The Exbats Go Riding with Paul

I’m sure folks will label it as kitsch or shtick, but I can’t really think of a band more charming and sincere than the Exbats. They seem a band destined to dwell on the outskirts of every genre, yet able to move between them all; the father/daughter-led outfit have this timelessness that’s simply irresistible. On this tune, Inez is definitely channeling 60s vocal powerhouses like Mary Weiss or Ronnie Spector. While perhaps rooted in classic pop sounds, they still manage to incorporate tons of modern touches that drag the sound into the present…be it the way backing vocals were done or the shaking close to the tune. Goner Records will help the band release Song Machine on October 13th!

Bennett Shares Glass Ball Single

After time away from the local scene, Bennett has returned to the Memphis musical world, this time on their own, fleshing out a collection of songs that’s likely to charm as well as offend. Admittedly, I felt a blast of emotion here. I loved the stuttering drum opening, met by twinkling guitars and synths. But, then there was this warble that threw me off; I wasn’t sure where to go, but the groove kept me tethered, dragging me along for the ride. As the track unfolded, those vocal forays fleshed out into more traditional crooning, kind of reminding me of playful artists like Jarvis Cocker. That playfulness pushes into the song too, especially in the latter half, with the song moving into a more theatrical pop realm. It’s one of those tunes where at first I was completely bamboozled. Like, WTF?! But, I went back again…and again…and again. This debut single here comes courtesy of Goner Records.

Alien Nosejob Shares Split Personality

There are two things you can almost always count on in life: Goner Records and Australian rock n’ roll, especially when it comes to the prolific nature of Jake Robertson’s project, Alien Nosejob. He’s just announced a brand new LP, looking back at that Nuggets-era boogie rock n’ roll, albeit with a spicier modern twist. For the first minute or so, the track plays with the trope, kicking out that pronounced garage stomp. But, hit that 1:16 mark where the melody sneaks under your skin and you’ll be hooked on the track. Find a fiery solo breaking the track down, turning it into an all out burner that has you rushing to pre-order the LP. The Derivative Sounds of…Or…A Dog Always Returns to Its Vomit is out October 27th via Goner Records.

The Exbats Share Like It Like I Do Video

It looks like 2023 is the year of really kick ass family bands; we had Big Blood‘s stellar record and now the Exbats have announced their newest LP for Goner Records. Inez Mclain and her father Kenny definitely have a penchant for looking back to the past for their sound, but I think Inez’s performance is so strong that it’s really hard to imagine her rocking out anywhere other than where we find her. That soulful voice is accompanied by some oohs and ahhs, but with the stomping beat and snapping guitar lines you can certainly feel a modern rock ethos. A fun tune to kick off your Friday! Song Machine is out on October 13th.

Stream New Albums from Gaadge, Annie Hart and Dippers

It’s Friday, and you obviously know that Bandcamp has the goods; I myself have already spent a nice little amount on things, with probably more I’ll need to grab as the day goes on. So, with that, here’s a few albums that popped up today that we’ve mentioned already in our single coverage, but hope you’ll spend a little bit of time with today…or maybe you’ll call them our Bandcamp Friday Recs. Do whatever, just enjoy some great new music on Friday.

GaadgeSomewhere Down Below (Crafted Sounds)

Annie HartThe Weight of a Wave (Uninhabitable Mansions)

DippersClastic Rock (Goner Records/Tenth Court)

Split System Share Alone Again

I delayed listening to this new Split System track until I could pump it up nice and loud (had a sick kiddo all weekend), and now I can’t stop just jamming this tune time and time again. The guitar riffs that opened set up this perfect drop in that brings in this little dancing angular note, dropping right alongside a stomping drum beat; you take the two guitar lines and you get the melody running aside the gritty, matching the way the vocals come across in the song’s whole. The verses feel calmed and pensive, leading to this growling chorus that fuels the furious punch this song will deliver to your ears. This track is our first listen to music from Vol. 2, slated for release early in 2024 via Goner Records/Legless/Drunken Sailor.

Dippers Share Recurrent Sight

Through their first EP and the following singles, I’ve been way on board with what Dippers have been doing since rebranding themselves. That said, this new single, the last before they drop Clastic Rock, might be the best thing they’ve done to date. Matthew Ford gives one of his best vocal performances thus far, and something about the relaxed jangling of the track just fits right into my musical wheelhouse. But, for all the sweetness and hooks, the group continue to explore the sonic realm, as they take on a little freakout in the track’s latter half. Clastic Rock is out August 4th via Goner Records/Tenth Court.

Dippers Share Encouragement in Brackets

Although the name of the band has changed from Thigh Master to Dippers, there’s still one thing that you can’t take away, which is Matthew Ford’s ability to craft these insane little melodic treats in the band’s songs. When we caught Dippers during SXSW, I’m pretty sure I heard this track and was swooning with this little charm of 13 seconds; the first time it appears is at the 1:12 mark (again at 2:36), with Ford letting the syllables just hang perfectly in the air, rising and falling right into your lap. Power pop of this sort is certainly meant for the masses, so we hope you’ll grab Clastic Rock on August 4th via Tenth Court/Goner Records.

Dippers Announce Clastic Rock + Share Tightening the Tangles

After switching their name up from Thigh Master to Dippers, the band helmed by Matthew Ford have really upped their productivity. An eponymous EP dropped in late last year, but now we’ve got news of a fresh LP, Clastic Rock. With that, we get a slew of sharp guitar work hitting your speakers from the get-go; it’s almost as if they aim to knife through, hitting with such rapidity that things almost feel more buzzsaw than angular. When you hit the chorus, it almost subtly passes you by, as Ford’s vocal maneuvering hides the hints of structural song changes. Plus, the group are about to make their way to the States for a mini-tour and SXSW, so keep your eyes out! If you’re into buying great music, then be sure to grab Clastic Rock from Tenth Court/Goner Records on June 23rd.

Stream Looking for a Sphere EP from Dippers

Dippers, the band formerly known as Thigh Master, today release their new Looking for a Sphere EP, offering up a new vision/sound to coincide with the name change. The EP has two core traditional tracks, embracing slower tempos while honing in on the melodious nature in Matthew Ford’s songwriting. I love the way “Drift Space” moves, slightly opening up as drums come in quietly and notes just kind of hang in the atmosphere; it feels like something you’d have found on a K Records release in the early years. The other two tunes find the band playing with more of an instrumental approach, exploring new sonic visions as they prepared to write a slew of songs for a forthcoming long player on Goner Records. So go on then.

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