Echo Ladies Share Latest Single, Awake

We wanted to start off your Tuesday with something that’s a little bit brooding, something a little bit on the darker side of our pop affectations, thus this new single from Malmo’s Echo Ladies. My first hook on this song was the sort of club vibe from the rhythm section; the beat work has this sort of static skip to it, balanced by the dark bob and weave of the base line. Matilda’s vocals are what give us the hope of a brighter tomorrow, riding along the balance between shimmering and dreamy, hitting these tones that are able to walk amongst the song’s shadowier moments. The group will be releasing Lilies on September 8th via Rama Lama Records.

Mary Anne’s Polar Rig Share Latest Single

Every time the folks at Rama Lama Records send us a new song from Mary Anne’s Polar Rig, I have certain expectations. Good ones, mind you, but expectations. Their latest single, however, threw me for a huge loop. The first minute or so sheds the abrasive nature they usually bring to the table, favoring a bit more of a clean shimmer, almost sparkling with Malin’s vocals carefully moving the song forward. Elements of noise begin to creep in, though done with restraint to elongate the emotional pull; even as the volume seems prominent that shine on the melodic center is clear, almost shielding the listener from the barrage in the distance. It’s a nice little mixture of everything the band excel at; Makes You Wonder is out on March 24th.

Mary Anne’s Polar Rig Join Rama Lama Records Roster

Our favorite Swedish label Rama Lama Records just announced a brand new signing to the label, Mary Anne’s Polar Rig. The group’s star has been rising since their debut single in 2018, with their 2021 album getting tons of buzz overseas. This new track has the band brandishing their blend of arty indie rock breakdowns with edges torn by the fuzz of guitar noise. Still, they’re equally adamant about providing huge hooks, which come in the clever lyrical delivery and melodic nature they spin through their web of explosive slacker-core. Keep an eye out on the band as one to watch!

Wy Share Something Amazing EP

If you aren’t a frequent reader of our site, you’ve probably missed our many posts about Swedish based band Wy. Over the last year or so, Nathan and I have truly been obsessed with the band’s music and their growth between each release. Never resting easy or showing an ounce of complacency, Wy has yet another release this week with their new EP Something Amazing. Simply put, these 3 tracks are downright stunning. Though it just came out, this is likely my favorite new music of the year. Enjoy.

Kluster B Share Love Must Conquer

I was really impressed by Kluster B‘s debut album, Civic, back in 2018, but as we hear more from their sophomore effort, it seems the band have really focused on developing their sound. In fact, they’ve done so much, they’re able to combine all their influences in this singular track, moving from playful pseudo-lounge pop to shimmering dream pop and stopping at all the towns in between. I got carried away in the first minute by the feathery feel of the vocals, just before a dose of energy was pumped in to sort of kick the track into a higher gear. Just imagine yourself on a road trip of all your favorite pop tropes and you’ll find this song hits them all. Their new b LP will be out on April 17th via Rama Lama Records.

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