Telemarket – Ad Nauseam

Rating: ★★★½☆

If you don’t know Telemarket, you should check them out. I didn’t, and thanks to an email from Adam Wayton, lead singer and producer of the 5-piece band out of Athens, GA, I was turned on to their debut album, Ad Nauseam, released in late August for the first time on Science Project Records, an affiliate of Cloud Recordings. Sidenote: If you don’t know what ad nauseam means, go look it up, says your English teacher. Hit the jump for full review and tunes to stream.

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Neighbor Lady Announce New Album

Neighbor Lady is one of those rare bands who first hit me with a beast of a single (“Let it Bleed”) and I immediately became a huge fan. This was back in 2018, and the band has been busy ever since releasing the album Maybe Later in 2020 and also touring with a stop here in March during SXSW. This year the group has a follow up planned with a brand new LP entitled For the Birds coming on July 1st via Park the Van Records. Prior to the summer release date, the band has offered up this bright and poppy new tune called “Felt”, which still has that lovely twang in the vocals of Emily Braden but with a band filling out their sound with lush layers and textures.

For the Birds pre-orders are live now.

SXSW Interviews: Vision Video

Well our SXSW prep is in full force now as you may have noticed from the slew of interviews we’ve been posing over the last week or so. We don’t plan on slowing down our coverage until the very last day before the festival, so buckle in and get ready to hear about some bands that need to be on your radar (if they aren’t already). Today I am pumped to share with you some interview responses from Athens based outfit Vision Video. You’ll find the full interview with some new music after the jump. Hit it.

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Keron Shares Alphanumeric Single

There was something about the immediacy of the latest single from Georgia’s Keron Robinson (or Keron). Punching in almost immediately with this heavy voice that seemed to be hiding beneath the mix sucked me right into the tune; I felt like I was being invited to a secret party filled with careful nuanced melodies and subtle pop hooks. I think the chorus really solidified my love for this tune; there was something about it that just felt huge and powerful, despite being a little softer in its delivery. Keron will be releasing a new record later this year, so keep your ears peeled for more hits!

Enjoy This Orchid Mantis Tune

It’s more likely than not that you are unfamiliar with the experimental sounds created by Atlanta based musician Orchid Mantis. I assume this not because the music is not worthy of recognition, but because the artist has flown largely under the radar for the last several years (possibly on purpose). Popularity and notoriety will surely follow if more songs like this one called “Can’t See the Sun” continue to find their way onto the interwebs. Though somewhat experimental, the track is just downright catchy as hell and evokes a feeling of a more stripped down version of Beach Fossils with vocals akin to Jonathan Pierce of The Drums.

This song appears on a new album entitled Far From This World due out November 20th on Z Tapes.


Phony Bedtime Drop Possum Songs

There’s not a whole lot of info to go along with this Phony Bedtime other than the group just dropped their Possum Songs EP this month. There are definitely a few solid tunes, but I’ve been gravitating towards “Invitation.” I love how the song has this really airy vocal that’s used throughout the entirety of the song. It’s broken up by this wobbling pulse that bursts forth, recedes, then bursts forth again, crafting this unstable wonky pop sensation that really clears the air for the aforementioned lightness of the vocals. All sorts of reference points, musically speaking, but I’ll let you do the pigeonholing here.

Premiere: Orchid Mantis

It’s yet another warm morning here in Austin and I’m needing some chill music to help me ease into this long week. Thankfully my new friend Thomas Howard sent over this new song “No One Else Around”, recorded under his musical project Orchid Mantis. It’s been the perfect song to chill my Monday stress and ease me into the day. The beat is impeccable, the recording is tight, and the vocals blend in almost perfectly. Great track.


More From Deep State

Way back in November we dropped some news of a new LP from our beloved Athens based rock band Deep State. Since the fall I haven’t heard a whole lot more buzz on the band so I was excited to receive notification of a new single/video from the group yesterday. This new track, “Son” features some of the most rock n roll, fast paced themed music the band has ever offered. I would imagine this jam is going to be an absolute banger in the live setting.

Deep State will release new LP The Path to Fast Oblivion on February 1st via Friendship Fever.


New One From Neighbor Lady

I knew little to nothing about Atlanta based Neighbor Lady prior to the writing of this post. What I do know is they have this great new single/video for track “Let It Bleed” which can be found below. It features some impressive, soaring vocals from front lady Emily Braden along with a dark, almost country feel to the music. I suggest you check it out now friends.

Neighbor Lady will release Maybe Later via Friendship Fever on May 11th.

Check Out This New Small Reactions Tune

Atlanta based group Small Reactions received a bit of positive praise on our site with the release of their debut LP Similar Phantoms back in 2014. The guys are back at again and sharing some new music over the interwebs today with this song called “Sliding Glass Nightmare”. While being incredibly simple, the song manages to create a truly interesting and memorable pop tune. It sort of meanders a bit while throwing in some nice bright guitars throughout. Hit it up.

Small Reactions will release new LP RXN_002 on August 4th.

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