Stream Mentalease’s New Album, Indian Summer

endienI love writing about Mentalease; the Ohio three-piece has a habit of gracing these pages quite frequently.  So why bring you more? Why the hell not?  I’ve been jamming to their new LP, Indian Summer.  The entire album is really something special, falling in line with some nostalgic shoegaze nods, though if I’m honest, the whole record sounds like the Terry Malts if you removed the caffeine.  There’s still a pop sensibility, but the songs unfold slowly, allowing for the group to really focus on maximizing their sonic exploration.  This is really a place where you can spend much of your time today, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Little Bit of the Gaze Movement from Mentalease

a2035205364_10It’s been a hot minute since I’ve heard from Mentalease, but I’m really glad that they’re here to help us wrap up our week with you folks.  The band has a sound you’ll be familiar with, as it does a great job to encompass the entirety of the current shoegaze ilk; it’s got those buzz saw guitars, warm vocal undertones, and it wraps up in under four minutes.  Those are all nice points, but you really have to give this song a listen to see just how much they deserve your attention.  Look for their new album, Indian Summer, to come out this winter. Juxtaposed release dates rule.


Download: Mentalease – 4 Heavy Eyes [MP3]

Playful Pop from How Sad

how-sad-640What once belonged in the bedroom of its founders is now a full-fledged line-up, garnering lots of praise for Montreal’s How Sad.  Sure, you can sense a bit of those quiet recording touches on their Indian Summer EP, but you can hear exploration and playful touches that help pave the way for what’s been called an ‘unpredictable live” show.  There’s room for playing around on stage, and there’s tons of room for you to enjoy the nuances of good old fashioned synth pop.  The full EP will be released on August 20th, but here’s a sneak peak for your ears.


Download: How Sad – Indian Summer [MP3]

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