Last Week’s Jams (7.31 – 8.4)

I really thought we knocked it out of the park last week, covering 25 different tunes. But, it looks like we decided to one-up ourselves and post 26 for this week’s Last Week’s Jams collection. We got some of our favorite labels and bands putting out fresh new stuff, like new Tony Jay on Slumberland and new Onyon on Trouble in Mind. Plus, our friends at Keeled Scales are putting out a new LP with one of my favorite Texas songwriters, Will Johnson. All that and we haven’t even talked about how great that new Smashing Times single is. As much as it can be a challenge to cover it all, feel like we did our damndest to bring you some of the more deserving hits you might not find where the cool kids hang out.

Stream New Albums from Gaadge, Annie Hart and Dippers

It’s Friday, and you obviously know that Bandcamp has the goods; I myself have already spent a nice little amount on things, with probably more I’ll need to grab as the day goes on. So, with that, here’s a few albums that popped up today that we’ve mentioned already in our single coverage, but hope you’ll spend a little bit of time with today…or maybe you’ll call them our Bandcamp Friday Recs. Do whatever, just enjoy some great new music on Friday.

GaadgeSomewhere Down Below (Crafted Sounds)

Annie HartThe Weight of a Wave (Uninhabitable Mansions)

DippersClastic Rock (Goner Records/Tenth Court)

Last Week’s Jams (6.5 – 6.9)

When summer hits, there seems to be an infinite amount of music bouncing about these parts, particularly in the Austin scene, as we saw this last week. We had new album announcements from A Giant Dog and Jordan Moser, new singles from Cast of Thousands, Marry Cherry and Genuine Leather; BLK ODYYSY also dropped an album. But, there was still plenty of music outside of Austin we loved, like new stuff from Gaadge, Wombo and Your Heart Breaks. Tons of music to absorb below, so feel free to indulge in all stuff you might have missed.

Gaadge Announce Somewhere Down Below

Do you ever just get connected to a riff and have it running through your mind all day? Well, that’s what happened when I played the latest single from Gaadge, accompanying the news that they’ve got a fresh LP on the way at the end of the Summer. I’m infatuated with the playfulness of that sharp guitar line working directly in opposition to the gritty bundle of noise being unfurled through your speakers at the same time. There’s only one little verse, as this track’s all about juxtaposition and volume, but those in need of a lyric line or two will consider themselves satisfied. Crafted Sounds will release the band’s new records Somewhere Down Below on August 4th; order it HERE.

Gaadge Share All You Can Absorb

If you haven’t gotten into Pittsburgh’s Gaadge yet, now is the time, just before they drop Yeah? next week via Crafted Sounds. Today I’m stoked to give you a new single, harping on the band’s brand of “slackergaze,” toying with the genre and its expectations for loud noise. Here, the verses definitely employ the slacker aspect, relaxed and chilling on your sofa as you pass the joint to your friends. Little billows of heavy brooding bubble up, maybe through the walls of the apartment you share with your neighbor, but they never get to loud, allowing the band to sink into the cushions of their steady groove. Yeah? drops next Friday, the 19th!

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