Cool Vibes from Auragraph

I spend my day surrounded by 13 year olds, so pardon me if I ask for your vibe check here, but I think either way, your day can’t be harmed by Auragraph. The artist behind the project, Carlos Ramirez, employed a lot more improvisation on this new record, and we’re definitely going to get some late night groove benefits from this one. You can feel the pulse, accented by this chiming cymbal sample and hollowed drum rattle that give this industrial feel to the dancefloor. If you’re willing to drop your pretension, perhaps you’ll want to spend some time with New Standard; it hits on November 17th via Dais Records.

Tuung Announce Obscurities Compilation

I’m not usually one to go revisit rarities and obscurities; it’s a dark hole I sometimes can’t get away from once I’ve journeyed that way. That said, I’m also not one to shy away from great tracks, like this exclusive track (previously only available on 7″) from the forthcoming Tuung collection, This is Tuung…Magpie Bites and Other Cuts. This is the sort of track where I feel like the band has found the most success, spinning subtle folky numbers into playful electronic numbers; it’s like if you got really drunk and decided you wanted to sound like a mixture of Arab Strap and Hot Chip, maybe with a touch of Boy Least Likely To along the way. The song speaks for itself, as does the band’s previous work, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll peep into this wormhole of an obscurities collection; it’s out on June 28th via Full Time Hobby.

Diarrhea Planet Jump Back In with New EP

NEW DP BLOG HEADEREveryone’s favorite guitar band, Diarrhea Planet, is back at it (and by guitar band I mean that they have four guitars).  But, despite all those instruments, this new single seems pretty simplistic, aside from some crazy soloing work at the end of the tune.  It’s interesting though, as their earlier work bore the mark of a rock n’ roll band, but this song has a large “emo” presence to it (maybe even a hint of Dragonforce).  The tune is just a brief sample, so we’ll see what else they have up their sleeves when Infinity Cat release their Aliens in the Outfield EP on November 18th.

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Friday Top 5: Heat-Related Songs

When the humidity is so thick you can cut it with a knife and the seats of your car actually burn your skin, it can be hard to enjoy summer. We have all been dealing with this 100+ degree weather that continues to make us miserable, so might as well suck it up the rest of the summer and listen to some tracks that makes us forget how high the temperature really is. The heat ain’t nothin’ new. These old tracks have captured the meaning of summer, love, and the sweltering heat; and make the heat a bit more bearable.

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