Fun Pop from The Pooches

poochesThis new release from The Pooches is shaping up to be quite exciting, seemingly filled with fun pop tunes that seem destined to be played on repeat around my house. There’s a familiarity to the sound, be it the precision drum work, guitar solo or just the chilled vocal delivery. Something about this track just screams carefree good times, and seeing as it’s the last few weeks of summer, perhaps we could all use a little bit of that in our lives (I know I sure could). Looking forward to their self-titled album on Lame O Records, which is being released on September 9th.

More From Womps

wompwompNathan’s been talking about Glasgow based Womps for sometime now so I figure I better get on this train before it’s too late. Today brings us word of this shiny new, rocking single “Plasticine”. Am I crazy when I compare the song to some really old grunge rock like Soul Asylum? I can’t be the only one hearing this…. I know several others have thrown out the Pixies references, and I see that too, but just entertain me on that one for a minute. Labels aside, you definitely need to check it out now.

Our Fertile Forever is due out on June 10th via Displaced Records.

WOMPS Announce Debut Album

wompwompIf you’re looking for the next big thing to come out of Glasgow(as I always am), then you should definitely keep an eye out on WOMPS. The duo packs a huge punch musically, and it’s hard for me to imagine that all this great noise can only come from two people. Still, take a listen to this emphatic piece of rock n’ roll, and then add them to your list of bands you want to know more about. They’re coming to SXSW this year to spread their sound, and I’m hoping you’ll catch on. The band’s debut, Our Fertile Forever, will be released on June 10th via Displaced Records; it was produced by some dude named Steve Albini.

Let’s Have Another Holy Esque Tune

7332eebf-c385-4bad-a227-4d0c27b6b76eAs many of you know, I’m awaiting the day all of you folks out there can hear this new Holy Esque album coming out in February. I was close to nominating it for our album’s of the year list but then had to remind myself that it’s not yet available to the public. So right now I’m saying the album will certainly be on my year end list for 2016. If you can find it, get it. Prior to the release, the band is offering up one more single as a preview. Find “Tear” below for your enjoyment.

At Hope’s Ravinewill be out on February 26th via Rough Trade Records.

Mesmerizing New Single From Holy Esque

2012HolyEsquePR240112Glasgow group Holy Esque has certainly seen many posts on this here website over the years, and rightfully so.  Amazingly enough after several years of coverage on ATH the band is finally releasing a proper full LP after a couple of EPs to keep us happy.  Below is a taste of the new album with new single “Hexx”.  Old fans of the band will immediately recognize the distinct and powerful vocals of lead singer Pat Hynes.  Let’s not forget the powerful rock sounds coming from the rest of the band who manage to compliment those vocals perfectly.  Carry on.

At Hope’s Ravine will hit stores on February 26th via Beyond the Frequency.

Spirited Number from Womps

wompsWe love to keep an eye on the Glasgow scene, mostly because we’ve got a few friends over there, not to mention that’s where one of our favorite bands was birthed.  So, when I got this single from Womps, I was really impressed.  It has that discordant feeling that puts it in the same vein of current stars like Wavves and what not, but production duties on their work has been handled by Steve Albini, so you know someone out there is going to be paying attention.  Honestly, it’s the best 90s college rock nod I’ve heard in some time. This tune will appear on a 7″ on September 18th while the band wrap up their debut album.

Psychedelic Rock From Glasgow’s Trembling Bells

tremblingbellsPsychedelic? Rock? From Glasgow? Yup, you read it right and I was as pleasantly surprised as you are about to be. Trembling Bells are a five piece from the musical hub of Glasgow, but instead of the indie pop you’d expect from the Scottish city, they make funky psychedelic rock music. This track, “Killing Time In London Fields,” is taken from their newest and fifth LP, The Sovereign Self, which is set to be released through Tin Angel Records on June 30th. It’s a nice little blend of psych rock with folksier elements like the organ sounds throughout, but the lo fi production and vocals push it on the more psych side of things.

New Music from Alphabetical Order Orchestra

919686_574433805923476_615091088_oI’m not sure what’s going on with My Latest Novel, but for now, I can live in the world created by several of the members who’ve formed the new act, Alphabetical Order Orchestra.  They’re working on releasing several EPs as the year goes forward, and this is one of the new tracks that will be featured on those releases.  It’s got multiple stages, offering a mix between intimate moments and grandiose Scottish pop.  It wears the mark of MLN, but you can also see them pushing in an entirely different direction that’s immediately more accessible.  You can help them raise money for their EPs HERE.

Great Track From PAWS


I’ve been rather enjoying this great new track called “Tongues” by Glasgow band PAWS.  When talking labels, I’d dare call this one an indie pop tune with a washed out, punk rock overtone.  I find myself hitting play time and time again once the play meter hits the end.  Great track.

New album, Youth Culture Forever, is due out June 2nd on Fat Cat Records.

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