Cozy Slippers Share Haunting Her Single

Think you need a pick-me-up, then I’ve got the right track to set you straight. This new Cozy Slippers single is just the perfect pop dream, and honestly, I didn’t expect such a magical tune to fall right into my lap. The crisp jangles of course fit perfect into my listening rotation, but I love the ending little solo with its classic rock flare. That said, if you’re not swooning from the vocal performance then you might want to get your speakers checked; the perfect notes getting hit remind of Neko on those early New Pornographers LPs, albeit one spun with a bit of indiepop in mind. The band release their self-titled LP via Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten/Subjangle on October 14th.

Strawberry Generation Share Miss Me

Strawberry Generation‘s latest single is a track that definitely has this nice wash of indiepop, spun with a bit of wistful daydreaming. That comes through in the lyrics and song title, but you can feel it in the song too. Jangling guitars are present, but they seem pleasantly dulled, like they don’t want to wake the ghosts of the past, allowing for the rest of the track to kind of operate like this warm cloak that hides the dreaminess in favor of this pop obviousness. It’s charming and warm, and makes me think of stepping into the warmth of your house on a crisp Winter day. Not sure on release plans, but let’s hope the duo have more up their sleeve.

Mt. Misery Share The Time It Takes + Drop New EP

If you missed last year’s Once Home, No Longer, then you better rush back to get a copy for yourself, as it was one of the most underrated joys I came across last year. Today, Mt Misery drop a surprise new EP, and we’ve got a nice little pop selection for you to sample below. This tune hangs just on the cusp of dreamy indiepop, utilizing some great guitar sounds that remind me of early Kings of Convenience, though strummed with a bit more of a sparkle. As per usual, their vocals have this summery warmth, like bathing on the beach (be sure to use sunscreen!) with a crisp little wind nibbling at your toes. This band should be one of the biggest ones in indie rock right now. Check out their new The Time It Takes EP today!

The Orchids Share Didn’t We Love You

Now that we’re settled in with our playlist, let us focus on the great hits coming your way today, like this latest ditty from the Orchids. Honestly, this is pure old fashioned pop music of the non-commercial sort (sadly); it’s the sort you’d expect to hear from a classic indiepop act! Jangles are soft and sharp, with this bubbling bass line cruising underneath the softened vocal twists. It seems so simple, but there’s no way you can’t just bob your head and appreciate how classically good this is; it doesn’t need flare or drama, as it’s the purest of pop sounds…and I can’t get enough. Dreaming Kind will be out on September 2nd via Skep Wax.

Let’s Whisper Share New Single

A few weeks back we got to hear a fresh single from Let’s Whisper, a rush of euphoria that brightened up your cheeks. On their latest single, the band churn out something that equally as grand, though its blossoming in a completely different fashion, more organic in a sense. The percussion works as the song’s backbone, with guitar lines bending about, stretching themselves out on the lawn and soaking up the little arrangement details that offer a sunny disposition to the listener. The In-Between Times look to be a collection of songs proving that everything is right in indiepop; it will be out on August 26th via Fika Recordings.

Northern Portrait Announce New Album, Share Single

If you’re into the pop scene, you’re surely aware of Danish outfit Northern Portrait. Well, today brings us good news that a brand new record is on the horizon; it’s titled The Swiss Army, and has an August 5th release date penciled on the books. This new single has that slow-burning ballad down, offering up a calmed croon that rides on the casual rhythm section while the arrangements lift the melody to the surface. I can see this getting a lot of Smiths comparisons in the way the vocals work, but be sure you give the focus to the musical element; there are some slightly noisier elements buried in the mix that I think show the band working to elevate their sound. If you’re into it, be sure to order Swiss Army from Matinee Recordings.

Youth Valley Share New Single

Grecian popsters Youth Valley really have the charms to get us into the rest of this week; they’re bringing in this delightful new track, with promises that their will be more like-minded gems come the release of their LP this Winter. Listening, there’s definitely something faintly Morrissey in the vocals (before we all decided that guy was awful); they have this shyness to them that seems fitting for the band’s lyrical parable on how we’ve all grown to shy to go out and enjoy the night. And, if the voice wasn’t enough to seduce you, listen to the sharpness of those guitar chords, dancing and distorting in the distance, twirling their little fingers through your hair, playfully; it’s all sheer charm, and I can’t wait to hear more from the outfit.

The Umbrellas Return with New 7″

A little less than a year after their stunning debut, San Francisco’s The Umbrellas return with a bopping new tune, and a new 7″ to get in your collection. What I love about this new track is that you can trace the breadcrumbs back to the self-titled LP, but the sound feels sonically, well, different. The sharp jangles are a little less present, changed in favor of a fuzzier blast of guitar work, pushed forth with a little bit more rhythmic urgency. Still, the band don’t stray too far from the playful melodic harmonies, which is where you can hear the ties to their earlier work; it fills the stomping interlude as guitars scream behind it! The new 7″ is out on June 24th via Slumberland Records.

Lost Film Share Big Talk Single

Jimmy Hewitt, aka Lost Film, is one of my favorite current indiepop songwriters, but he’s mostly been quiet the last few years, focusing on his great label, Relief Map. But, today a fresh new single is ready for your ears, built with “not much more than an electric guitar, a drum machine and distorted synthesizers.” The simplistic beat just keeps your toes tapping and your head bobbing, while the dreamier guitar edges wrap themselves around each melodic note Hewitt has created. Jimmy’s voice takes the track into that hazy jangle sound, dreamily draped over that natural kick. Looks like this song is part of a greater collection of tunes written during the pandemic, so we’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

Say Sue Me Share No Real Place Single

South Korea’s Say Sue Me has written a lot of great tracks over the years, but for my ears, this might be one of the tops, if not THE top. I love the energetic roll in that begins immediately, with Sumi’s voice hitting you right away, speedily delivering the relatable lyrical content about missing someone. There’s this natural hook that’s superseding everything else around the song, but that doesn’t mean that the thumping drums or the dancing guitar work go unnoticed; it’s just hard to focus as you’re so seduced by the incessant joy jumping through your speakers. The band release The Last Thing Left this Friday via Damnably!

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