Ghosts on TV Share Life in Plastic Video

The work of Finnish outfit Ghosts on TV can be disorienting, particularly if you let the beat of this tune distract you from the track’s meaty core. Drums are hit furiously, creating the blastbeat effect that makes you feel as if your speakers are torn. While I’ll admit it takes a moment for your ears to adjust, the song eventually opens into this beautiful stretch of shining pop. That, too, eventually fades, as the group continue on midtrack to explore a more post-rock territory, with thunderous drums meeting cascading guitar notes as they jettison off into the horizon. The group will release their self-titled LP via Soliti Music on April 14th.

Last Week’s Jams (2.13 – 2.17)

We’re not sure if you’re off or not for President’s Day, so we wanted to make sure those stuck in an office, or just browsing the Internet at home caught on to what we dished out last week! Ryan premiered a fresh track from Slow Fiction, plus he was able to get some SXSW coverage up via interviews with Dream, Ivory and Free Range. I was stoked to hear our friends Lola Tried return, plus I loved that new track from Ghosts on TV; the new stuff from Dry Cleaning and Lunar Vacation wasn’t bad either. Plus, there were lots of weirdo bits in between like Monde UFO and Swim Camp too! Oh, and did you see the IT Department was back on the grind with some Orbital coverage? Yep, stream away friends.