SXSW Artists Jonathan Bree Shares New Video

Last year Jonathan Bree gave us the brilliant Sleepwalking, but many in the States have never had a chance to see these tunes in the live setting. For me, Bree is at the top of my list of must-see acts during this week’s SXSW festival…and now we have a new video to reinforce that belief. This is one of the shorter tunes on the album, but it’s one that reminds me of the careful craftsmanship of Air, while looking upon the nostalgic history of lounge singers. He’ll be in Austin from the 13-17th, with shows every day…but if you’re not here, go grab Sleepwalking form Lil Chief Records.

Jonathan Bree Gets You Ready for Valentine

Not in the mood for Valentine’s Day? Fair enough, and artist Jonathan Bree seems to be in the same boat with his new video for “Valentine.” The lyrics favor getting to know someone over trite things associated with valentines candy hearts. Seems an important message, but more to the point, I continue to marvel at Bree’s musical accomplishments. The production on this track is pretty minimal, with simple percussion, and short little guitar to fill in the space behind Bree’s voice. Of course, there’s a nice chorale group backing him up as well, which provides a nice juxtaposition to Jonathan’s natural bass vocal tones. Lyrically, musically and visually, Jonathan Bree is ever-charming; his new album Sleepwalking will be out on May 4th via Lil Chief Records.

New Old Jonathan Bree Tune

jonathanI feel like I’ve given a lot of coverage to the jangling guitar types in the Oceanic area, so why not turn our attention to this beautiful piece of pop music from Auckland’s Jonathan Bree. Jonathan’s been working on this album for a bit, and it’s said to have a lot of classical influences from the likes of Tchaikovsky. Still, the construction and Bree’s vocal tones make him sound a little bit more like Jarvis Cocker, in my mind at least. He’ll be releasing A Little Night Music on October 23rd via Lil Chief Records. You can also view a great video for the song HERE.

Dark Space Pop With Princess Chelsea

prinOk, so I was a little put off by the name of this artist while I was sifting through the internet looking for sweet tunes to share with you, as someone that goes by the name of Princess Chelsea doesn’t seem like they would be someone that would appeal to my listening taste. However, this is one of those instances where you truly can’t prejudge on name alone, and need to listen to the music behind the moniker. “No Church On Sunday,” the new track from New Zealand’s Chelsea Nikkel, is sure to catch your attention. It starts out with Nikkel’s piercing vocals, and buzzingly atmospheric guitars that build up to this great explosive ending. While this track is new(ish) apparently Princess Chelsea has quite a discography for you to explore.  So get to listening.