Is/Ought Gap Announce SUA Compilation

Our good friends over at HHBTM Records sent us over this tip about a brand new compilation for Is/Ought Gap, one of the key acts in the early Athens scene of the 80s. This compilation pulls out rare recordings and releases that are likely impossible to find, unless you grab SUA. And, if you’re fresh to the band, well, you can hear remnants of other local acts like Pylon in their sound, particularly in some of the jittery vocals on this single below. But, I also like that it seems sort of like a distant relative to some of the sounds coming out of Minnesota at the same time. It’s always a joy when you get to dig into a band’s catalog from the past, so be sure to check in on this one; SUA drops on April 5th.

The Primitives Share Panic + Release New EP

You’ve got to get something with a little spring to it, right? That’s why this great single from classic UK outfit the Primitives is perfect. I was drawn to the rhythm section, almost riffing on a reggae/rock-steady grooves, giving the tune this galloping feel from the very start. Tracy Tracy’s vocal performance is spot on for pop fans; she has these classic notes that recall the best of the 60s/70s performances, which likely make her one of the great voices, period. Plus, you throw all that together with classic indie rock, and you’ve got another charming song from the long-running outfit. Plus, today they release their Don’t Know Where to Start EP courtesy of HHBTM.

Good Grief Share the Pony Remark Video

Are you excited for the debut LP from Liverpool’s Good Grief? Well, I am, and their new video drops in some of noisier pop styles that fill up Shake Your Faith. Honestly, if you turn it up, you’d likely draw easy comparisons like Superchunk or the like, dropping in huge distorted walls of noise while still banging out some cleverly anthemic choruses! It just hits you immediately, then blows the walls down again and again, so its best if you punch this one up with some solid volume control. Be sure to keep your ears ready for the breakdown that leads into another riotous blast of pop hooks that close the song out. Shake Your Faith is out on March 18th via HHBTM/Everything Sucks.

American Culture Share 1972 Video

If you haven’t gotten on board with For My Animals, the latest collection of bops from American Culture, then perhaps this song can be the one to entice you. The undercurrent of this song is definitely a propulsive groove; it sounds like its got bits of kraut and prog all wound into its own version of dream pop. On my end, the track has this sort of everything but nothing feel; you feel like you’ve heard that note or that sound, and yet it seems totally new and unearthed. I love how the video’s wash of the live footage seamlessly moves you into the accompanying underwater visuals. If you’re looking for something that’s an amalgam of all your favorite sounds, it might be lurking here below! For My Animals is out now via HHBTM!

Pearie Sol Announces Real Happiness

If you ever caught DC’s Gauche live, then you likely got a glimpse at Pearie Sol, the man behind the keyboards, but now with Real Happiness, we can peel back the skin and see inside the man! This song rides a wonky bounce, like a frantic train terrorizing its patrons as it speeds down the tracks led by the maniacal engineer. Pearie Sol howls at the passengers, matching the song’s natural propulsion with his own exuberant vocal display. But, don’t let the crazed joy of this tune be your sole memory; the song is a call to arms for all of us to embrace what’s real, what’s before us…real sadness and real pain and real joy and real happiness and everything in between! Celebrate something real; the album drops on June 18th via HHBTM!

The Flatmates Announce Self-Titled Debut

With singles dating all the way back to the mid-80s, it’s hard to believe that this year will mark the debut LP for Bristol outfit The Flatmates. They drop this new single today with the announcement of their self-titled album, and like the band, it seems to straddle decades of style in its sound. Opening with buzzsaw guitars and smashing drums it almost feels like they’re working in Ramones territory, but that’s before singer Lisa Bouvier comes into the picture. She’s got this voice that seems like its riding the edge of pop singer and punk; there’s a softness coated in a definite attitude that’s simply intoxicating. Their debut is being handled by HHBTM Records and The Subway Organization.

Another Hit from Rat Fancy

Next week that new Rat Fancy LP is going to drop, and you won’t be able to stop playing it from start to finish, so why not get into another little tease from the record? Here we’ve got this poppy bounce that’s been all dolled up in fuzz and crashing cymbals to drive home the emotive hook. I love how they tease it out too, giving you twenty seconds to build the tension before it all comes crashing down on your ears in the best way possible. Plus, I love how there’s this nostalgic feel to Diana’s voice, like she decided she could do it better than the Runaways. Anyways, Stay Cool is out on June 7th via HHBTM/Solidarity Club Records.

Rat Fancy Share Stay Cool Title Track

Friday’s are supposed to be fun! And, I couldn’t think of a better way to have fun than to play this joyful new tune from the forthcoming Rat Fancy LP. We’ve talked previously about Stay Cool, and now we get the title track in all its bouncy glory. Diana sounds really great here, especially when she delivers the slight tonal change whilst saying “don’t be sad;” that might be my favorite musical moment of the week. Throughout the tune, there’s this guitar that’s sort of jigging in and out, jangling except when it’s pushing the full shred. Be advised, this song’s going to make you smile from ear to ear; it appears on the new LP, out June 6th via HHBTM Records.

Rat Fancy Announce Debut LP

When I first heard Rat Fancy‘s Suck a Lemon EP, I was hooked; it was about 15 minutes of pop-laden fuzz rock that I couldn’t put down. But, that was all one hot minute ago. Today we bring you news that the band have announced their debut LP, and they’re doing so with in typical infectious fashion. The song itself is like a more raucous version of what the band teased on their EP; Diana sounds more confident and things are just a little more scuzzy texturally…and they never shy too far away from pop sensibility. For me, the video is one of the reasons I love this band; you can feel the energy of Diana and Greg as they jump about on whatever screen you’re watching this on; you want to be there, you want to be them. Sometimes, this old world of ours is crazy and frustrating and confusing, so why not just go out and make some trouble! Stay Cool will be out on June 7th via HHBTM and Solidarity Club Records.

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