Belaver Shares Mount Misery Video

Belaver‘s made these pages throughout the last few years, and with production duties handled by country musician Robert Ellis, you can guarantee that we’re going to get some solid sounds on Lain Prone. For me, there’s just something that maybe feels like it belongs in that late 90s Pacific Northwest scene, and you can definitely hear that in the brief little solo right around the 2:30 mark of the tune. With this video, there are definitely some risks, as 17 different artists from around the world helped to illustrate things, so you definitely get a stunning visual representation to go with the track. Lain Prone is out on October 22nd via Niles City Records.

Belaver Announces Lain Prone

If you didn’t listen to me, and skipped over True Love of Crime, then stop and go back right now and get lost in the brilliant songwriting of Belaver. Or, perhaps you’ll just want to wait a bit, as he’s just announced his follow-up, Lain Prone. This new album draws inspiration from Neil Young and Daniel Johnston, just to name a few. To me, there’s like a strange cross between Eef Barzelay and David Bazan, using clever word play and a really strong sense of intimacy to suck you right in; it’s honestly the kind of tune I think we all wish we could write, relatable and quiet, yet oh so powerful. The accompanying video is rather clever as well, with Belaver’s charms omni-present in the presentation of his work. Lain Prone will drop on October 22nd via Niles City Records.

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