Launder Drop New Single, Intake

If you’re looking for the natural progression of what the Cure were doing in the late 80s, then you’re going to want to listen to this new Launder single. The guitars are heavy, but they’re toying with these angular notes that hint at melodic jangles, creating this brooding pop. Of course, Launder have updated the style a bit, adding more prominent drum work and melting the vocals into something a little softer to caress those dark moments lurking in the corner of the song. The band will release its debut, Happening, on July 15th via Ghostly.

Launder Releases Become Single ft. Soko

Launder is sure to be a name shared by everyone this year, as they’re already one of those “wary of the hype” acts due to tons of early coverage, including my own. Songwriter John Cudlip has even enlisted the help of Jackson Phillips (Day Wave) and Cole Smith (DIIV) to help build up his soundscapes…and this time he adds French artist Soko on the vocals to flesh things out. Hype or not, the sound of this tune alone illustrates why Launder is such a commodity, taking the elements of dream pop and shoegaze and putting some polish atop to create these perfect pop nuggets. Happening may be a debut LP, but it’s sounding more and more like a seasoned artist hitting their stride; it drops on July 15th via Ghostly.

Launder Announces Happening LP

Launder‘s been lauded by tons of the heavy-hitting sites, claiming that his brand of “shoegaze” is super melodic, putting him on the radar of tons of people. Perhaps it caught the attention of DIIV‘s Zach and Colin, who helped pen the first two singles off the forthcoming Happening LP. The songs are really good, though I wouldn’t necessarily call them “shoegaze.” despite the sort of heavy-handed riff work being omni-present. Songwriter John Cudlip seems more fascinated by toying with melody, and the way you can work it in and out of heavier guitar sounds, with a hint of darkness at play too, which is where it kind of falls into that “gaze” category I reckon. I’m digging it, and interested to see how the rest of Happening shapes out; it’s release on July 15th via Ghostly International.