The Orchids Share Didn’t We Love You

Now that we’re settled in with our playlist, let us focus on the great hits coming your way today, like this latest ditty from the Orchids. Honestly, this is pure old fashioned pop music of the non-commercial sort (sadly); it’s the sort you’d expect to hear from a classic indiepop act! Jangles are soft and sharp, with this bubbling bass line cruising underneath the softened vocal twists. It seems so simple, but there’s no way you can’t just bob your head and appreciate how classically good this is; it doesn’t need flare or drama, as it’s the purest of pop sounds…and I can’t get enough. Dreaming Kind will be out on September 2nd via Skep Wax.

Check Out The Martial Arts

Ever stumble into something and totally get dumbstruck? Well, when I turned on this track from the Martial Arts, I’ll admit, I was a bit gobsmacked (not Godsmacked like RayRay’s favorite band). At times, it channels the sort of high school pop of the 50s; it’s playful and filled with these charms that seem to come from the jukebox era. That said, the sound has this natural earnestness, almost like it’s a DIY doing their best to craft stadium-ready rockers. It sounds like everything I’ve ever heard, and yet nothing sounds at all like what the band is doing. The band will be re-releasing the Getting Stranger by the Month EP on August 12th via WIAIWYA.

The Orchids Return with New Album

Guess it’s a Sarah Records sort of Monday, which I’m totally okay with over here. After the Useless Users announcement, let’s turn our attention to the Orchids. The Glaswegian outfit have announced a brand new LP, Dreaming Kind, their first record since 2014. For fifteen seconds they tease us, hanging with some wee ambient bits before the song just seems to drop in from the heavens, with James’ voice in particular embracing you as it crosses through your speakers. At times, the tones of the guitars and keys leave a darker note to the song, but one can’t escape the melody churned out, especially when that chorus hits you. Dreaming Kind will be released by Skep Wax on September 2nd. And, if you’re ordering from the States, the label’s worked out a deal with American distributor Jigsaw, so you won’t have to worry about shipping costs! Grab it quick!

Stream U.S. Highball’s A Parkhead Cross of the Mind

Last Friday I ran some great albums for you to stream, but one slipped past me, and I’m aiming to rectify that error by sharing the latest LP from US Highball with you today. We’ve covered hits like “Double Dare” and “Let’s Save Bobby Orlando’s House,” so you should know exactly what you’re in store for by listening; you get a good 12 songs of infectious power-pop that’s sing-a-long ready. Plus, your listen should also keep in mind that you’re also get a little bit of dry humor, which only makes the group all the more endearing. A Parkhead Cross of the Mind is available via Lame-O Records/Bingo Records, but go ahead and stream the whole thing below just for your enjoyment.

US Highball Announces A Parkhead Cross of the Mind

Man, there’s a seemingly infinite amount of great tunes coming out this week, and while I know a lot of this has bounced around, one of the charmers I hit upon is the latest from US Highball, the Glaswegian pop outfit readying their new LP for Lame-O Records. “Double Dare” is the perfect way to jump into the new album, toying with the jangling riff work, though still hyper-reliant upon the combined melodic focus of Calvin and James. Tossing in a synth solo mid track just illustrates the band’s willingness to really take a spin and have some fun with their craft. I’m a sucker for this chorus too, particularly when that drum rolls across the background. A Parkhead Cross of the Mind is slated for release on March 25th.

SXSW Interviews: Walt Disco

Well just in case you weren’t ready for SXSW to kick off in a couple of weeks, you’ve clearly seen that the ATH crew is more then ready. We’ve been dropping these interviews every day for the last few weeks now with no plans of slowing down until the bands stop responding or the festival week arrives. Have you started planning yet? Today I have the Glasgow based outfit Walt Disco who should be on your radar on the music side of things for SXSW week. They were kind enough to answer our little questionnaire and you can find their answers after the jump.

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Listen to Loup Havenith

Guess I’ve been on the mellow end of things this week, so glad that I ran into Loup Havenith and his Big EP. When you listen to the song below, you’re surely going to align the Glaswegian songwriter with Elliott Smith, which is surely okay in everyone’s book. Eventually, the intimacy begins to spread a bit into a bolder sound, with the track adding in textural layers that give it some punching weight for the listener; it pushes that sound, while still holding that sort of whispering vocal, all the way until it reaches this fuzzed out climax that takes the song to its end. Big is available today!

Japan Review Share Channel Waves Single

I’m not sure if Japan Review is on everyone’s radar just yet, but I’d really like to continue to push for the band’s inclusion in your listening rotation, thus why I’m here dropping this new single. From the get-go, you get this sampled machine gun drum beat, working in unison with this wall of guitar noise, clouding the horizon for the listener. Then Adam O’Sullivan drapes his voice carefully in the empty space, and while there’s a quiet softness, he seems pained, or tired (like us all). Still, the song’s not done there, moving into a more melodic moment for the chorus, then opening up in the track’s back half for sonic exploration of striking ambient noise. I’m totally in love with Kvetch Sounds; it’s out on October 29th via Reckless Yes.

Japan Review Share Kvetch Sounds

What on Earth is this beautiful sound coming from the latest Japan Review single? Immediately my ears filled with these discordant angular riffs, just heavily jangling, bouncing notes off one another to create this dense background of anxiousness. Moments later, synth work rolls into the picture, polishing the song like a fine gem, letting the melodic vocals calm your nerves as drums snap at the mix from below. Every sound works against each other, and in crashing together, they mix and leave you blanketed with this sublime piece of artful noise. I’m totally floored by this tune, and hoping that the whole of their new LP, Kvetch Sounds, lives up to this track; it’s out on October 29th via Reckless Yes.

Constant Follower Share Weave of the World

We’re starting to move into those cooler evenings (you know, dropping to the low 90s), so stumbling into the latest from Constant Follower seems the perfect way to move into the Fall. For starters, we don’t have to wait before we meet the careful craft of Stephen McAll; he offers himself to the listener, laying his soul before us. He drapes it all over this mild-mannered guitar work, leaving plenty of space in the song’s middle for us all to take stock of our lives and what we’ve got going around us. This song appears on Neither Is, Nor Ever Was, which drops in October via Shimmy Disc/Joyful Noise.

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