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1874Man, Hooded Fang is really hitting the ground hard with all these singles.  I think that “Bye Bye Land,” the latest, is definitely one of my favorites of the three we’ve heard so far.  It opens with this light guitar just before the drums get pounded and the vocals swirl in with a nice little echo effect.  Again, the band is displaying the varying skills in their repertoire, making the likelihood that Gravez will go stale over time very small.  The record will be in stores for all to enjoy today, so be sure to get your hands on a copy.



More New Jamz from Hooded Fang

1874When RayRay brought you the first single from Hooded Fang a few weeks back, it was more like a straight rocker, something we could all enjoy immediately. But the second single from the group is demonstrating some range from the band, which should definitely benefit their album Gravez. This tune has more like a propulsive piece of art-pop, though it’s rounded out by some tight-knit guitar work in the background.  It’s much more explorative of a track then I expected, which leads me to believe that their record will show some great diversity.  You can grab the record when it’s released by Full Time Hobby on May 28th.

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Straight Rock From Hooded Fang

1874I seem to be getting more into a rock n roll mood after SXSW with all the awesome sludge/punk rock bands I managed to take in during the week.  This new song “Graves”  from Toronto based outfit Hooded Fang fits nicely into that genre, but manages to fit some really nice pop elements throughout as well.  Oh and dzamn, that baseline is just killing it right?  Right?

A brand new album entitled Gravez is coming your way on May 28th via Full Time Hobby.

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New Music from Pinkunoizu

I suppose the best thing about the Internet is the availability of musicians from around the world, and though I suppose it’s been like that to an extent, you didn’t have access to the smaller bands.  Luckily, we can now, which is how I heard of the new signing of Pinkunoizu by Full Time Hobby.  The Danes are about to ready their Peep EP, and I’ve really enjoyed their song construction today.  It’s similar to the structure of a Fleet Foxes tune, if one were in a field as opposed to a forest, but there’s restraint, allowing for everything to build contiuously.  It works to great effect, so we’ll see where these guys go from here.


Download: Pinkunoizu – Time Is Like a Melody [MP3]

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