bop right into your ears. On my two cents, I love how the group manages to bang out these heavily distorted riffs, yet wrapped them this buoyant rhythm section, creating this infectious edginess. Emma Kupa, of course, sells the hook with her typical powerful vocal performance; the track’s detailing of the challenges of that rock n’ roll lifestyle are likely relatable to anyone who’s managed to get a record recorded and hit the road; it’s not an easy life…but I’m guessing folks like Mammoth Penguins wouldn’t trade that for the world. Here is out May 3rd via Fika Recordings.

Mammoth Penguins Share Everything That I Write

It should be obvious this many years on in our site that we’re probably always going to rep Emma Kupa acts, especially if its Mammoth Penguins. Today, they’ve got a fresh single from their forthcoming Here LP, and it’s pretty much a staple track for the band in terms of their sound. They have this enthralling pattern of taking their sharp angular licks and pushing them into distortion, which always pans out in this magnificent vocal display from Emma. Here, her voice hits its peak, only to fold back into the warm melodic range. And what, you don’t like bobbing bass lines? Then don’t stop here! But, if you do, Here is out May 3rd via Fika Recordings.

Mammoth Penguins Return with New Single/Album

As an avowed Mammoth Penguins fan, I was over the moon finding this tune on the horizon for today. There’s something magical about Emma Kupa’s delivery, even when, she’s spelling out the lyrics as she does in the chorus on this note. Behind the vocals, the group consistently pump out no-frill pop rock, running through jangling-adjacent riffs and clever little interludes that allow them to set up the truest rock punch you’re going to encounter. I can totally picture myself in the crowd at an MP show, screaming along to every word Kupa tosses out; you won’t find more fun pop rock singalong tracks than what Mammoth Penguins offer. Happy to have them back after nearly five years since the excellent There’s No Fight We Can’t Both Win.; they release Here on May 3rd via Fika Recordings.

Friday Album Streams: Wurld Series, Frog, Deary

It’s that weird time of the year when everyone pretends that they stop writing music for a few months so we can browse the list of Best New Artists, or whatever. We do it too, though I’ll probably keep writing about songs if folks keep sending them to me. But, before the year “wraps up” and stuff, here’s a few more new records to listen to today that you’ll hopefully enjoy! Note: I included a few from last week, because last week I ran an Austin-centric streams post, so booyah!

Wurld SeriesThe Giant’s Lawn (Meritorio Records/Melted Ice Cream)

DearyDeary EP (Sonic Cathederal)

FrogGrog (Audio Antihero)

Steven AdamsDrops (Fika Recordings)

The Native CatsThe Way On is the Way Off (Chapter Music)

Steven Adams Shares Head Keeps Rolling

Not sure why I expected anything less, but these new Steven Adams tunes continue to impress me; I can’t get enough of the latest single. Honestly, it feels like what you’d get if you took Tom Petty and turned him to an indie rock nerd. The song’s got the huge hooks and insatiable quality that will have even the coolest kids humming under their breath, but under Steven’s eye, this song’s got just enough swagger and hipness to keep it working just left of center. There’s just something so wonderfully timeless in every note kicked out of my speaker right now. Adams will release Drops on November 10th via Fika Recordings.

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