Alien Nosejob Shares Split Personality

There are two things you can almost always count on in life: Goner Records and Australian rock n’ roll, especially when it comes to the prolific nature of Jake Robertson’s project, Alien Nosejob. He’s just announced a brand new LP, looking back at that Nuggets-era boogie rock n’ roll, albeit with a spicier modern twist. For the first minute or so, the track plays with the trope, kicking out that pronounced garage stomp. But, hit that 1:16 mark where the melody sneaks under your skin and you’ll be hooked on the track. Find a fiery solo breaking the track down, turning it into an all out burner that has you rushing to pre-order the LP. The Derivative Sounds of…Or…A Dog Always Returns to Its Vomit is out October 27th via Goner Records.

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