Strawberry Generation Share Iris (Eyelids)

I’m an absolute sucker for springing indiepop, and though they’ve been away for a minute, there haven’t been too many acts of late bouncing about like Rhode Island’s Strawberry Generation. This one’s a rushing number, with those guitars jangling away with such speed that’s its almost impossible to catch your breath. Playful and carefree, this is the sort of breezy pop that sets us up perfectly for Spring in the sunshine. Turn it up, rock on out, and keep your fingers crossed we get more pop tunes from this duo!

Skep Wax Announce Under the Bridge 2

How does a label follow up a brilliant compilation like Under the Bridge? Well, Skep Wax aims to double down on their foray into the compilation world by tossing us Under the Bridge 2. If you thought they had heavy-hitters from the Sarah Records catalogue in round one, you won’t be surprised to find acts like the Hit Parade or St Christopher nestling up to acts like the Orchids and Boyracer. It’s basically a who’s-who of your indiepop heroes, working together again to shine a light on the genre. You’ll get a casual ballad opening the door to the new LP courtesy of the Gentle Spring, then its spun right around into the rambunctious jangling of Action Painting! Also, Skep Wax always does really cool things, so they’re hosting a live listening party featuring a lot of the artists, so you’ll want to RSVP for that event on April 5th; the LP is out the following day!

Fresh Track from Club 8

If you’re pressing play, you can’t tell me that the song doesn’t immediately get stuck in your head! Club 8 open their latest single with a thumping single, tossing you into a toe-tapping frizzy as that infectious groove locks you into good times. Of course, the band always play with catchy notes while fusing it with really warm melody, and they do that here, with both singers trading verses back and forth with one another to charming effect. There’s no word as of yet about a new album, but hints of a slew of singles coming our way in the new year, so we’ve all got that to hang our hopes atop.

The Umbrellas Share Echoes Video

A few weeks back, when The Umbrellas dropped the spritely “Three Cheers,” I couldn’t be happier; it was the perfect taste of joyous indiepop to tease what was coming our way. Now, we’ve got the band turning a different note on “Echoes,” offering up a more solemn note, though tightening the band’s grip on pop sensibility. The hook on this one is all about the chorus where the guitars shuffle and the vocals try to play catch up, giving off this shimmering sparkle that overwhelms with emotion. And, just as you settle into the vibe, there’s a little guitar breakdown, opening into the male vocal role, serving as a little aside, but wholly fitting. It all leads to the exuberant bop that closes, with the vocals dancing on the notes and fulfilling all our wishes of joy. Fairweather Friend hits on January 26th via Slumberland/Tough Love.

Show Preview: Say Sue Me @ the Parish (11.16)

If you’ve been reading this site, for a few years now we’ve been huge supporters of South Korea’s Say Sue Me. Well, they’re finally returning to the States, and playing one of their few North American shows here at Austin’s The Parish. They’ve mastered the art of writing infectious pop sounds, and as they’ve shown with recent singles like “4am,” they’ve begun to expand that sound into something more complex and textured. I caught them twice on their last visit, and their sets were spot-on musically, leaving me with a sense of joy that I don’t always get at the end of a set. They’ll be joined by Austin up-and-comers, Skateland. Show starts at 7:30, and you can still grab tickets HERE.

Postal Blue Return with Chance Occurrence Single

After releasing Of Love and Other Affections around 8 years ago, Adriano do Couto and Postal Blue are back with a charming bit of classic indiepop. The track below is all about selling the pop hook; Adriano textures the song with a sentimental brooding to being, sucking you in emotionally, forcing you to digest the jangling guitars with glee. Suddenly, guitar notes feel a bit distorted, and its like you’re grabbing your best friend and swinging one another joyously about your room; there’s this natural frivolity you’ll feel if you’ve got the volume adjusted right. And back and forth, and back and forth, until you’ve been completely seduced all over again by craft. Do Couto promises this is just the first of many great singles to come in the next few months, so keep your ears out!

Charming Pop from The Slow Summits

There’s definitely been a whole in my heart since Cats on Fire called it quits a few years ago (or went dormant). But, it looks like The Slow Summits are here to pick up the fallen torch of charming-man indiepop. Anders voice definitely harkens back to Mattias’ vocals in the aforementioned Cats act; they do a great job here too filling in some of the empty space with really light backing tracks, allowing the melody to blossom. Steady drumming and a wash of synths definitely build that swoon that accompanies many an orchestral pop act; I particularly like the little nuanced shuffle in the distance at the 3:11 mark, which close ears will catch. What a splendid day to start the week!


Say Sue Me Share Mind is Light + Tour the States

One of the many acts we’ve been introduced to by the kind folks over at Damnably is Say Sue Me; we’ve fawned over their LPs and their live sets for years, with more folks in the US able to catch them this week. In honor of their tour, they dropped another single last week while I was away, which I’ve now go below. I love how the song seems to combine two tracks into one; there’s a driving feel beneath, beating its own path while the distorted guitars rise to the surface, both letting the sublime vocals wash through the middle. Another reminder of how great the group is, and as if you needed more proof, they got James from Yo La Tengo to do the single artwork! Check out their US tour dates HERE; they kick off this week!

Heavenly Share New Video for C is the Heavenly Option

This last Friday the world was fortunate to have another reason to celebrate Heavenly, as the band reissued Le Jardin de Heavenly via Rob and Amelia’s Skep Wax Records. But, they also wanted to celebrate by gathering a who’s-who of celebrity indiepop gods to feature in a playful new video; it also features some old Super 8 footage of the band to accompany the new clip. Like the song, you’ll find that this video is nothing short of charming, giving you yet another reason to love the group and their work. Speaking of their work, have you grabbed the reissue? It’s out now, so pick up a copy right HERE.

Special Friend Release Selkie Video

Is it a seal or is it a human? Well, depends on how you look at the mythological Selkie, the title of the latest single from Special Friend…but who am I to decided for you? What I can tell you is that this might be the tastiest bit of pop music you’re going to hear today. I was hooked with the guitar notes immediately, setting me up to swoon later once the duo opted to combine their voices so seamlessly. In doing so, there’s something in the sound that seems like a lantern floating through the sky, filled with the promise of tomorrow. There’s this tonal switch and string arrangement after the two minute mark that cut right to the core, so I fell in love with the tune all over again. The group will release Wait Until the Flames Come Rushing In via Skep Wax, Hidden Bay and Howlin’ Banana on June 27th.

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