ATH Takeover: Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey – the Introduction

Thanks for having us ATH. Its a real honour to be allowed to take over the hall for a day! Our home – in rural Kent, England – is a long way from Texas, and we haven’t left it very often for the past few months, so its exciting to go on a long journey and hang out with you in Austin.

2020 has been a strange old year, and a terrible one for many people. Like everyone else, weve spent much of it in lockdowns of one sort or another. We’ve been pretty lucky compared to many. The worst of it for us is that we’ve not been able to play live shows. On the upside, being stuck at home has meant we’ve had the time to create lots of new things. So we thought wed take a look back on our 2020 the stuff we made, and a few things weve enjoyed listening to.

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Introduction Share Red Light Video

I suppose a label’s reliability is the theme of today, with another one of my favorite Aussie labels, Tenth Court, sharing the latest from their forthcoming release. The trio that makes up Introduction formed in 2019 to escape the mundane male musical landscape. Here, both video and song take you into another realm; in a faint way, it reminds me of Tan Cologne, sort of creating this mysterious cinematic planet we get to briefly inhabit. Listening through on repeat, you kind of feel like you’re suspended in the air, floating while these minimal little beats warp in and out of your ear. It’s been a minute since I’ve heard a group embrace simplicity so successfully; their EP will be out on June 19th.